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Videos from the "One minute" contest, produced by schoolchildren and students

VIDEOFORMES is organizing a national competition for video creation, supported by the Fondation Varenne, the DRAC d’Auvergne, the CRDP d'Auvergne and the Rectorat de Clermont-Ferrand (D.A.A.C.). There are four categories: school, secondary school, high school, higher education.
The length of the video is limited to one minute. All subjects, all production techniques of moving images are accepted if they have an artistic approach: esthetic, visual art, poetic,...


A concept created by Natan Karczmar, organised in Clermont-Ferrand by the Mission des Relations Internationales (MRI), the Service Université Culture (SUC) & Vidéoformes.

Videocollectifs are 3 minutes films offering a personal look at the city.

Everybody can participate : locals or strangers, visitors or citizens. It is a topic of one’s own choice, which represents a personal view, a desire to share pictures, a video memory.


C'EST LE FUN AU CORUM - Events FUNFACE and OuiNonMerci

A partner of VIDEOFORMES with VIDEOCOLLECTIFS since 2002, Natan Karczmar proposes to update two elements of the many communication games created by Installation Contact in 1983. “It’s fun at the Corum” presents the FunFace project with the projection of photographs taken 30 years ago based on themes about smiling, winking, and making faces. The audience is invited to draw inspiration and be photographed themselves. The new images are shown in real time, alternating with the old ones. They will then be published to the site www.funface.co in order to be viewed again.

The second project is OuiNonMerci. At the Espace des Rencontres, participants are invited to speak with other visitors with a smile and the expression OuiNonMerci (YesNoThanks). The rule of the game is either acceptance with a simple yes, or refusal with a no thanks and this response must also be accepted with a smile and without insisting.
These projects are organized with the collaboration of Corum Saint-Jean, VIDEOFORMES and the Service Université Culture.

VIDÉO – VIDÉA – VIDIOT – VIDÉOLOGIE, 2 films by Véronique Mouysset

RITUAL GAME – VIDEO TRIBUTE is a documentary about video art and music, the Fluxus movement and the artistic performances associated with it. It’s about the idea of time, cyclical time (life-death-rebirth). It’s about images and symbols.


A shimmering chaos narrates the evolution from video art to multimedia between 1991 and 1995 in France, Germany and Poland.