Tables rondes

21, 22 & 23 March – 10am

Partnership with le Transfo, art et culture in Auvergne.

VIDEOFORMES has always made it a point to propose public areas for encounters and exchanges during the festival. A place for artists, professionals, and academics to present the digital arts and cultures and debate artistic innovations, methods of production, creative conditions, as well as societal issues. In 2013, we continue the ideal of an eclectic mix, implementing collaborative, interdisciplinary, and trans-disciplinary projects.

Maison du Peuple

Place de la liberté

63000 Clermont-Ferrand

The presence of art: what does it mean to be on the “border” of the sciences? - Thursday 21 March 10am

An even closer hybridization between art and science, research and art… has become more meaningful. How can we describe, and “share” this experience of sensitivity, which often remains invisible, impalpable. How can contemporary art, with the help of the tools of its time, form the world in which we live? How can one commit to technologies without being “engulfed” by them? An example is the intervention of the digital arts in the public space and in research by universities and schools.


Participants : Eric Agbessi (director UFR Langues Appliquées Commerce et Communication, University Blaise Pascal Clermont-Ferrand), Giuliana Cunéaz (artist, Italy), Pierre David (artist), Jérôme Saint-Clair (artist from the Graffiti Research Lab France).

Moderator : Elise Aspord.


Artists in residence: systems of creation, mediation, and cultural action… - Friday 22 March 10am

Many invitations for artists and successful (or not?) collaborations have been undertaken in the Auvergne territory. These collaborations have united both a resolve to maintain roots in the region and an open-mindedness to the outside world that is full of promise, a certain audacity to shake things up. What are the issues, interests, and motives for the artists, public (pupils, students), socio-cultural actors, territorial collectivities…? What does this pooling of learning and knowledge bring? What are the means we’ve allocated (creative support)?


Participants : Françoise Alibert (professor of plastic arts at the lycée Ambroise Brugière), David Blasco (artist in residency at VIDEOFORMES), Brigitte Liabeuf (Counsellor museums and plastic arts at the DRAC in Auvergne), Kika Nicolela (artist in residency at the Lycée Georges Sand in Yssingeaux).

Moderator : Elise Aspord.

Digital arts and economic and social innovation: the inter-being community - Saturday 23 March 10am

What are the impacts of digital practices on our social relationships and the ways of producing (economic, artistic…)? The political world finds itself in a social dead end. What new economic models should be implemented? Aren’t there more and more creative industries, community-supported culture…? How can we rebuild social links through creation? Strength comes in numbers, from the community, in social issues as well as in art. What are the stakes of co-creation (web 2.0), of creative and supportive co-working? Of co-patronage (ulule project, Auvergne)?


Participants : Mathieu Coste (co-fondatorr of « chez nous », society of service in the sector of art of living and well-being, south of Issoire), Daniel Duhautbout (President of Catopsys), Brigitte Nivet (Lecturer and researcher in Management & Gestion des Ressources Humaines, FBS Clermont / ex-ESC), Emmanuelle Perrone (co-fondator of Epicentre).

Moderator : Elise Aspord.