The Graffiti Research Lab (France)

Tag E.U.L.E. (Electronic Universal Language Expression) SMS

Wandering intervention in the public space

Wednesday 20.03 at the MARQ : 7.30pm > 10pm

Thursday 21.03 Place de la Victoire : 7.30pm > midnight

Friday 22.03 Place de Jaude : 7.30pm > midnight

Saturday 23.03 Place de la Liberté : 7.30pm > 2am


Tag E.U.L.E. (Electronic Universal Language Expression) is an open source software developed with Processing in 2011 by the Graffiti Research Lab France. It aims to turn text strings into graffiti. The GRL partnered with graffiti artists to create a library of characters stored in GML format (Graffiti Markup Language), allowing to randomly pick a specific style.


This software connects to a custom interface allowing reception of messages from various sources. A first version shown at the IMOCA (Irish Museum of Contemporary Art) during the exhibition « This Place Has No Atmoshpere » in Dublin in 2011, and later at la Gaîté Lyrique (Paris) in 2012 during the FabFest festival was working with voice recogniction. A second version, shown at la Cantine (Paris), for « Aux urnes et caetera » was using Twitter messages sent during the event.

Send your text messages to +33 (0) 6 71 58 88 39

Specificly created for the Vidéoformes festival, a SMS version of tag E.U.LE. now allows attendees to text

messages so they are instantly turned into animated graffitis diplayed through a videoprojector on a building, and

move accross the facade by taking into account the architecture (windows, doors, ...).


Through a simple system, people can communicate in a large scale and virutally tag the walls of the city.


The software can be downloaded from the GRL France website :

Graffiti Markup Language :

Processing :