Saturday March 23 - 7.30PM - Maison du Peuple


Kisito Assangni (artist and curator, Togo)

Iury Lech (Artistic director of the Madatac festival, Madrid, Spain)

Véronique Mouysset (artist, France)


Daniel Khamdamov for the Coup de Coeur Arte Creative


Jury du Prix Université Blaise Pascal des Étudiants : Julien Bardier, Bastien Inacio, Mathieu Male, Chloé Mascaro, Marie Challamel. Organized by Marianne Guillot, Pauline Robert, Alice Tourlonias,Qin Wu, students in Master I Conduite de projets culturels, livre & multimédia, Départements Métiers de la culture de l’UFR LLSH del’UBP and supported by the Université Blaise Pascal, l’U.F.R. Lettres, Langues et Sciences Humaines de l’U.B.P., the Service Université Culture and the service du Pôle de Recherche de l’Enseignement Supérieur.

Prix du jury des étudiants de l’Université Blaise Pascal / VIDEOFORMES 2013


Mention spéciale / Honorary mention


Snail Trail / Philipp Artus / Allemagne / 2012 / 3’



Prix du jury des étudiants de l’Université Blaise Pascal / VIDEOFORMES 2013


The negative selection / Alexander Isaenko / Ukraine / 2012 / 3’29





Division / Johan Rijpma / Pays-Bas / 2012 / 1’16



Prix du Conseil Général du Puy-de-Dôme ex-aequo / VIDEOFORMES 2013


Impressions / Jacques Perconte / France / 2012 / 47’56


Snail Trail / Philipp Artus / Allemagne / 2012 / 3’



Prix de la Ville de Clermont-Ferrand / VIDEOFORMES 2013


Sing Under / Seo Jung-Hee / Corée du Sud / 2012 / 10’


Program #1

Thursday March 21 - 2pm - Maison du Peuple

Kyrielle / Boris Labbé / France / 2011 / 10'14

Discovery of a microcosm working in a particular way.

Un archipel / Clément Cogitore / France / 2011 / 11'

The video entitled 'An Archipelago' finds its origin in a recent news item. On 22 October 2010, HMS Astute, a British Army nuclear submarine, mysteriously ran around off the coast of Skye in Scotland. Clément Cogitore has made an “unidentified filmic object” and uses various cinematographic techniques that have been passed down through history, from silent film boxes to reworked film used in experimental cinema. This archipelago of images shows the artist’s talent for storytelling and places the spectator in a state of anxiety at the edge of fiction.”  Daria de Beauvais

Return to the world of dance / Dan Boord, Marilyn Marloff & Luis Valdovino / USA / 2011 / 7'

Instructional guide for those perplexed by the post-modern condition. Not about dance but is a tribute to Fernand Léger’s Ballet Mécanique. The World of Dance series provide self help for those who love dance and are without the means to produce a full scale “Le sacre du printemps”.

T'as bien consommé aujourd'hui? / Nicola Bettale / Italy / 2011 / 4'12

The reconstruction of the Fukushima nuclear site carried out with some paper sheets, while the real images on the side show the reactor no. 3 explosing, represents the paradoxal and the grotesque situation of uncertainty nowadays.

Still / Kika Nicolela & Ana Teixeira  / Brazil / 2012 / 14'09

“Still” reenacts the process of mourning and of a possible rebirth.

Program #2

Thursday March 21 - 3pm - Maison du Peuple

Miss Candace Hilligoss' flickering halo / Vincenzo Core & Fabio Scacchioli / Italy / 2011 / 13'40

The beginning is another movie, an american noir of the early 60s: gutted and disemboweled, tortured and "detourned" images organize themselves into precarious and evolving structures, intertwined in multiples and twisted plots in a state of permanent collapse. The aim is to incite the explosion of a closed system through a dispositive of audiovisual implosions. Forget what you see while you are actually watching it, and soak in a vibrating, optical ancestry. A scream without a reason.


Le petit soldat / Sébastien Camboulive / France / 2012 / 3'15

When it comes to paths and patrols, rigour and approximation, choice and destiny.

Shift / Max Hattler / Germany / 2012 / 3'

Attempt to process or predict the end of the world.

The course of things / collectif_fact / Switzerland / 2012 / 10'18

The video The Course of Things uses the language of films to manoeuvre and influence our interpretation of images and stories. To do so, the artists have recorded on a daily basis the visitors of the London Natural History Museum and turn them into actors. In other words, they have edited the resulting footage in such a matter that it triggers our collective memory about action and crime narrative. Random people seem to be watching and following each other. The museum is transformed into a stage and everyday life into a thriller. The video questions the boundaries between fiction and reality.

Homme rêvant Mademoiselle / Vincent Tricon / France / 2011 / 5'40

A man sleeps, and dreams. The matter of his dreams become those of the film. In this mental cavern, a few silhouettes appear, as the evocation of a woman. This film uses animated painted motifs .

This Thirst / François Vogel / France / 2011 / 4'

'This Thirst' drives us into an hypnotic journey along the sky train in Dubai. The disproportionate architecture bordering the tracks is trapped by a camera that will twist roads and buildings. The singer Reham accompanies this trip, with a disturbing message.

Walls / Frederic Bayer Azem / France-Algeria / 2012 / 5'08

The glued and rejected bodies are flotting in the areas.

Program #3

Thursday March 21 - 4pm - Maison du Peuple

C / Elliot Storey / Britain / 2012 / 5'40

A female portrait in the form of a video triptych. A desire to draw in a minimal manner, a picture and identification, through a series of video triptychs, of a certain contemporary Human state, here Man and the City.

Division / Johan Rijpma / Netherlands / 2012 / 1'16

A piece of paper is divided by hand into an even number of pieces and then reassem- bled. A photograph of this finished composition is then printed and divided again. This makes the impossible possible, tearing the now included empty spaces that make up the tears in the paper. This feedback division process is repeated while the number of impre- cise manual divisions gradually increase. Everything is created by division.

Alice dans ma tête / Alice Fargier / France / 2012 / 3'48

Alice is working in an open space. Her mind is a galaxy.

Falling / Iono Allen / France / 2012 / 4'

This is the story of the young Susa Bubble who is broken in 33 different personnalities, who doesn’t know anymore who she is : she falls, she tumbles, she goes down... : a symbolic view of Susa’s fears. The story of Susa Bubble and installations in Second Life copyright Saskia Boddeke.

Carnet / Didier Feldmann / France / France / 2011 / 4'04

We keep the lamp on, we don’t get old.

O sal da lua a outra experienca / Cédric Dupire & Cristiana Miranda / Brazil-France / 2012 / 7'47

Based on a poem by Christiana Miranda, O Sal Da Lua is a nocturnal encounter between Rio de Janeiro and Paris. Time gets lost in the night, stretched by variable expositions of each photogram. The developer causes space to disperse. That night, detached souls found their shared space.

Blue blood / Laure Muller-Feuga & Aurélie Nurier / France / 2012 / 6'13

What if water were to become human, what would be its journey? Would it evaporate? Would it go through storms? and through the scraps from the earth? Then, what happens when water and human cycles meet? Spoil and crystal water...where do they go?
Too late to cry, you just need to wake up... Water is the blood of life.

We nous / Marie-Paule Bilger & Pierre Friquet / France / 2012 / 3'47

This work is part of a series of works of visual artists Marie Paule Bilger "Question Time" with the participation and support of Jean Baptiste and Pierre Friquet Friquet in the audiovisual field.
He describes the vicious cycle of violence by the chase of characters inspired robots video game "Minecraft" consisting of "skins" in newsprint to narrative details the events of today. Major crush means in turn that crush small that crush smaller trying to escape: the loop between-Devour will be broken by the revolt of forming a smaller "all together".

Entrez dans la danse / Arnaud Brihay /Belgium / 2011/ 2'23

September the 23th 2010 accross the grain.... Strike against the retirement reform in Lyon, France.

Program #4

Thursday March 21 - 5pm - Maison du Peuple

Héligo / Etienne de Massy / Canada / 2011 / 5'30

The space : suburbs of a star and daily reveries of an alter-human on her astronef.

Flashforward / Jérôme Poret / France / 2012 / 4'32

A serie of black/white portraits emerges in the deep black. Music made with a bass guitare. Realized in the Confort Moderne Concert Hall in Poitiers.


Corridor / Frédérique Ortega / France / 2011 / 11'15

A young boy and his parents walk around in a carnival. The mother encourages her son to have a go on a ghost train, alone. Apprehensively, the child accepts. Across the tunnel, he will find himself in a real train where he will be confronted to himself and grow up.

La ligne / Cerise Lopez & Agnès Patron / France / 2011 / 2'

It is not easy to scan the future. This ghost is not at hand.

The devil / Jean-Gabriel Périot / France / 2012 / 7'

"you don't know what we are"

Snail Trail / Philipp Artus / Germany / 2012 / 3'

A snail invents the wheel and goes through a cultural evolution to finally get back to its origin.

Monsieur René / Christoph Oertly / Switzerland / 2012 / 11'

The camera is invading an over-stuffed apartment, floating through an almost surreal material world. There is the presence of the real tenant, supposedly an old man, who we don’t get to see. Instead, a younger man in search of a place to rest is wandering about.The rooms reveal the standstill of a lonely person, who has separated himself from life and the outside world by piling up consumer objects. A glance out of the window shows a formerly fancy boulevard in Brussels, ruled today by Moroccan traders and African immigrants.

Program #5

Thursday March 21 - 10pm - Maison du Peuple

Nous sommes revenus dans l'allée des marronniers / Leslie Lagier / France / 2012 / 16'25

The three uncles of the film director died. Strolling with her camera amongst the alleys of the cemetery, she remembers memories of her family. The film doesn't intend to be a mass, just a litlle prayer to remember them, a tribute to their invisible presence.

L'éternel retour / Pascal Lièvre / France / 2012 / 3'27

'The eternal come back' is a text of Alain Badiou, sung on the air of cold song originally composed by Purcell and interpreted by Florent Mateo.

Retrospective / Brandon Belote / USA / 2011 / 8'33

Upon finishing art school, director Brandon Belote looks back at the creative process. 'Retrospective' presents an abstract vision of creativity that is both anxious and beautiful.

Popcorn society / Ahmet Dogan / France / 2011 / 1'48

The video shows plastic toy soldiers standing on corn grains about to pop. I play with the analogies between the kid’s game world and the war movies. Both influence each other and end up caricaturing each other.

Ecdysis / Aurélie Durand / France / 2012 / 3'13

A dance film which is based on a performance of Sophie Grappin. After building a mold of her husband, Sophie gets inside and tries to get rid of it. The performance symbolizes therefore the woman trying to release herself from the yoke of men.

Terre blanche / Michel Boulanger / Canada / 2011 / 5'48

'Terre blanche' describes a man overcomed by disillusion. A slow travelling shot of some deserted buildings sets the nostalgic view of a traditional bucolic farm against the excessiveness of industrial farming methods that have developed. The whiteness of the sketched landscapes indicates the abyss of a world without life, the neglected land of an aborted project.

to be veiled / Faye Mullen / Canada / 2012 / 5'31

In the folds of the linen there is a veil that unveils; not a revelation alone but a sentencing alike. Through still life and tableau vivant and yet neither one nor the other, to be veiled articulates the act of absensing to visually form not the loss of the figure, nor the death to this figure but rather the death within; the death that composes the figure.


Program #6

Friday March 22 - 2pm - Maison du Peuple

Poor people must die / Slawomir Milewski / Poland / 2011 / 23'10

A human odyssey in 3 acts.

Compass / Jorge Luis Santana Perez & Diana Rosa Pérez Legon / Cuba / 2011 / 1'28

Work that from a ludic perspective explore issues such as the orientation and purpose of our existence.

Homme bleu / José Man Lius / France / 2011 / 5'30

Film made in 1200 M, the first target of the volcano, La Soufrière, Guadeloupe. In 2011. Volcano invaded by damp fog reveals the presence of an enigmatic blue home in search of a return to the source ... blue is one of the three primary colors in additive synthesis. Cyan is a shade of blue is also one of the three primary colors in subtractive synthesis. Although the sky and sea are blue, this color is rare in nature Moreover, the human eye discerns under the blue shades in it discerns in other colors ... I think we all have within us a part of blue ! Extract the script. "Unexpected Territory."

Skin Freak / Ian Haig / Australia / 2012 / 1'

A textural exploration of the surface of skin, which appears closer to raw exposed meat, opposed to the smooth perfection of idealized flesh. The work’s name alerts the viewer to the skin fetishist - the skin freak. Playing on the notion of a new kind of reverse beauty of the flesh, a new aesthetic of the porous membrane know as human skin.

MY LOVE SOON / Yves Ackermann / Switzerland / 2011 / 2'42

'MY LOVE SOON' was originally recorded in the year 2000 by the Swiss composer Balduin. The music video shows various exploding flower bouquets in extreme slow motion. Colored flower fragments and dust display rhytmic compositions over time – a firework of flowers.

1932 / Bobie / France / 2012 / 2'59

The rise of extremism brings back painful memories of history. Nothing has changed but everything is different. We can not agree the worst, but how sound the alarm ? A black and white future whose we question its omens by drawing abstract figures.

Nothing happens like we imagine / Bob Kohn / France / 2012 / 2'

Compacted, contracted, kneaded, accelerated, multiplied, concatenated, unleashed, blown up, torn apart, tormented, ……the “Slices of Life'' knead the human throughout life, death and love.
A real shopping among the shelves of supermarkets or convenience stores dedicated to the staging of everyday life. Known or unknown film sequences, they went somewhere else to play a different part.
As in music, the tone of a film is expressed by the force of its own motto through the almost hypnotic repetition of the simple beat of its topic.

Machinery-Video No1 / Luis Soldevilla / Peru / 2011 / 3'03

The idea of the Machinery serie is to depict how machines keep the flow of vital energy within the city. How by means of machines, engines and devices can reach all its parts and organs. This series render cities as a superior organism, as a symbiotic relationship between men and machines. In the piece 'Machinery video No1' the idea was to create an abstract piece made from machines that “transport” people (trains, buses, and elevators), to show the mechanism that help the habitant to move faster.

Alimation / Alexandre Dubosc / France / 2011 / 2'47

How the taste buds animated ...( Tribute to pre-cinema, games optical : zoetrope, praxinoscope, etc... )

Program #7

Friday March 22 - 3pm - Maison du Peuple

Sing under / Seo Jung-Hee / South Korea / 2012 / 10'

This experimental film shows the dehumanized body of a girl trapped in an enigmatic state mixing references to the contemporary fears generated by inevitable extinction of humankind with the millenary myth of a biblical flood…
A black liquid, symbol of contamination of unknown origin emanate from the girl’s body, distorting the morbid sensation into a poetical visionary state.


Distance / Marcin Wojciechowski / Poland / 2012 / 9'12

Distance – remoteness, detachment, estrangement, disintegration… An experiment that integrates the media of film and motion graphics without any anecdotes or dramatic twists.
Two people and the space between them.
Never-ending attempts at a dialogue presented in the form of typographic symbols.
Repeating gestures, words, and signals create a kind of mantra whose goal is to identify, name, and set their own limits of mental independence which hinders their coexistence.

1001 faux départs / Michel Pavlou / Greece-Norway / 2012 / 4'40

A silent choreography of buses sliding along their scheduled orbits in a bus terminal. The film moves in the edges of the space, between cast and attached shadows and reveals its timeless topography in the manner of a camera obscura.

In between / Recep Akar / Turkey / 2012 / 5'29

Man, in his complicated and multi-dimensional life, can make himself independent in intellectual terms only when he internalizes his experiences and develops awareness. The man's struggle becomes meaningful when the historical development of his desire that leads himself is considered. This painful struggle whose winner and loser are the same, brings change and transformation within. “In-between” is a single channel video that has been produced starting off from this struggle.

Glucose / Mihai Grecu & Thibault Gleize / France-Roumania / 2012 / 7'18

Using 3d technology and live shooting, Glucose reshapes our surrounding domestic environment. It depicts a place where physical distorsions happen. The camera becomes the microscope of a slow mental slideshow and catches precious moments of perception disorder. Inspired by the quantum theory where particles can be in two places at the same time in an overlapping state, this anxiogenic and humoristic short gives birth to new types of relationships between objects and their own physical particularities

Rose & Manu / Clémence Demesne / France / 2012 / 4'

I saw love where I thought there was nothing but lust. Suddenly it stroke me that drama was everywhere, in the most unexpected places just as much as in fiction. The fiction of love is overrated but its elegance streches beyond its narrative. This is the story of the reunion of elegance and drama, where lust embraces love.

Oiseau de nuit / Pierre & Jean Villemin / France / 2012 / 2'53

Bird of the night is built on the endless mode of the restless and hypnotic songs of the medieval folklores which give the dizziness.

viento_ [traces algorithm] / Mariana Carranza / Uruguay / 2012 / 1 '02

The wind prints in my body movements an unknown quality. It allows me to new balances and surprises me with other imbalances. "Viento" are 60 seconds of a digital self-generative video: "traces algorithm". Playing with the [im]possibility of leaving traces in the wind, the algorithm analyzes the image and draws the traces, generating the video.
The code for "traces algorithm" has been developed in Processing, using the OpenCV library.

Program #8

Friday March 22 - 4pm - Maison du peuple

Les aimants / Cerise Lopez / France / 2011 / 11'30

«Bees love lowers.    
Flies love shit.    
And you, you love me, my big honey bee?»
When love disorientates then the doors are wide open to pretences and trompe l'oeil. Relying on the daisy to tell you how much love is involved, isn't it a bit risky?

From madness to madness trough paranormal / Sevcik Ondrej / Czech Republic / 2012 / 6'53

This video depicts the symbolical way of going from one madness to another.
The picture made by archetypal audiovisual laboratory "Grey Goo Synapsis" is accompanied by the symphony of Aitcher Clark.

Tomo / Bakary Diallo / Mali / 2012 / 7'

'Tomo' is an imaginary tale, it recalls the literal nature of the word bambara : a territory deserted because of the war. Conflict in arms and conflict in minds. It is the story of a psychologically disturbed character by his subjective experience of violence. He leaves his room and through a village ravaged, abandoned, it is inhabited by the spirits of those who lived there. They are represented by ghosts, ectoplasm, characters in flame and smoke. They perform everyday movements closer to reality.

Aphasia Oceana / Danny Warner / USA / 2012 / 2'

Stepping into the dawn of the bio-tech era, this 120 seconds experimental work explores our bared physical scaffolding : Tiny nanoscopic, biotechnological machines— pulsing with energy, boring holes, tendrils slipping along—quietly go about their unknown business within a vast bodyscape of porous bone and watery ligament.

Secret lives / gruppoGruppo / Italy / 2012 / 6'

The work is a tryptich dedicated to the three Italian composers Luciano Berio, Bruno Maderna and Franco Donatoni.

We'll become oil / Mihai Grecu / France-Roumania / 2011 / 8'

Dry landscapes are filled with the traces of a meta-conflict, beyond any visible political or ideological issue. A continuous and unexplainable state of crisis takes over the spaces and the view, transforming pure mineral geography into a theater of war. The story of oil taking over history.

L'histoire se répète / Didier Feldmann / France / 2012 / 3'19

Alas the History repeats itself, the sufferings too.

Program #9

Friday March 22 - 5pm - Maison du Peuple

The negative selection / Alexander Isaenko / Ukraine / 2012 / 3'29

'The negative selection' it’s the world's model, in which every participant filling the Space with it's poor action, creating a cyclical social picture, with no freedom or right of choice.

Anatomy theater / Alessandro Amaducci / Italia / 2012 / 3'30

The internal of the body has been a mystery for us for a long time. So in the history of Arts there are a lot of graphic and not realistic visualizations of our inner body. Then the anatomical science produced a lot of wonderful images depicting in a raw but in the same time fascinating way the body without skin. For a lot of artists the anatomical imagery is a fantastic journey between dream and reality, and in this video I want to express that feeling of wonder, mystery and weird fascination. A theatrical drama with anatomical actors.

Yolande / Maxime Berthou (Monsieur Moo) / France / 2012 / 2'

'Yolande' is a movie of a public performance consisting in smashing a fishing boat on a 2000 Champagne bottle wall in the entrance of Le Fresnoy the 1rst of june 2012 - opening night of Panorama 14.

Ailo / Valerio Murat / Italia / 2012 / 8'28

Ailo is a female character in Scandinavian mythology that, transforming into a wolf, is the instinctive and carnal side of human nature. The video is the Western culture that, in the process of decomposition, transforms in the masks in architecture and the vapors of Venice.

KiyaKiya / Akino Kondoh / Japan / 2011 / 6'39

The term "KiyaKiya" comes from the old Japanese expression "mune ga kiyakiya suru." Kondoh first encountered it in SHIBUSAWA Tatsuhiko's “Introduction to the collection of girls”in the chapter writen about "childhood experiences." This expression, which describes “an enigmatic, nostalgic, disturbing feeling,” or an impression of “déjà-vu”, is at the origin of the "KiyaKiya" series.

Fragments untitled #1 / Doplgenger / Serbia / 2012 / 6'50

Do the masses get what they desire at the end ?
The “happening of the people” took place on June 28th 1989 at Kosovo. History inscribes this event, known as a presage of the collapse of Yugoslavia and the bloodshed of the Yugoslav Wars, in the image and the speech of the leader - Slobodan Milosevic.
'Fragments untitled #1' vivisects media footage and TV stream in order to denote the invisible.

Return / Owen Eric Wood / Canada / 2011 / 5'

Using a small, portable HD video recorder, the artist creates a self portrait that captures his confrontation with foreign people, places and languages. He attempts to relate to these cultures but finds his disconnection only emphasizes the alienation he feels at home. While the vibrant pictures and sounds transport the viewer to other continents, the collage of moving images taken in distinct locations creates an unsettling experience. The video is a portrait of a person who is on an endless journey, constantly moving yet never reaching his destination.

Hermeneutics / Alexei Dmitriev / Russia / 2012 / 3'15

A war film...

La ronde / Vincent Ducarne / Canada / 2011 / 3'26

In it's relentless and slow circular movement emerge 12 characters who are observing one another. The heavy immobility raises a dramatic tension, almost absurd, which reaches its climax when all the eyes are on us.

Program #10

Friday March 22 - 10pm - Maison du Peuple

Impressions / Jacques Perconte / France / 2012 / 47'56

Along the shores of Normandy, on the track of the Impressionist painters, something’s happening to the landscape : the colors are crashing against the screen...