23.03 - 9.30pm

Maison du Peuple

Place de la liberté

63000 Clermont-Ferrand

Franck Vigroux + Philippe Fontès (France)


Police is a project by Franck Vigroux with the videographer Philippe Fontes.

Based on the album Camera Police (published in 2010), the musician makes a live adaptation of this world of sound that consists essentially of compositions with electronic sounds, electroacoustic materials, or even drones. The visual artist Philippe Fontes also performs live by materializing the music or proposing his own way, with a unique system consisting of illuminated objects.

The whole, once brought together, creates veritable dramatic art with video and sound.

A composer and improviser, Franck Vigroux lives in a universe where rock, improvisation, electronic, hörspiel, and contemporary music meet. On stage he can play many different roles : guitar player, turntablist, electro-acoustician, electronic performer, improvisation orchestra conductor. He also directed numerous videos, such as Dust (30’) in 2007.

Mat3r Dolorosa (France)

Live A/V (Jarring Effect)

Mat3r Dolorosa invites us to an epic sound trip, on the background of clocks, mechanical toys, movies' sets, industrial or organic rhythms ...
Rocked by Massive Attack, Radiohead, NIN, Bjork or Dj Krush, Tristan aka Mat3r Dolorosa models music (his training) and picture (his job) with the same sensitivity, creating an immersive universe. On stage, he collaborates with Johnooded ( VJ) to extract from his compositions the pictures which live in him, sometimes clear and calmed, sometimes dark and tempestuous, where golden daylight pierces the icy afternoons.
His productions find their place between electronica, abstract hip-hop & progressive electro, reminding the beginnings of EZ3kiel, Mogwaï or Fumuj.
A fascinating travel up to each one to appropriate.


Kangding Ray (Germany)

Live A/V (Raster Noton)

Kangding Ray is David Letellier

Born 1978 in France, he lives and works in Berlin.

KR evolved as a guitarist and drummer in bands whose influences ranged from noise-rock, to jazz, before buying a sampler and moving on to electronic music.

Kangding ray’s music reflects his wide musical background, and a particular way of merging beats and atmospheric soundscapes into slowly evolving compositions.

KR combines machines with « real instruments » in a subtle and rythmic suite, integrating noises, walls of distortion, massive bass lines, voices and field recordings, blending techno grooves with dark textures, always on the edge between experimental music and club culture.

Reworks + Wood (France)


Aurélien Arnaud a.k.a. Reworks is a DJ and techno / house producer from Lyon. He performs sets that are dark and flowing, where percussive and natural rhythms meet repetitive and catchy melodies. Cofounder of the Palma collective with Raja and Noma, he released his first EP “Journey” on the French label Youngunz in 2012. Also an independent graphic designer, his work seeks to highlight the close relationship between music and image.



Wood is a video and theatrical installation collective that is composed of Ease, Bastardgraphics and Xal, all three freelance graphic designers operating between Paris, Lyon, and Strasbourg. Their original video creations go from dynamic color animations to live films full of digital, as well as homemade, special effects. An artistic approach that earned them entry to many festival programs in France and all over the world.

When the conditions allow it, these four artists get together during the live performance of REWORKS.

Their first collaboration, at the Lyon festival “Nuits Sonores” in 2011, encouraged them to create plastic art installations, where the volumes and abstraction push up against the practice of traditional Vijing.

They are going to pursue their graphical and theatrical research on live performances, working around simple and pertinent concepts.

During the VIDEOFORMES festival, they will once again come together to present their latest creation, influenced by the DJ environment, and the atmosphere emanating from nightlife spots.

Live streaming of a performance from the Atelier Performance (FaVU, VUT) /// Université de Brno (Czech Republic)

Dancing at the club 1O1 (rue du Coche) /// "Syrob all night long" // free access