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Monday to Friday 8pm-6.5pm

Vernissage 12 March 6.5pm

Pierrick SORIN (France)

Binge Drinking (2012)

Multimedia Installation by Pierrick Sorin
Service Université Culture / Service de Santé Universitaire
Services du PRES Clermont Université

Within the context of the Vidéoformes Festival (from 20 March to 7 April 2013), the Service Université Culture and the Service de Santé Universitaire, and the Services du PRES Clermont Université are bringing a work by Pierrick Sorin to Clermont-Ferrand. This work focuses on the prevention of youth binge drinking.

“Binge drinking” is a multimedia installation by Pierrick Sorin for the Association Nationale de Prévention en Alcoologie et Addictologie (ANPAA), with financial support provided by the Fondation de France, INPES, the Théâtre de la Cité Internationale, and the Conseil régional du Nord-Pas-de-Calais (Médiation-production: artconnexion, Lille ).

This work is shown by the Théatre de la Cité Internationale in the context of the “Art Campus” program, with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Communication, in partnership with the Art+University+Culture network.

It is a multimedia module that includes a front panel that frames an optical theater, and two side panels with scrolling images that include prevention messages.

The artistic work that is proposed can be defined by three verbs: attract, affect, inform.
The work is a three-faceted system. The two side panels present “animated pictures”, 3 superposed screens that show animated images with an effect of continuity from one screen to another. The images will be part of an area dedicated to informative messages. The front panel contains a window that shows a miniature production, made according to the “optical theater” technique. Small filmed characters appear on a real, palpable stage set. Thanks to a computer program, the virtual characters can act upon real objects that follow a script. The story is a tragicomedy presented as a dream that turns into a nightmare. It makes laughter and death follow one another.


The phenomenon of binge drinking in the 18-24 age group

Binge drinking affects young Europeans from 15 to 25 years old in all countries. It means consuming alcohol rapidly and excessively (at least 5 glasses for men and 4 for women at one occasion) with the sole objective of getting drunk as quickly as possible, even to the point of intentionally passing out. This excessive consumption takes place in bars and nightclubs but also more and more in the streets, parks, train stations, and parents’ homes, with alcohol that is purchased in supermarkets.

34% define themselves as regular “binge drinkers”
41% have passed out one time while binge drinking
4% have passed out at least 20 times.

Born in 1960 in Nantes, Pierrick Sorin is a video artist. He makes short films and visual systems in which he makes fun of human existence and artistic creation in a burlesque way. A fervent devotee of self-filming, he is often the only actor in the stories he concocts. But the artist is also a descendant of Méliès: he creates in particular little “optical theaters”, a mix of ingenious bricolage and new technologies, that allow him to appear as if by magic, in space, in the form of a hologram and among real objects.
His works have been shown in the high spheres of contemporary art: Fondation Cartier, Centre Georges Pompidou, London Tate Gallery, New York Guggenheim, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography...
An adept of an artistic attitude which, while being contemporary and intellectual, remains accessible to a wide audience, Pierrick Sorin has also created audiovisual systems that can be applied to event communication. He has collaborated with Jean-Paul Goude for Chanel and has already made several works for events at Galéries Lafayettes Haussman in Paris.
Pierrick Sorin has also made TV reports and video clips. He has been an actor in two feature movies.