Exhibition 13.03 to 5.04

Galerie Dolet (CROUS)
25 rue Etienne Dolet, Clos St Jacques

63000 Clermont-Ferrand

Monday to Friday from 8am to 4pm exept for Monday 01.04

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Meeting of two artists in residency : Enrique Ramirez (Chili), in residency "devoir de mémoire/Ambroise Brugière at the Lycée Ambroise Brugière, and Gabriel Mascaro (Brazil) in residency at VIDEOFORMES (2012/2013).

Enrique Ramirez / video portrait made by Gabriel Soucheyre / 2011

PARIS / Enrique RAMIREZ / 2009 / 9'
Paris city of light, the city of love …Could become anywhere? An act of patience, a still image disappears. Could that be a city?

Gabriel Mascaro / video portrait made by Gabriel Soucheyre / 2013

Des hauts et des bas / Gabriel Mascaro / 20 XXX ? / 28'
Rodrigo is a young deaf man from Recife, northeast Brazil who works installing car stereos in a small dealershop on the outskirts of town. Despite his deafness, sound penetrates his day to day life and he harnesses its vibrations, allowing it to pulse through his veins.