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Nelly GIRARDEAU (France)

De par nature (By their very nature) (2012)

Taxidermy. From its origin, the Greek root taxis: order, arrangement. In order for things to appear, they must be in their exact place. In the workshop, the gestures of the taxidermist are close to those of a videographer; deconstruct then assemble and compose, combine fragments of reality and see a new form emerge. The operation is meticulous. The patiently and closely observed process of transformation sets in motion the question of the appearance of beings and things. In spite of their fixedness, the glass eyes of animals seem to intensely observe the scene.
The work incessantly probes the nature of images, the transition from reality to the appearance of reality, from life to artifact. Organic and artificial matter, animal and vegetable shapes mix together and are projected on small screens. The relationship with proximity thus created elicits and examines the innermost desire to see. See with one’s own eyes. Also see, as far as possible, what is buried in an image. The Super 8 image that is physically printed on the film by light and that is only revealed by a chemical process intensifies this movement of the regard.

Matter, textures, colors mix together and are projected on small screens. The relationship with proximity thus created examines the innermost desire to see.

Nelly Girardeau is a filmmaker and visual artist. Lives and works in Clermont Ferrand.

A graduate of the School of Fine Arts in Clermont Ferrand, her work has always questioned the mechanisms of perception and fabrication of images that are built upon the reality of the world. Deconstruct, fragment, assemble, in order to make something appear, of another sort. The practice of art as a revelation.

She then studied documentary cinema and developed a reflection on the origin of images. She received support from the Groupement de Recherches et d’Essai Cinématographique to make her first film L’Eau Salée (Salt Water), presented at the Traces de Vie Festival (Traces of Life Festival) in 2011.She was in residency at VIDEOFORMES in 2011-2012.