Exhibition 21.03>07.04

Chapelle de l'hôpital général

Rue Sainte Rose

63000 Clermont-Ferrand

Tuesday to Sunday 10am-6pm


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David BLASCO (France)


A slow traveling of a setting that seems to be a replica of a static building site or an excavation. The straight path of the perimeter framing approach describes a deep black horizon which looks isolated from the world. Sound and video developments (the soundtrack or mist) refer to the standards of Sci-Fi films.


Dernier fait divers connu (Last known current affair)

It is a static shot of a mobile report truck stopped on the roadside, engine running, doors open. Its function of news live broadcast is on the stand-by position. Every evidence implies that the reporters have hastily abandoned the vehicle. The soundtrack is still 'live' and puts the viewer in a position of expectation and contemplation of the 'Last known current affair'.


David Blasco is a graduate of art schools in Annecy, Clermont-Ferrand, and Dijon (DNSEP). He currently lives in Clermont-Ferrand. He has shown his work in Arles (The Rencontres d’Arles de la Photographie), in Dijon, Vichy (H20), Clermont, and Toulouse at the Traverse video festival. He has received a creative grant from the DRAC d’Auvergne in 2012. Currently a resident artist at VIDEOFORMES, he will propose two video installations at the 2013 festival that fit in with his plastic art research. Protean, his work “prefers resonance that the practice of different media such as drawing, volume, photo, video, or even in situ intervention can produce”…




Sébastien CAMBOULIVE (France)

Les papillons verts (prototypes) (Green butterflies (prototypes)) (2010-2012)

The three parts of Green butterflies (prototypes), river, tree, prairie are the consequence and result of time spent at an artist in residence program on the Vernoux plateau in Ardèche in the spring of 2010.

Invited for a few days to do something completely different, I was captivated by the blowing wind there.

The hypnotic observation of the wind in the wheat fields, in the branches of the chestnut trees, and on the surface of the streams, inspired me to work on this rustling, this susurration for the next two years that followed, by choosing to return to a certain traditional materiality.

With the help of cut paper and fans, I sought to reproduce a vision of this enchantment, aware of the naiveté and the impossibility of such an attempt.


A French artist born in Paris, Sébastien Camboulive currently lives in Clermont-Ferrand. At first exclusively a photographer, he branched out, turning to video, drawing, and the creation of installation prototypes. His varied work does not seek to create an immediate internal coherence. For each project, his ambition is to make a corpus of images that proposes a regular renewal of his visual vocabulary.

It is nevertheless possible to pick out underlying directions showing a general approach that complies with tastes that are as different as those of topography, trajectory, asymmetry, circles, light touches, intersections, confinement, avoidance, superposition, and immediacy.