Saturday March 17 - 7.30PM - Maison du Peuple


Isabel Rocamora (artist, UK)

Etienne Van den Bergh (President of contour, Belgium)

Mihai Grecu (artist, Romania)


  Award vidéoformes 2012 / Conseil Général du Puy-de-Dôme


Deuxième bureau / Lixin Bao / France-Chine / 2011 /13’32


  Award vidéoformes 2012 / Ville de Clermont-Ferrand


Alphaville-MD / Maix Mayer / Allemagne / 2011 / 28’43


  Honorary mention


Planet Z / Momoko Seto / France / 2011 / 9’30


  Award vidéoformes 2012 / Prix ARTE CREATIVE


La confidence / Annick Lepers / France / 2011 / 10’34


 Jury Prix des étudiants de l’Université Blaise Pascal :


Lolita Barse, Sandra Listrat, Camille Meunier, Charles Meresse, Mayeul Schlagenhauf.


  Award vidéoformes 2012 / Université Blaise Pascal student jury award


Planet Z / Momoko Seto / France / 2011 / 9’30




L’heure rouge / Sarah Jérôme / France / 2011 / 7’40


La confidence / Annick Lepers / France / 2011 / 10’34

Program #1 - URBANS

Thursday March 15 noon & Saturday March 17 noon - Maison du Peuple

The ground is moving/Christoph Oertli/Belgium/2010/10'

The camera pans across façades and greenery in slow horizontal movements. Itʼs like an extended moment in the summer, at sunset, when a strong light is hitting the sceneries almost horizontally and dividing them in light and dark zones. People traverse from light to dark, as if the overstepping of this border was something very significant or magical. They become figures appearing or disappearing from further away, from the depth of an undefined black space. One could call it backstage or behind the scenes, where a parallel world seems to exist. Itʼs something like a time- and spaceless existence, where humans come from and go back into.

Rubaliz/Marc Hernandez/France/2010/4'26

The wandering of three black corpuscules in a marked out, soggy and shifting space. Dance/Painting/Video Meltdown. The "RubaliZ" work springs from the project "The Practice of Space".

Maison sonore/Jonatan Schwenk/Germany/2011/4'44

The animated film MAISON SONORE highlights short scenes from a large building full of sounds. On the different floors people are waiting for a new melody that will change their life and do not realise that it is already being played.

Alphaville/Maix Mayer/Germany/2011/28'43

Alphaville-MD is a film-essay about the german city Magdeburg. On differnet levels urban transformation processes were interwoven with each other. The political spectrum with the temporal breaks 1945 / 1961 / 1989 can be recognised in the shape of the really built environment. It includes the model of socialist city-planning as well as the solitaires of the GDR modernism and postmodernism. Through the variation of urban questions the narrative connection to other short films from Maix Mayer is to be realized as well as through the short appearence of the main character of his former films. Here he is to be seen together with his second ego ( a puppet- double) as the city-architect. The refenrence of the film title to Godards film „Alphaville“ is only methodically. The present time of Magdeburg was filmed in a way that it seems like a model-city in the future.

Program #2 - HISTORY

Thursday March 15 - 1.00pm and Saturday March 17 - 1.00pm - Maison du Peuple

Scenes shifts, in six movements/Jani Ruscica/Finland/2011/15'

A fragmentary and poetic film about the portrayal of place and its historical layers.

Tafel (Table)/Enrique Ramirez/Chili/2011/12'35

TAFEL is a journey and an imaginary conversation between two of the major cultures of Belgium, Wallon and Flamands. It is a project based on interviews, and aims to illustrate how a cultural object such as a table, not only reflects social, cultural and political divisions that often are present but also are incomprehensible. "Tafel" is an excuse to approach to these questions and reflect about some differences ingrained in the same country.

Terre d'ombre/Marin Esteban/France/2011/7'

The oak roots don't spread more than its branches grow.

Habeas Corpus/Valerio Murat/Italy/2011/6'20

“Habeas Corpus” is a flash-opera : voice, music, image merged in a single vision, in a unique creative process. Scattered fragments of the spirit, a language that explores new forms of writing.

5:46 am/Olivier Campagne & Vivien Balzi/France/2011/3'45

A selection of different public spaces in Paris, 1 meter underwater, offering a surrealist and serene view of the city.


Thursday March 15 - 2.00pm - Maison du Peuple

The Page's Wing/Federico Campanale/Netherlands/2011/11'

In front of a infinite bookshelf, two look alike women will meet each other out of time, in the middle of pages and books floating in the air. This film evokes spiritual research, depicting the intensity of a realization and of a very short moment.

Desert III/Gregory Chatonsky/Canada/2011/16'57

Uninhabited areas, cities and swamps, forests and roads, objects and words that disappear one after the other, a young woman cry on Youtube. Inspired by "The Road" by Cormac McCarthy, Desert III takes each object that the protagonists cross over in the book to deconstruct the basis of the dramatic progression.

The People From The Flight 103/Fedor Belenky/Germany/2010/8'34

What goes on in somebody's mind who is rushing out of a plane?

How long is he tied by the paralyzing fear of death? How long does it take before he starts getting settled in his new "environment"? And what does he do then? This animation is inspired by the tragical Lockerbie disaster of 1988.

Tape generation/Johan Rijpma/Netherlands/2011/2'39

Large groups of tape rolls go through a long process of development and degeneration. The extremely slow paced life of theses objects is being revealed within an isolated space where everything starts from a balanced symmetric structure. From this orderly state deviations and differences in behaviour slowly become visible. Resulting in unpredictable shapes and movements that somehow feel familiar.

I turn home/Johanna Vaude/France/2011/5'28

Sound and visual poetry from Stanley Kubrick's films.

Program #4 - WE ARE ANIMALS!

Thursday March 15 - 3.00pm - Maison du Peuple

Beastliness/Deborah Kelly/Australia/2011/3'17

The vivid animation of Beastliness synthesises traditional handmade photomontage with digital animation techniques into a new whole; an entirely artificial dance with reckless sirens.

Equinoxe II/Vincent Capes/France/2011/1'14

« Spirit do exist: death does not end all things, And so the pale ghost, victorious, escape from the flames.” (Properce, Elegies)

Unbridled/Jennifer Campbell/USA/2011/0'18

‘Unbridled’ is a video performance documenting the absurd, visceral and awkward transformation of the body into animal. By adapting the archaic physical manifestations of diagnosing hysteria in the 19th century, the artist is able to tap into a tragic humor akin to that of physical theatre or commedia dell’ arte grotesque.

What's up/Risto-Pekka Blom/Finland/2010/3'20

The video work combines distressed and contented sounds of a baby with images of adult men and women acting out the sounds and the feelings that they carry. The work deals, in a humorous way, with our innate need to feel accepted, loved and happy.

Beauté/Adèle Miossec/France/2010/2’09

It is a graphic research on beauty, on the border, sometimes slim between what is beautiful and what is ugly.

Bubbleman superstar!!! Return of the Blowfly/Alban Gily & Julien Vray/France/2011/18'33

Patty Dough sought out Bubbleman to give him an urgent mission: To deliver to Prez (president of the U.S. of A.) his can of dungfly, or TOX – a highly addictive, super strong hallucinogenic, the use of which causes transmutation… Indeed TOX, “if you can get it”, transforms the Blowfly into its alter: Prez !!!  
With Bubbleman, Patty Dough, Prez, Blowfly, Ben et Pope.

The birth/Ozer Feyzioglu/Turkey/2011/2'30

"The Birth" is created for artistic purposes. The idea comes from animal reproduction. The artist just wanted to transpose the dirty documentary visuals to the sleek world of fashion. He believes fashion film gives great opportunity to film makers to express themselves in many different ways. It’s an exciting new medium.

Caméléon/Studio Capture/France/2010/00'55

A woman is walking in the street, she’s looking for her place in the story and in the set. She crosses people who are melted and hidden in the set, just like cameleon. She finally find the good place to be.

Hippy and the snake/Petrina Hicks/Australia/2011/25'

Filmed on high speed Phantom video camera at 800 frames per second in HD, a teenage girl appears in extreme slow motion and high resolution in an artificial garden created in a studio, with a fake blue sky background as the setting. The plants and flowers are dripping with a clear sticky substance, and the girl is interacting with various creatures in this garden. A symbiotic relationship between with the girl, creatures and nature is suggested, yet the artificial, manipulated, controlled and hyper real look of this environment is incompatible with this notion of symbiosis.

Program #5 - MEN AT WORK

Thursday March 15 - 4.00pm - Maison du Peuple

Pilgrimage/Eder Santos/Bresil/2010/14'

‘Pilgrimage’ follows the processing of iron ore from its extraction to transportation and eventual shipment. Viewed from a perspective that reinvents the quality of the event, the work analyzes the relationship between nature and culture, and shuffles the viewer-work-industry triad.

Cassetta degli attrezzi/Vincenzo Beschi & Irene Tedeschi/Italy/2010/6 '52

We used a camera with a device that allowed for the stopmotion capture 5 frames at a time. During the recording of these 5 frames were captured on tape the sounds present at the time of shooting.
 From this experience we have set ourselves a question: Is it possible to animate the sound frame by frame as it does for images, cartoons?

L'heure rouge/Sarah Jerôme/France/2011/7'40

In the darkness of a butcher's shop, a dancer roams, a butcher cuts some meat.

Biogeology-Biogeologia/Gala Bent/USA/2011/3'54

‘BioGeology/BioGeología’ is a animation (Gala Bent) and sound (Roberto Carlos Lange) collaboration created in 2011.

Las particulas elementalas/Gabriela Golder/Argentina/2011/14'

The elementary particles: Factories, gears, moving bodies, hands doing, eyes paying attention. A factory worker approaches to the machine, that boils, spits fire. A rural worker picks fruits of the sowing. Bend down, its face almost touching the ground. Another worker, and then another. Female workers, the machine in motion. How to understand the history of a nation through the history of work? “The elementary particles” it’s a film about work and workers build from images of the Sucesos Argentinos (Argentine Events) Archive, a newsreel shown in Argentina between the 30s and the 70s.

Program #6 - UNDER CONTROL

Thursday March 15 - 5.00pm - Maison du Peuple

Shadowlands/Michel Pavlou/Greece-Norway/2011/7'40

The indirect clash between a group of demonstrators and the riot police in an clair-obscur urban landscape. ‘Shadowlands’ explores the notion of power visibility by constructing its imaging on the analogy between historic and cinematic processes.

Deuxième bureau/Lixin Bao/France-China/2011/13'32

According to the Chinese media, there are several hundreds thousands concubines in the country. Even if it is forbidden by law, more and more young women are now becoming mistresses of powerful men in order to escape poverty and rise up the social ladder. The wife becomes the man’s object; she is subdued and depends totally on him. A situation of both desire and endured provoking pleasure and frustration.

Mr B et la loi/Laurent Bonotte/France/2010/5'

Mr B always respects the law, in fair citizen, but at the prize of many injustices.

Verraucht/Robin Keast/Germany/2011/1'27

Three simple facts: We like things that are bad for us, we ignore that they are bad for us, we fall apart because they are bad for us.

Ursulimum/Ran Slavin/Israel/2011/18'30

A new buried futuristic history is recovered, 100 years from now, under the old city of Jerusalem.


Thursday March 15 - 10pm - Maison du Peuple

Coucoune/Shimrit Gola/Israel/2011/4'30

A trip to ones imaginary cocoon. Videodanse created and performed by Shimrit Golan

Wired/Eli Souaby/Liban/2011/5'12

‘Wired’ is an investigation about the power of collective denial in one of the most overpopulated cities in Lebanon and the Middle-East. It questions the domination of denial in regards to the aesthetics of life and the connotation of living in a specific society. The idea of looking up into the wires connected to buildings on both sides and striping the open space brings out the history of the society woes and illustrate the background of people living in this particular space. Whether the cables are for internet, electricity power or satellite the question remains: are we connected or just wired?

Notebook phase/Philipp Artus/Germany/2011/6'

"Notebook Phase" est une animation minimaliste qui unit des opposés complémentaires à travers le mouvement et le son. Le film dessine le portrait d'un personnage curieux, situé entre nature et technologie, rigidité et liberté, bruit et silence.

Those I misunderstood and unable to identify…/Chia Yu Chen/USA/2011/3'

A single channel video work combined with live actions and motion graphics, represents itself as a manual for personal communication. By juxtaposes found objects and games elements, this project intends to express the difficulties and limitation within communication and reveal the visibility of the absurd and effortless position we situated in life while different set of rules applied.

Instrument/Ruben Van Leer/Netherlands/2011/8'13

‘Instrument’ is a short dance film that asks the question if our body makes sounds. Lukas Timulak ( presents choreography with 3D animation, to visualize our physical relationship within a modern technological world.

Le forum possession/Olivier Bosson/France/2011/18'

Based on a case of possession, Le forum possession provides 4 pages of debates and advices on this frequent phenomenon, and also on the relationship between the group and the individual. As Tchitchic says : “you did notice, didn't you, that collective dreams are always stronger and more powerful than the little dreams that you make on your own, when you’re asleep!”

Program #8 - BITS AND PIECES

Friday March 16 - noon - Maison du peuple

Descartado/Irene Coll Inglés/Spain/2011/5'54

This is a journey in search of an image. An image coming from the out-takes of several films, from not included shots, shots in which nothing appears a priori, but when put together on a strip of motion one can find out a hidden crucial time.

Windows/Aurelio Cardenas/France/2010/3'

My window becomes a piano. Or inversely.

Fondues/Anne-Marie Rognon/France/2011/1'08

Cameleon woman.

Menu/Daniel Nicolae Djamo/Romania/2011/5'27

‘Menu’ is a video about the woman who raised me. I started monitoring her photographically and through videos starting 2009 in order to get an idea of what "passing" meant, trying to immortalize the process of aging. Soon after, it became more like a last journal, the only thing that a loved one is leaving us.

In loving memory/Jacky Goldberg/France/2011/9'

In the 60's, a piece of memory is coming back from limbos, willing for revenge.

La noche llega (Night Comes)/Víctor Ballesteros/Canada-Chile/2011/5'16

I set my camera to record inside my computer: it brought back both, a film and a model for a garden.

Chronique/Edu Loschpe/Bresil/2010/15'00

An attempt to talk directly to the viewer.Our everyday performance. A film-collage.


Friday March 16 - 1.00pm - Maison du Peuple

Ecstasy of St Agnès/Slawomir Milewski/Poland/2010/23'30

Ecstasy of St. Agnes is a not narrative treatise on incommunicability or just the short movie about love.

Lights/Bob Kohn/France/2011/1'50

The ‘slices of life’ grind up people, to life, deaf and love. A real ‘shopping of life’, through all these supermarket and small shops departments. It is daily life.

Vaste programme/Raphaël Poli/France/2011/2'55

Testimony staged in a 3d scenery. The subject is the role of mystical revelation in today's society. The example is simply the Christ. The conclusion is both humorous and idealistic.

Clic/Florence Heyer/Germany/2010/1'09

The phobia becomes a game.

Neons melody/Jean-Michel Rolland/France/2011/3'03

Visual and musical work on the sound and light generated by the lightening of a ceiling neon.

Cinema/Eder Santos/Bresil/2010/13'

In the country side of Minas Gerais (in land state of Brazil) things have their particular time. A street lamp, the rain, the boy who plays (ball) soccer game in the streets, a barbed wire fence. They move like moving images “CINEMA”.

Program #10 - LOOK AT ME

Friday March 16 - 2.00pm - Maison du Peuple

Granular/Catherine Nyeki/France/2010/3'03

Self-portrait consists of a multitude of eyes "graft views" evoking the myth of Argos, the guardian of a hundred eyes « who sees everything." Observatory of a " plastic laboratory body " transmitter of signs revealing the life of an invisible proxemic.

Nostalgia : Blue Skies Transmission/Bill Psarras/UK-Greece/2011/6'17

It creates a video artistic narrative through animated 2D compositions; based on a nostalgic human figure within the city. In particular, the focus on the spatial emptiness (streets, empty spaces) and the liminal mood, constitute the perfect public space to locate the element of the public urban screen as a medium of blue skies transmission. The artist insist on depicting blue skies and clouds through the medium of public screen in which the pixel aesthetic triggers the emotional intensity of the figure and thus the need of a (symbolic) escapism and returning to a personal memory database through the new media aesthetic of the digital medium.

Casablanca/Jérôme Laniau/France/2011/1'20

"Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman are in Casablanca an immortal couple who offer us ones of the most beautiful Scenes of cinema's story." Can you read behind the jacket of ‘Casablanca’'s DVD.
This time, they are looking at you right in the eyes. The immortality of myth is not so evident anymore.

Homme fontaine/José Man Lius/France/2011/5'

The camera shoots a stream, which goes back to its source. The process flow of water is accompanied by ritual music (songs Indians invoking the rain). The water “blue gold”, crosses the territories of the body that can be likened to rivers, streams and groundwater that humans use for food. Rainfall distribution is developed on a relief, a body becoming a territory without border. Body-land, affected by several episodes of flooding and drought are subject to various pollutants. Parts of this body are irrigated or drained in order to question the visitor about the economics of water, source of life, ecology required.

Newly Risen Decay/Giada Ghiringhelli/Switzerland-UK/2011/8'05

In the ceaseless flux I stand, condemned to fall apart. I am no form. No flesh. No thing. And so then what is left? Everything moves itself and nothing remains.

Combustion/Renaud Hallée/Canada/2011/4'08

Fire used as a visual and musical material.

The adventures of Paulo Bruscky/Gabriel Mascaro/Bresil/2010/19'38

The artist Paul Bruscky enters the platform of virtual relationships "Second Life" and meet an ex-film director, Gabriel Mascaro, who lives, works and enjoys making movies in virtual network. So Paul order Gabriel to record a “machinima” documentary of his adventures in Second Life.

Program #11 - NATURAL

Friday March 16 - 3.00pm - Maison du Peuple

The spring/Przemek Wegrzyn/Poland/2011/3'20

Black man changes his identity in miraculous forest scenery. He changes into a white man. Context and environment refers to beliefs of healing power of nature. The change reveals the problem of dissimilarity and isolation of 'the other' in European society and the problem of European ethnocentrism.

Breath/Vincent Ward/New-Zeland/2011/2'20

“Breath” is a dual screen video installation which combines ‘Kin’ and ‘Muse’. Both video artworks are about how we are united in our vulnerability. This is expressed in ‘Kin’ by showing an animal in relation to a vulnerable man. In Maori terms, the animal is sometimes considered to be associated with an ancestor, a spiritual guardian and can act as a protector. ‘Muse’ is about the relationship to nature also, by showing a foetal-like creature in a vulnerable state in the oceanic world. It is through this kind of vulnerability that we can, in our humanity, be linked together.

Regarde où tu marches/Frédéric De Manassein/France/2011/30'

The author goes in the nature by wondering if it is possible to look at the nature without interpreting it. But the art and the walking mix. He crosses the nature « like a bow on the strings of a violin : to make vibrate contexts ».

Fiction 1/Hugo Arcier/France/2011/1'22

Full 3D computer graphics film. It draws from the events that struck Japan in March 2011.

Danio Rerio (Améliorer le poisson-zèbre)/GWeil/France/2011/9'30

The zebrafish (Danio rerio) is in India. It is usually used in aquarium and in laboratory where it serves as model body. The Yorktown Technologie company manipulated genetically the Danio rerio sold under the name of GloFish. This not natural animal is very alive, it is a commercial success .

Program #12 - ACTION

Friday March 16 - 4.00pm - Maison du Peuple

(IN)/Mikko Kallinen/Finland/2011/6'50

Virtual universe dancer interacts with floating artificial-organic constructions. Biological being meets alien architecture. They communicate in a choregraphic level with inner space distortions and extreme speed variations. This interaction creates unrealistic mystical atmosphere. Sound design emphasize the inner dynamics, distortion and the size of the object’s mass.

O amor em um ato/Arthur Tuoto/Bresil/2011/7'

Love film.

Strands/Paul Neudorf/Canada/2010/6'15

Dancers and digital animated prints interact in this experimental film that explore the themes of desire, consciousness and identity.

Revisions/Chris Oakley/UK/2010/7'30

‘Revisions’ explores the moving image as historical records of modern atrocity, whose fascination lies in both their value as collective memory and appealing to our fascination with death. The inevitable divisiveness that surrounds the use and censorship of these images results in a graphic reinterpretation of infamous imagery.

Rising/Tuomas A. Laitinen/Finland/2010/16'53

Rising is a dreamlike work about the future, remembering and energy production. The story is centered around a power station built in the early 20th century.

Program #13 - ACT LIFE

Friday March 16 - 5.00pm - Maison du Peuple

Le chant des particules/Benoît Bourreau/France/2010/15'57

An elderly scientist recalls the commissioning at the turn of the 21st century of the most complex machine ever built by man: a particle accelerator designed to unlock the secrets of the Universe.

Planet Z/Momoko Seto/France/2011/9'30

Somewhere... planet Z. Vegetation is peacefully taking roots on the planet and everything seems to live in harmony. But a sticky mushroom starts taking over the place insidiously, to finally destroy this ideal world.

Birthday/Saito Mitsuaki/France/2010/6'58

Alone at home, the man was evolving in the silence. Carried away by his birthday, January 28 at 4:30, the man confessed that he did not want to hear the word spring, and he preferred to leave.

Actus/Kika Nicolela/Bresil/2010/16'57

A couple trapped in a discussion about a birthday cake and nail polishers. ‘Actus’ explores the blurred lines between reality and simulation. Departing from the idea of representation, time and space are manipulated in order to provoke a fissure in the otherwise stable relationship between spectator and spectacle.

Program #14 - REVOLUTIONS

Friday March 16 - 10pm - Maison du Peuple

Louis who ?/Sasha Huber/Finland/2011/3’50

In the ‘Louis Who? What you should know about Louis Agassiz’ the viewer is confronted by the history of colonialism and oppression as created by Louis Agassiz. Like a messenger from times past, Sasha Huber enters the picture on a gleaming black horse, telling the passers by of Praça Agassiz, in the suburbs of Rio, about the person who gave the square its name; “Scientist, naturalist, glaciologist, influential racist, pioneering thinker of apartheid, proposed racial segregation in the us…”

Fragile/Florent Cordier/France/2011/4'37

Memento homo, quia pulvis es, et in pulverem reverteris.

J'accuse !/Moussa Sarr/France/2011/1'

The weight of the charge and the necessity to resist.

A secret place/Alessandro Amaducci/Italy/2011/4'20

An inhabited zone of a secret place.

La femme enfant/Diane Sara/France/2011/3'18

Facing a psychological burn out, a famous singer sinks into depression as she is harassed by the paparazzi. Alone and desperate by the time she wasted existing only for the crowd, she tries to regain control of her own life.

La confidence/Annick Lepers/France/2011/10'34

A woman in close-up is gradually covered by the tide. As a background sound, the voices of a multitude of persons stemming from an answering machine, come from another blanch, seem to answer the increasing dramatic intensity of it recover lies of the face...That's the narrative of the confidence of a woman close to the despair.

Dislocations/Celia Eid & Sébastien Béranger/France/2011/10'

"Dislocations" is a 2D animated and abstract short film, digitally created frame by frame. It is based on a superimposition of layers and on a color contrast. It is musically structured. A high-pitched, metallic voice superimposes the piano. Animation and music are the results of a dialogue between the visual artist and the composer.

Cusp/Christophe Thockler/France/2011/5'45

Cusp is aimed at the viewer, playing on the way he perceives and feel things and time. Ice prisons and cocoons are illustrating a metaphor for the passing time altering our remembrance and souvenirs which are linked to simple objects, Cusp is based on fragments of the Symphony n°1 by Beethoven.
Détails : 36 000 photos, 40 blocs of ice, 40 timelapses of 4 hours.

Program #15 - John SANBORN

Saturday March 17 - 10am - Maison du Peuple

The planets/John Sanborn/USA/2011/1''20

The Planets” is an epic, 77-minute video feature commissioned by the new music ensemble Relâche. The score took composer Kyle Gann 12 years to complete, and became a multi-media immersion into the myths and mystery of the planets when Relâche commissioned video artist and director John Sanborn to take viewers on a journey out into space, and inside the play between reality and fantasia.
 The work is in 10 parts, each focused on a single planet, and blends together things we know, and elements that we imagine about the heavenly bodies in the sky.