Collectif 1minute69

BODYSC4PES (audiovisual performance)

Live Internet broadcasting 15/03 - 7pm

The performance B0DYSC4PES, fruit of a first collaborative project by the 1minute69 group, is an interactive audio-visual creation that intimately mixes body language and audio-visual material through 3D tracking and video mapping. By exploring the realm of interactive language both of gesture and body, made possible by digital technology, B0DYSC4PES invites the spectator to step out of the habitual schemata of the perception of the body and to wonder about the cultural construction of the individual and identity.

Founded by Aurélie Dumaret and Emilie Villemagne, 1minute69 is a multi-faceted artist collective with French digital media enthusiasts who share ideas and approaches on collaborative works.


Bound by a common will to give the audience a playful experience through immersive and/or interactive worlds, the collective artists play with illusion, and work the notion of representation in the form of performances, audiovisual installations, architectural projections and video stage designs.


1minute69 questions our relation to the representation and to the body's place in our society, through a sensitive and innovative approach.


Herytep & Rezo

Audiovisual performance

Live Internet broadcasting 16>03 - 7pm

Beyond the mirror, when it shatters.
Between dreams and reality, between fantasy, minimalism, and reality, a dialogue begins, a visual voyage unfolds. Visual projections answer the sound projections. This downtempo voyage surrounds the spectators, leads them to wonder about their reality and what surrounds them.

Herytep & Rezo's audiovisual project was born of the encounter between the musician Nicolas Louis and the visual artist Florent Cordier around the Picturing Sound project, as early as 2005. This decisive encounter in each of their artistic lives led them to present their research on stage in festivals like Nordik Impakt, Vision’r, le Foirail festival or at the Luciole. From festival to festival, their artistic worlds enriched and completed each other, as well as interconnected. Naturally, both of them meet again on this project that leads to such a unique alchemy. This WIP is the fruit of two years of joint research, yet everything remains to be built, renewed, and developed.         .