Gangpol & Mit

The 1000 people band

Multi screen performance

As a music and graphic duet, Gangpol & Mit jointly develop since 2002 a peculiar universe of digital pop inhabited by colorful and geometrical characters: a bunch of shy salarymen, call-center music lovers, or disturbed parking attendants jumping from mondofuturistic musicals to severe apocalyptic batucadas.

The specificity of this french project, especially efficient in his audiovideo live sets, allowed him since a few years to tour in Mexico (2010), Japan (2007), Poland (2006), but also to play in New York (Pictoplasma), Montréal (Mutek), Saint-Petersbourg (SKIFF), as well as all over Europe.

The duo's production spreads on various supports and types of releases, including a last up to date DVD for the german graphic editor Pictoplasma, but also several records, exhibitions, workshops, lectures or commercial works. They're also responsible for a side-project dedicated to children Carton Park, alongside Mami Chan and Norman Bambi, two musicians they regularly collaborate with.

Their sonic and visual world find its roots and echoes the humour of duos like Yello or Sparks, hybrid arrangements of the french François de Roubaix, and narrative sides of cartoon and graphic novel classics, occasionally reappropriating moods and tips from many adventurous music styles: digital cumbia, shibuya-kei, synthetic funk or disco dangdut.

Charlie Mars + Zôl

Pregnant Man

Audiovisual performance

The project “Pregnant Man”:

Both a musician and a video-maker, Zôl and Charlie Mars propose “Pregnant Man”, a very personal A/V performance that questionably, yet pleasantly, mixes the festive dance floor beat and the polished aesthetic of neurotic cinema. Taking advantage of the audience’s relaxed attitude, the duo tries to head off into alternative and interchangeable worlds, diverting standard codes in order to better amuse, surprise, and question. The images are full of symbolism, they are deranged and therefore universal: we breathe with pregnant men, mixed personalities, suffering, joy, disgust, and desire. A remarkable A/V performance with its content, bridging the gap between iconoclast and playful, surrealistic and accessible, simple yet in high definition.


Zôl and Charlie Mars

Both coming from completely different worlds, they met by chance. After several improvisations came some noteworthy collaborations on clips, films, or other viral videos. Bolstered by the latest shows whipped up with passion, they now decide to take on a new original a/v performance.

Charlie Mars

Born on April 14, 1980. After a vocational training certificate to become a plasterer, he tries out different activities: fakir, diaper deliveryman, actor, punk singer, etc… Next he tries video images, and makes, alone in his bathroom and with a video-surveillance camera, various films that will lead him to more arduous productions. A dabbler in video-making, sometimes director, sometimes veejay, or even a TV host (from 2008 to 2010 he presented the show “Home-made films” on Canal+). A wild autodidact, his work is an invitation to create brazenly.


Jean-François Corbel started the Zôl project. In 2002, his passion for writing and programming leads him to cross paths with Christophe, a member of the Sayag Jazz Machine and director of the independent label LaMixerie. This encounter will speed up the pitch of his young career. It will eventfully end up with the release of the first album “Zôly Ordinaire” (LaMixerie/La Baleine). An action-packed year since his name is retained for the Riddim Collision#8 organized by the label Jarring Effects (High Tone, Ez3kiel) before he is directly registered on the roster of the JFX sets in 2007. In almost compulsive artistic emulation, Zôl works with the director Charlie Mars who concocts for him the clip “The Revenge of Boorbie”, as well as on television theme music (“NoC” on Nantes 7), an internet ad campaign (Nokia), or even with a young contemporary dance company of Saint-Nazaire where he lives.
There’s no stopping this beatmaker with an insatiable curiosity! [Trap], his latest project, was programmed on the Transmusicales in Rennes 2010 and at the Printemps de Bourge 2011!
Zôl plays by his own rules between electro pugnitive, dirty hop, and noisy break. This great “machinist” sends out superbly efficient and euphoric music like a breath of helium!



Mondkopf imposed himself as 2009 French electronic revelation, and gave a new definition of French sound, from club music to electronica. Rightful heir to Brian Eno according to Les Inrockuptibles, and direct successor of Modeselektor for Trax magazine, earned the respect of DJs such as Agoria, Busy P, Boys Noize and James Zabiela. His live performance was voted one of the 5 best lives of 2010 by Tsugi magazine, and yet, he decided to reconsider and change his live to mesh with the spirit of his new album, Rising Doom. worked in collaboration with the multimedia design agency Trafik to conceive a brand new experience for both ears and eyes, made of black and white tension, rekindling the sensations of rave party as exorcism and mystical experience. The innocence of Galaxy of nowhere is gone : Rising Doom embraces the influence of extreme metal in a very personal way. In this intense album scattered with melodic bangers, worked intensely on saturation and organic textures. Urgency and anguish are the two cornerstones of his coherent new album in which light is so rare it is all the more stunning, and each song composed as if it were to be the last. Will apocalypse be one final inferno? Certainly more like a diffuse intuition of evil, infecting every single thing that we could love.