Anne Sophie EMARD (France)

Les étendues

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Anne-Sophie Emard was born in Chamalières in 1973. A graduate of the School of Fine Arts of Clermont Ferrand (DNSEP), she lives and works in Clermont Ferrand.

“With a sort of slight stubbornness, or gentle certainty, it seems to me that Anne-Sophie Emard is looking to update the thought process, and by doing so, the understanding of the world. In Anne-Sophie Emard’s propositions, and she says so herself, “we look at something different than what we see”, and if the artist often connects two images, it is not so that we “see” these two images, but so that we see another, not a third, another one, a construction-image, a thought-image.” Arnaud Laporte, a producer at France Culture.