The FOCUS video programmes pay tribute to renown arts, 'young' artists, the production of a guest country or of a label. They are all curated by guest curators.

Synchronicity - Marc Blieux

Thursday March 15 - 8.30pm - Maison du Peuple

John Cage

Friday March 16 - 8.30pm - Maison du Peuple

Curators: Alain Bourges, Jean-Paul Fargier, Geneviève Morgan, Gabriel Soucheyre.

Reynold Reynolds

Saturday March 17 - 2pm - Cinéma Les Ambiances

Curators : Reynold Reynolds, Gabriel Soucheyre.

Seven Days Til Sunday/Reynold Reynolds & Patrick Jolley/8mm/1998/10’
The Drowning Room/Reynold Reynolds & Patrick Jolley/8mm/2000/10’
Burn/Reynold Reynolds/2002/10’
Six Apartments/Reynold Reynolds/2007/10’
Last Day of the Republic/Reynold Reynolds/2010/8’
Stadtplan/Reynold Reynolds/2005/10’
The Lost/Reynold Reynolds/work in progress/sélection de 20’

Jour de fête

Saturday March 17 - 4pm - Cinéma Les Ambainces

Curators : Alexandra Laudo and Pedro Torres

The programme JOUR DE FÊTE presents a selection of videos that explore the concept of festivity and celebration. The etymological roots of “feast” and “fiesta” can be found in the Latin word “fēstum”, which is a neutral form of the adjective “festus” that was originally always paired with “dias”, the Latin word for “days”. This genealogy reveals the original meaning of the word and its role in the organisation of time and the calendar: “feast days”, or holidays were days set aside for celebrations, initially religious festivities and later secular and popular celebrations and parties too.



Trys Ketvirtinės/Gintare Rakickaite/Lituanie/2010/15’05
Sweater/Avi Krispin/Pays-Bas/2005/2’30

We are all winners (balloons)/Laura Bel, Clara Mahon & Ellen Wilkinson/Espagne-Grande-Bretagne/2008/1’53
We are all winners (rings)/Laura Bel, Clara Mahon & Ellen Wilkinson/Espagne-Grande-Bretagne/2008 /1’24
Bulles de Savon/Albert Triviño/Espagne/2009/3’29

La fête du village du Courroux/Augustin Rebetez/Suisse/2009/5’54
La partie de Monopoly/Augustin Rebetez/Suisse/2009/7’13

Shell of shells/Hondartza Fraga/Espagne/2009/4’38
August 2006/Abbas Akhavan/Iran/2006/7’30

Isle of Lox. The face/Leyla Rodríguez & Cristian Straub/Argentine-Roumanie/2010/3’54
The Age of happiness/Damir Ocko/Croatie/2010/15’