Award vidéoformes 2012 / Conseil Général du Puy-de-Dôme


Deuxième bureau / Lixin Bao / France-China / 2011 /13’32


  Award vidéoformes 2012 / Ville de Clermont-Ferrand


Alphaville-MD / Maix Mayer / Germany / 2011 / 28’43


  Honorary mention


Planet Z / Momoko Seto / France / 2011 / 9’30


  Award vidéoformes 2012 / Prix ARTE CREATIVE


La confidence / Annick Lepers / France / 2011 / 10’34


 Jury Prix des étudiants de l’Université Blaise Pascal :


Lolita Barse, Sandra Listrat, Camille Meunier, Charles Meresse, Mayeul Schlagenhauf.


  Award vidéoformes 2012 / Université Blaise Pascal student jury award


Planet Z / Momoko Seto / France / 2011 / 9’30




L’heure rouge / Sarah Jérôme / France / 2011 / 7’40


La confidence / Annick Lepers / France / 2011 / 10’34



Award Prix du Jeune Spectateur

The people from the flight 103 / Fedor Belenky / Germany / 2010 / 8'34


and art in all that?

It doesn’t escape anyone that the crisis is here for the long haul: this is being drummed into us throughout the media landscape.
And to make use of this argument as an alibi to utilize budgets allotted to culture as a “value adjustment”. We could deride this simplistic view. But to look at it more closely, this position is commonly accepted by all of the decision-makers. Even though, in spite of the crisis, culture has never been such a “safe investment” to continue in the language that has been laying down the law for several decades. Never, indeed, have we had to deal with such demand, never have we had to answer the increasing and varied needs of collaboration, of presentation, of reception, of support for cultural projects.
So, for this 27th edition of Vidéoformes, let’s dive in again, let’s go in search of another dimension, another way of thinking, another sensibility.
And let’s enlighten ourselves, by remembering the words of Dziga Vertov (spinning top!) so that the lines move at last:
“I am kino-eye.
I am a mechanical eye.
Now and forever, I free myself from human immobility. I am in constant motion…
This is where we work, we the masters of vision, the organizers of visible life (..), masters of word and sound, the most skillful editors of life.”