A selection from the competition and the Vidéothèque Ephémère of VIDEOFORMES 2011.

3 programs : Primary school - Secondary school - High school


Saturday March 19 - 7.30PM - Le Petit Vélo

Primary school - CRDP / March 25 / 9AM & 2PM

Fredi la mouche/Moussa Sarr/France/2010/1'58


Le Bonheur des autres/Jean-Pierre Lefebvre/France/2010/6'05

Spin/Max Hattler/Grande-Bretagne/2010/3'55

Funny musical comedy for toy soldiers.

Little Birdie/Ozan Adam/Turquie/2010/1'

Animation film. Flight of a line...

Noche Americana/Mônica Heller/Argentine/2010/5'49

Metamorfaces/Nicolas Dulion/France/2010/3'34

Faces form and deform, consist and decompose to create hybrid beings, puzzles of flesh, all this, in the rhythms of the music...

Voir la mer pour la première fois/Sabrina Montiel-Soto/France/2010/4'28

Transpo/Nicolas Dulion/France/2009/2'28

Secondary school - CRDP - March 25 - 10AM

La Conspiration du Cerveau/Didier Feldmann/2010/5'45

The Conspiracy of Brain : surrealist attempt to give a response to fundamental questions that Humanity ask herself for several centuries  : why do dictators wear a mustache ? Why do love stories end badly ? Why do not children love their parent ? Why do psychoanalyst wear glasses ?

Eventually/Gareth Hudson/Grande-Bretagne/2009/3'30

HOTEL EPISODE UN/Benjamin Nuel/France/2009/10'21

Soldiers pass the time in the bucolic and relaxing backdrop of a magnificent hotel. They are standing by, more or less idle.

Time Code/Stuart Pound/Grande-Bretagne/2010/1'07

Let's Play Games/Marko Ubovic/Serbie/2010/5'

Every boy plays with them. But are these toys as harmless as they seem?

Word in Progress/Chloé Mazlo/France/2010/4'56

An animated abecedaire.

Puzzle/Sébastien Loghman/France/2010/3'24

And what if memories came alive ?

The old Romanesco remembers. In these boxes, there is so much love...

Suspension of Belief/Wago Kreider/USA/2010/5'20

Trinkler/Marie-Catherine Theiler et Jan Peters/Allemagne/2010/9'40

A cowbell makes working places swing.

Autoportrait 5 (L'absence de maîtrise de l'homme sur son environnement)/José Man Lius/France/2010/3'

Reinterpretation of landscape painting. Reflection on mankind mastering absence on its environnement confronting him to imbalance two temporal dimensions.

Des rides/Renaud Perrin et John Deneuve/France/2010/2'48

The End, Slices of life/Bob Kohn/France/2009

High Shool - CRDP / March 25 / 3PM

Las Vegas shadow/Christophe Guérin/France/2009/4'22

Tea for two/Chris Daykin/Sri Lanka/2010/8'16

Hands, Slices of life/Bob Kohn/France/2009/2'26

The ‘slices of life’ grind up people, to life, deaf and love. A real ‘shopping of life’, through all these supermarket and small shops departments. It is daily life.

La Sprezzatura/Beat Lippert/Suisse/2010/1'40

Low-rez Stories-Solaris (1972-2010)/Manuel Schmalstieg/Suisse/2010/4'15

Google streetview images.

Conversations with changes/Shirin Abu Shaqra/France/2010/12'

It is a journey in an imaginary city ; a heterotopia within which one comes across fragments of events, away from History books, parts of lives too small to figure in oral History, too small even to figure in the never written History of losers.

Ici c'est bio! et Mase ou bien/Anne-Marie Rognon/France/2010/3'05 et 2'30

Self/Anders Weberg/Suède/2010/1'

"For the first time since I started using moving images back in the S-VHS days I aimed a camera at myself. "
Filmed with mobile phone.

Rurbanisme/Céline Larrère/France/2008/12'08