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From 10AM to 8PM

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Benjamin NUEL (France)


Digital installation / video game, 2008

Terrorist and anti-terrorist - those archetypal figures of the current video war game - are both segregated in the bucolic and relaxing backdrop of a magnificent hotel. They are standing by, more or less idle.

They pass the time.


The player will be expected to observe (and disturb) them and try to learn more about this waiting area.

According to one’s position, one can affirm : « this exists, I can see it, I can even bang against it » or « I reckon they haven’t had enough time to finish the piece because it’s all gone to pot », and so pass from one to the other.

This work is based on springs in the order of the fascination, curiosity and frustration. Inspired by the mechanics of video game war, he proposed a world anti-dramatic. It is finally an object film where the choice of temporality and the strolling to its importance. However, the player must begin the experiment with this question in mind: what is the purpose? And if there is no progress or development of the universe during the experiment (this is a stopped time, in loop) there is a evolution during geographical shift in aware that the player has of his place. It is a story about cohabitation on several levels. The players are located at the points where antagonistic forms clash in an unstable universe.


HOTEL - serie is a web-fiction telling of the collapse of this world.





Born in 1981 in St. Etienne, a graduate of School of Fine Arts of Strasbourg and from Fresnoy. Awarded the Rhône Alpes writing grant for the film La fin du monde (The End of the World), the Dicréam grant for design and project production, and an individual grant from the DRAC Ile de France for Hôtel/Série (Hotel/Series).