Kilian Kretschmer (Germany)


Wednesday 16th March - 8PM - La Tôlerie

Free access

Produced by Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung (Karlsruhe, Germany), and presented with the support of EU Culture Program 2007-2013 for Transit project, worn by EMAF (D) & Vidéoformes (F).

In my video-performance SAVE, I confront medial forms of representation with the reality. The central element of the performance is a VASE, whose anagram result the titel. The simple plot is the save transport of the vase from one pedestal to another. The stage consistis of two shifted assembled screens. I re-enact a film, which is projected on the left fore screen, synchronious but mirrored in front of the right retal screen. If I disappear in this process behind the left screen, I appear as a live-projection on the right one. A confusing complex network of different time an space layers gets in solution. The fragments becomes an ensemble in the collapse.

Kilian Kretschmer, a young german artist bon in 1983 and graduated by Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe. En 2011, he’s in residence at FLACC workplace for visual artists / Genk BE and participated to the exhibitions: « Video etc.» at NCCA form Saint Petersburg.

Incite (Germany)

Dualicities - Live and Livestream

Thursday 17th March - 7PM - Poco Loco

Free access

Performance presented in partnership with ALTO, student’s association from the Métiers de la Culture department at Blaise Pascal University of Clermont Ferrand and supported by the CROUS of Cermont-Ferrand.

Mixing eye-catching experimental audiovisual art with dynamic distorted IDM grooves, the duo criss-crosses art and club worlds, creating intense experiences for ears and eyes. Fragmented electric junk, fragile bursts of static noise and extra-charged sub-bass-kicks join semi-abstract monochromatic imagery. incite/ play seriously weird glitch and quasi-danceable grooves in synced conjunction with intense grayscale visuals.

incite/ ́s audiovisual creations - from abstract to semi-narrative - deal with subjects between quantum mechanics, urbanity and other aspects of everyday life . The distorted visuals are mostly unrecognizable, hiding the underlying stories – an exciting expedition for the audience.

Live shows are the main focus of incite/. Since April 03 Kera and André have played far more than one hundred gigs: tours in Europe and the US, gigs on many of the leading international media-art festivals such as 5DaysOff (Amsterdam), Cimatics06+08 (Brussels), Némo 08+09 (Paris), ExperimentaClub (Madrid), Dokfest (Kassel), Gogbot (Enschede), RECmadrid (Madrid), Media Art Biennale WRO 07 + 09 (Wroclaw), VAD Festival (Girona), The Great Escape (Breda), Simultan Festival (Timosoara), Kontra-Musik Festival (Malmø), Tewakfest (Zürich), LEM (Barcelona), OpenZemos98 (Sevilla), Trondheim Matchma- king, International Videofestival (Bochum), Avantgarde Festival (Schiphorst), Contemptronics (Hamburg), Forms of Hands (Gladbeck), 25fps (Zagreb), Cinesthesy (Paris), VAD (Girona), zxzw (Tilburg), Kontra-Musik (Malmö), CoCart (Torun) Videomedja (Novi Sad), DarkFibre (London), Ostrale (Dresden), e-pulse (Breda), Scopitone (Nantes), FIAV (Casablanca) and others.

incite/ were awarded three times for their performance: WRO07, 12th international media art biennale Wroclaw, Poland, May 07 – third prize (best performance) VAD Festival, Girona, Spain, October 07 - special prize 18th International Videofestival Bochum May08 – special mention

Arkadiusz NOWAKOWSKI and Adam CWIEK (Poland)


Thursday 17th March - 8PM - Poco Loco

Free access

Performance presented in partnership with ALTO, student’s association from the Métiers de la Culture department at Blaise Pascal University of Clermont Ferrand and supported by the CROUS of Cermont-Ferrand.

Arkadiusz Nowakowski & Adam Cwiek, in live from Poland, for the first time together with the sound and light project called Kiki.


ALTO is an association of young student from the Métiers du Livre department at Blaise Pascal University. Worn by students throughout the year ALTO offers various entertainments such as «bio Breakfast», but also larger events such as evening concerts. As an association it is a privileged framework and support for new experiments in cultural projects. She is also a place of expression for each of the projects that bear their heart and follow the spirit of openness and exchanges that seeks to promote the association.
By its actions it participates actively to the dynamism of the department and the university while remaining within the cultural network Clermont. It attaches great importance to effective implementation of cross-cutting projects, passing knowledge and practices of other cultural facilities. Other hand, it wants to bring students to discover new cultural domains such as digital art in particular through its collaboration with Vidéoformes.

Pierce Warnecke (USA)

Data Decay and Textures

Friday 18th March - 7PM - Poco Loco

Free access

data decay’ explores human perception of interactivity. It dis- plays a deteriorating bond linking two media.

The influence of different media in an interactive environment is often linear. For example, opacity reacts to volume. ‘data decay‘ tries to push this linear relationship to the point where one may be hard pressed to recognize it as such, mutating an interactive bond into one that can be described as ‘un- interactive‘.

In order to do this, a linear interactive relationship is estab- lished between basic audio and fundamental video elements (pixels, gradients, sinewaves, microclicks and white noise).

This linear relationship is then slowly disintegrated. The link between sound and video becomes more and more chaotic to the point where correspondence between the two can only be recognized sporadically, before eventually returning to a syn- chronized state.

Custom software generates simple audiovisual elements using data recuperated from French scientific research centers (CNRS Paris and Marseille - Fluid mechanics and Chaos).

Before being sent to the audio or video modules, this data is passed through a module that transforms the input using linear/chaotic transfer functions, time displacement, added jitter/noise and data feedback.

These operations ensure that the generative source data can be completely altered before reaching the sound or video modules, opening the way for ‘un-interactive’ audio and video.

Textures is an audiovisual exploration of granulated surfaces, aged objects and decrepit materials.
This performance is an abstract compilation of videos, sound recordings and found objects that have been collected for their rich textures. Microscopic images made in realtime slowly blend with pre-recorded films taken all over Europe. The visuals are accompanied by relentless drones and thick layers of field recordings. The result is an audiovisual study of the effect of time on matter: modification, deterioration and eventually disappearance.

Pierce Warnecke has been creating digital material since his studies at Berklee College of Music. Attracted equally to image and sound, he develops modules to forge his own audiovisual elements. He is inspired by the interactions between humans and machines, scien- tific research and complex data structures, and pushes to develop alternate ways of integrating sound, video, light and data into per- formance/installation contexts.

He has worked as a programmer for installations and interactive projects in the US, France and Germany, and also works as a sound designer and electronic musician in France where he currently re- sides.

I have been creating digital material since my studies at Berklee College of Music. Attracted equally to image and sound, I develop modules to forge my own audiovisual elements. I am inspired by the interactions between humans and machines, scientific research and complex data structures, and I push to develop alternate ways of integrating sound, video, light and data into performance/installation contexts.
I live in Berlin, I work as a programmer for audiovisual installations and interactive projects. I perform electronic music and video regularly in Europe and in the US.