Saturday 19th March - 11PM - Poco Loco

10 rue Fontgiève

63000 Clermont-Ferrand

Noshita (France, Paris)

Performance : No Body

In NOBODY, an audiovisual performance by Nohista, dance meets visual art meets a concert.

Somewhere in a empty universe, an entity redefines its spaces and its boundaries in a way that is limited only by its imagination.

Pitting visual abstraction against the motion of an unstable mechanical body, Nohista creates - live - a visual and musical dance

He invites the audience to head off on their own trip through this immersive experience.

NOBODY: watch, listen, feel.

Bruno Ribeiro, aka Nohista, is an audiovisual artist. Considering hearing and sight to be a single, indivisible sense, he plays images like a musical instrument.

In his audiovisual creations, he works on the themes of perception and illusion, creating immersive and sensitive performances. A film-maker,graphic designer and live performer,Nohista is also a member of the labelV-ATAK (DVD production,artists production)

Doctor FLAKE (France, Annecy)

Doctor Flake is a French composer who evolves in the Downtempo style like a medical expert in dissecting.. music: a Surgi-cian. He digs, he samples, he records himself, he fragments beats as well as his own beats, he constructs and assembles. The famous physics principle of Lavoisier: “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, all is transformed” could perfectly sum up his composing work, started in 2003 and which never stops developing into music that is personal, somber, classified and of great elegance. After his first two Albums that were essentially instrumental, he felt the need to collaborate with other artistsandon“MinderSurprises”in2009andnowon“FlakeUp”,ValePoher,NawelleSaïdi,Miscellaneous, Dj Pee and Black Safichi integrate and transcend the universe of this inspired extraterrestrial

On stage, Doctor Flake’s music assisted by a computer develops a universe that is unique and profoundly vivid, thus breaking away from set ideas which tend to relegate the electronic music artist to the rank of a passive artist. Combining poetry, melancholy, energy and visual dimension, his music eventually seduces and charms the audience with its melodic and harmonic form. Technically the strength of his show depends on his composing skills and his choice to play these pieces without the simple satisfaction of replaying them again. Although it could appear as a tedious exercise, this re-interpretation appeals to Doctor Flake: after being on stage for 5 years, he now knows how to play with it and constantly re-invents it.

:Nä: (Paris, France)

Performance : Le Goûter Chelou

:NÄ: is the meeting of A-li-ce (video) and Mectoob (Music), creating some electro / breakbeat / experimental live sets and dubstep mix sets, evolving into some graphical colorful universes, full of strange and absurd creatures. Surrounded by electronic happy sounds, some mysterious creatures, space fishes and little human things get out from dark and fabulous lands.

Mectoob is a polyvalent artist : musician, graphic designer and also videomaker. He lives and works in Paris. He learns first music with Michel Pascal at International Music Reserach Center at Nice in 2000 - 2002. He produces and makes experimental movies with MRS collective, has realized web tv adverts for Dailymotion (Pepsi, Soy Ericsson), works for TV show Groland.

From 2006 he co-presents and organizes the independant Cinema Festival «Cinémabrut» at Mouans-Sartoux. In 2009, he has created « Le journal de Billy » into a blog, then in an animation short-movie. He recently co-founded the website «10 minutes à perdre», which is a big web success. He is also a part of the punk music band «Joe la Mouk».

He meets A-li-ce in 2009 and creates with her the electro-video duo :NÄ:.

A-li-ce lives and works in Paris. Graduated of the Ecole Supérieure de l’image of Poitiers in 2004, and EHESS in 2006 with a Master 2 on video art, her practical experience of photography and drawing leads her to explore the felds of installations and new medias. She has been working with some theater companies for 6 years, making video creation intended to street performances or stage. She began live video in 2004 with the performance Courant d’air. She cofunded the Homemade collective with other live performers in 2007.

Besides her own projects she works with other companies and artists, and as a vj for different events.She’s using different techniques, with animation and video, evolving between wonderland and absurd reality through various graphics worlds. She has participated to many festivals (Vision’R, Mapping Festival, LPM, Vision Sonic, Paysages électroniques, etc.)

She meets Mectoob in 2009 and creates with him the electro-video duo :NÄ:.

Generale hydrophonick (Clermont-Ferrand) + Vj zéro (Lyon, France)

Generale Hydrophonick: live electro. A chameleon who gets its colors from the audience.
The stage is the forte of these two tireless artists. They have fun and it’s obvious. No limits for them: drum’n’bass, techno, dubstep, tropical-bass, breakbeat and even some traces of rock... improvisation helps them go in all directions. No one is left behind. The only unfortunate one: the critic who wants to define their style.
It all began for them in 2001. They’ve come a long way since then. They performed with a whole slew of groups and musicians of all kinds, from the alternative scene, but also big names such as Noisia, Adam F, Mad Professor, Ez3kiel, Far Too Loud... Names as varied as the contents of their show!
In 2008 they made their first record with ghost in the bass (label created by Mempamal), a buzz thanks to a remix by RATM.
In 2009 another record comes out on the same label: “Bouche à Oreille 2”. 2011 is devoted to preparing an album.
Besides music Generale Hydrophonick is a team: In addition to the duo, for several years their stage designisprovidedbyFrançoisJourfier,a.k.a.“Kiko”.Heisarecyclingactivistwhohascreatedstructures for them that combine metal and light using only recycled materials. A new life for these leftovers of our ultra-consumer society.
Nicolas (SPLS) takes care of technical matters. Sound system designer and sound engineer, well- known for not holding back on the sub bass levels.

Vj Zero

Experimenting with graphic design, photo, and video at the same time, Zero presents a remarkable and polymorphic video set, which sets him apart from the over-saturated and stroboscopic vj sets. Always exploring new ways of seeing and thinking about the visual, he draws inspiration from the post-seventies cyberpunk scene and information sciences. The outcome is a truly unique visual world, hypnotic, minimal or frenetic, but always in harmony with the music. With more than 100 performances in the past two years all over Europe, Asia, and the United States, he is one of the most active VJs on the French scene, and regularly accompanies Dilemn in his live performances.
In 2010, he stopped projecting onto classic screens and began using a dedicated structure for his performances, combining VJing and videomapping. The first version of the HΞX project was shown at the Elements festival on 11-12 September 2010.