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MASBEDO (Italia)

Guardare se stessi guardarsi (2010)

MASBEDO is a name that combines segments from the duo’s two members: Nicolò Massazza (Milan 1973) - Iacopo Bedogni (Sarzana 1970), who live and work in Milan. They exhibit in museums internationally and take part in various different film festivals (Locarno, Rome, Trieste, Lisbon, Athens, Bologna, etc…).

From the very beginning their artistic development has been transversal and multidisciplinary, involving them in various joint projects with writers (Aldo Nove, Michel Houellebecq), musicians (Marlene Kuntz, Gianni Maroccolo, Eugenio Finardi, Vittorio Cosma), film actors (Juliette Binoche, Ernesto Mahieux) actors working in live theatre or dance theatre (Erna Omarsdottir, Ramon Tares, Fura dels Baus).

Guardare se stessi guardarsi is a video-installation deeply focused on the relationship between sound and image.

The screen will be positioned in the middle of the room, the cloth supported by blackened steel supports. On one side of the screen you’ll have shifting shots on a piano abandoned in a bare corridor; suddenly the piano is whacked by several rifle shots. The audience is struck by the ungainly sound produced by the steel cords and the keyboard hit by the bullets. On the other side of the screen the image of a man with his back turned, trying to compose melancholic music with what is left of the musical instrument, give a feeling of violence and powerlessness. This work is based on an existential theorem which link artistic aggressiveness to melancholy.


In order to have a complete view of the video-installation the audience will be forced to walk around it, since each half of the screen will be projected on a different side of the cloth.