LE CUBE - 17 > 29 /03 - Nocturnal projection

Place de Jaude - 63000 Clermont-Ferrand

Videoformes presents a selection of 48 films on nocturnal projection.

142-143/Pablo Fernéndez/Allemagne/2010/2'20

The animated short film generated by stop motion presents the story of a character subject to the strange force that a chair which carries him.

5 Lessons and 9 questions about Chinatown/Shelly Silver/USA/9'54

You live somewhere, walk down the same street fifty, a hundred, ten thousand times, each time taking in fragments, but never fully registering the place. A building comes down, and before the next one is up you ask yourself ‘what used to be there?’

A l'errance/Jacynthe Carrier/Québec/2010/5'

In this abandon space a «tableau vivant « take place and propose a portrait from nomadic inspiration : how the body becomes conveyor, but at the same time habitat. This short film is a wander within a suspended picture, a route within an imaginary community settled into the time of an image.


In this abandon space a «tableau vivant « take place and propose a portrait from nomadic inspiration : how the body becomes conveyor, but at the same time habitat. This short film is a wander within a suspended picture, a route within an imaginary community settled into the time of an image.

Après le feu/Jacques Perconte/France/2010/7'

A few miles from Ajaccio, Corsica, burnt land is buckling under the weight of its colors. The ground is falling apart, realeasing pictural energies that take over the sky. I’m staring at the vanishing skyline. And the train keeps on rolling...

Autoportrait 5 (L'absence de maîtrise de l'homme sur son environnement)/José Man Lius et Thomas Spitz/France/2010/3'

Man Lius latest series reinterpret landscape painting. This master piece is a reflection on mankind mastering absence on its environnement confronting him to imbalance two temporal dimensions..

Champ témoin chapitre 2-fuir/Michel Boulanger/Canada/2009/4'42

Control Field, Chapter 2 Escaping proposes a nocturnal chase through a cornfield. This sequence, viewed from one angle, forms a perfect loop. The course is never ending, and we never know what is being pursued. We are obliged to continually take the same path, with the impression of pursuing something that is always hidden, and if an ending seems imminent, it is only to vanish with the ever-recurring beginning.

Comptez sur moi a Erevan/Hervé Nisic/France/2010/11'

Yerevan in Armenia is a permanent building site. The city turns towards modernity but forgets to preserve the old districts and houses which make its Eastern charm. The time competition is subtlely spreading. The ancient slow rhythm does not fit the contemporary need of speed. The street is where modernity counts the most. Crossings become inflexible metronomes. How much time have we left

Conversations with changes/Shirin Abu Shaqra/France/2010/12'

It is a journey in an imaginary city ; a heterotopia within which one comes across fragments of events, away from History books, parts of lives too small to figure in oral History, too small even to figure in the never written History of losers.

Echolalie/Siegfried Bréger/France/2010/4'

Exhaustion, believes the world is immense and it is closed.

Eleven/Manon Le Roy/France/2010/14'

« Eleven » leads us to observe the slow procession of immerged bodies. This enigmatic entities ceremoniously compose, in their looks, attitudes and gestures, a space of visions, support and memory.

Ether/Ether Yan/Malaisie/2010/5'

Attempt to create my own portrait without a camera in case to forbid the gaze. Attempt to forbid the gaze in case to make a statement about myself. Attempt to make a statement about myself but end up.

Eventually/Gareth Hudson/Grande-Bretagne/2009/3.30'

An outlook on the struggle for ascension and the persistence of loss.

Factory disaster/Peter Fischer/Suisse/2009/2.44'

An exploration of the marvelous pictures-prints of Dr. Land.

Fatum/Olivier Caillard/France/2009/3'02

The quest of human for meaning is hoping to become master of himself because the rest escapes. An invisible hand sometimes weighs on him taking control of his body and sometimes of his mind. Nature is so constituted that it creates to evolve, to grow and ordered destroyed to heal. The virtuous circle of life reflects the importance of the world,from which humanity is a part.

HOTEL EPISODE UN/Benjamin Nuel/France/2009/10'21

Terrorist and anti-terrorist - those archetypal figures of the current video war game - are both segregated in the bucolic and relaxing backdrop of a magnificent hotel. They are standing by, more or less idle. They pass the time.

Improvisations urbaines/Benjamin Juhel/France/2009/9'13

Urban improvisations is a video triptych around a urban choreographic work. After a work of direction of body and after a search around the movement, the work of comment production comes to question the possibility of a choreography by the editing. The disintegration of gestures which are then reorganized according to a new order of time proposes a new danced comment.

La Descente/Robert Croma/Grande-Bretagne/2010/8'21

Descent (noun) : an act of moving downwards, dropping, or falling, a downward slope, amoral, social, or psychological decline - Oxford English Dictionnary -

La Macchina/Jean-Louis Accettone/France/2010/4'30

Black and white faces coming from the sixties are following each other. Alone or grouped persons are travelling in an ascentional sliding movement. This movement could be the action of the time, or of a religion like a procession, or a mechanical movement.

Last Day of the Republic/Reynold Reynolds/USA/2010/8'

The Palast der Republik opened in 1976 as a meeting place for the East German people and an emblem of the future. the unique modern building made of distinctive golden-mirrored windows was home to not just the East German Parliament but also auditoriums, art galleries, five restaurants, concert halls, and even a bowling alley. Later, thousands of citizens demonstrated against the planned demolition , but alas, one day, twenty years after the fall of the Berlin wall, the Palace completely disappeared.

Les Barbares/Jean-Gabriel Périot/France/5'

The return of politics by the wild subculture under the cry “we are barbarians’ (Alain Brossat)

Les hommes qui tombent/Gilles Vidal/France/2010/5'55

Men and women who fall. Stiff, dressed in a gray overcoat, symbol of social gloom and emotional dictatorship, managers or artists ... They fall, tired ... victims, their «fall of humanity,» without emotion, slowmotion, expresses a solitary act but not irreversible.

Let's Play Games/Marko Ubovic et Aleksandar Ramadanovic/Serbie/2010/5'

very boy plays with them. But are these toys as harmless as they seem?

Low-rez Stories/Solaris (1972-2010)/Manuel Schmalstieg/Suisse/2010/4'15

Low-Rez Stories/Solaris (1972-2010) is a video installation that confronts a scene from Andrei Tarkovski’s 1972 Science-Fiction film Solaris (a long non-narrative sequence filmed on the urban highways of Tokyo) with a “remake” of the same highway track within Google Streetview.

Magia/Gérard Cairaschi/France/2010/6'35

A young boy molds objects with clay that he then manipulates, combines and associates, in an obscure ritual. As the objects/representations he creates combine and develop a narrative, the fast alternation of images on the screen imbricate and shape images/apparitions that only the “lanterna magica” of cinema and the magic of editing allow. Magia means enchantment.

Metamorfaces/Nicolas Dulion/France/2010/3'34

Faces form and deform, consist and decompose to create hybrid beings, puzzles of flesh, all this, in the rhythms of the music...

More cockpits/Yann Weissgerber/France/2010/4'

In more cockpits [-ship version], I took the “entertaining numeric world” where it started for me : in computer games. Screens from an 80’s ZX Spectrum have been emptied. Informations on the flight simulators’ gauges, monsters, landscapes and lifebars have disappeared. Only a monotonous slideshow of deserted interfaces remains.

Once Upon the End/Christophe Herreros/France/2009/1'42

Close up on a post-war years car and a sheriff, the camera flies away, the frame opens, we can see the tarmac of an aerodrome, lovers are kissing, a character is walking, this is probably an end of a movie. The fade out will not arrive.

Paisaje-Duracion/Lois Patino/Espagne/2010/8'

he film studies the sublimation experience during a landscape contemplation . From the concept dureé of Henri Bergson, the film addresses to the image of the consciousness. Viewing a great landscape, you experiment a sublimation process, you feel a full instant where the time spreads through the consciousness. The mental image of the landscape transforms itself into a metamorphosis of colours and textures.

Performing Borders-Lines/Guillermina Buzio/Canada/2010/3'

Lines is part of a video installation consisting of a series of collaborative video performances. With the participation of others, I used my body to explore issues of identity and the concept of ‘borderlands’. The ‘identity process’, the limits of the body in relation to other bodies, shifting borders and blurred identity are key concepts in this work. Specifically, I focus on the intersection of identities.

Pruni a Posledni/Leigh Anthony Dehoney/Tchequie/2010/10'

The main character is drawn towards a familiar place, or so it seems, and ponders about new memories. Sifting through artifacts from former lives remains a roll of film. «Perhaps?» TOPHAT wonders. Inspired by Jack and the Beanstalk, Friedrich Nietzsche, and the Super 8 Filmmakers Challenge (Canada) «PRVNÍ A POSLEDNÍ» portrays a derelict moment in time that begins with an ending.

Puzzle/Sébastien Loghman/France/2010/3'24

And what if memories came alive ? The old Romanesco realizes something is missing from his collection. He journeys through the deepest recesses of his memory to find it. The film reunites us with the melancholic figure of Cantor Dust Man, Sebastien Loghman’s prior film. Have the intervening years endowed Romanesco with power over his memories?

Rehearsal 2/Daniela De Paulis/Italie/2009/6'36

REHEARSAL 2 is the second of a trilogy exploring the theme of frustration, passivity and repetitive behaviour. In REHEARSAL 2 manipulation, subtle violence and failure are masked as colourful and entertaining objects. Manipulation can here be perceived as mediatic, historical or political, the environmental sounds reminding at times of a war zone.

RGB/Mario Raoli/Italie/2010/6'30

Dawn on New York City that awakens in a normal day, clouds are gathering and at nightfall the war seems far away comes to the town. The war becomes all, is the only eye and spreads everywhere.


Self/Anders Weberg/Suède/2010/1'

"For the first time since I started using moving images back in the S-VHS days I aimed a camera at myself. "
Filmed with mobile phone

SILICA-ESC-emerging supercomputer/Vladimir Todorovic/Singapour/2010/7'41

SILICA-ESC is a generative movie that portrays possible computing platform for the future.

Skull and Castle/Pierre-Jean Giloux/France/2010/5'11

Commercial Fragmentations : like « commercial divisions » or « trade splits » bluntly recounts the tale of an act of aggression. A metaphorical vision of unexpected worlds in which some potty characters are secretely at work. This work is made up of several parts who give indices for comprehension.

Snowhere/Rémi Boinot/France/2010/6'30

Abolished is the distance, then remains a temporal consciousness of the tracks and the gestures beyond septentrional nature (Périgord) or tropical (the Malabar coast) which created them. Within the framework of the black and snow landscape, in the solemn gesture of the water strikers, each one finds its place in this virginal utopos and detects a sound track which does ‘nt exist. Snowhere.

Spin/Max Hattler/UK/2010/3'55

When conflict becomes a spectacle, the lines between destruction and entertainment get blurred…

Suspension of Belief/Wago Kreider/USA/2010/5'20

Partially completed during a media arts residency at the Experimental Television Center in Owego, New York, this flicker-video rapidly intercuts scenes from two classic Hollywood films about men and their flying machines with original imagery shot at the Intrepid Air and Space Museum in New York City.

Suspicion/Jean-Louis Aroldo/France/2010/2'52

Painter first and foremost, this video is an attempt to move the medium. My paintings confront the question of the scope and spatialization of the image and yet they are often taken from movies ... redefine how the tensions that coexist within the same territory will builds a pictorial zooming and de- zoom, pan ...

Tamsara/Michel Pavlou/Belgique/2010/3'28

The tumultuous interrelation between the camera and it's volatile subject (clockwork toys peddled in the subway corridors), turns an ordinary moment into a chimeric presentation. A double movement of capture and liberation.

Versuche über die Einsamkeit/Marco Wedel/Allemagne/2010/4'

“Isn’t” it conceivable that some people do suffer from a soul-driven substance that brings about their downfall?” - these words by Honoré de Balzac built the fundament of a poetry based video art series about human isolation and loneliness called “Approaches to loneliness”. Ricarda Huch, François Viloon and Rainer Maria Rilke base the second part of the trilogy that will be shown at Videoformes 2011.

White City Song/Ludivine Sibelle/France/2010/6'22

Nablus, West Bank, Palestine. Just recalling this territory is sufficient to appeal to mass imaginary, a repertoire made up of media images of destroyed cities, killed, and soldiers.

White wood/Stephano Picicheé/Italie/2010/3'30

I try to give shape to the vibrations of the objects by listening carefully and letting them move the camera. They in return become a source of rhythm by penetrating right through me. The unification of three different visual languages, the smooth, the shaky, and the jolty one, is the immediate result of this process; a fruit of a 3-year technological process.

Word in Progress/Chloé Mazlo/France/2010/4'56

An animated abecedaire.

Ying Aoyun/Lino Strangis/Italie/2009/3'34

Selecting what he calls "the sensitive",  the author reinvents the great choreography for Peking Olympiads opening, using digital effects to concentrate on audio-vision.