The FOCUS video programmes pay tribute to reknown arts, 'young' artists, the production of a guest country or of a label. They are all curated by guest curators.

Carte blanche Atopic Festival (Machinima)

Curator : Margherita Balzerani

Friday 18th March - 8.15PM - Petit Vélo

Unheimliche/Delbos, Gaudillere, Le Roy, Mutton, Van Lissum/France/2010/3’16

A child goes to sleep and wakes up in a mysterious world. Between reverie and dreamlike illusion, this machinima poetically portrays the disquieting strangeness of Freud.

Stop, Rewind/Harrison Heller/USA/2010/7’40

Recruited during a dangerous neuropsychological experiment, a prisoner gives himself one last opportunity to change his destiny, but at what price...

Fears [The Story of Susa Bubble - An Installation by Rose Borchovski]/Iono Allen/France/2010/4’18

This machinima documents the installation of the Dutch artist Rose Borchovski (aka Saskia Boddeke) made in Second Life. Under the influence of her multiple personalities, she splits 33 times.

Incubus/Kate Lee & Sherwin Liu/USA/2010/19’59

Psychological thriller. Incubus is a diabolical being who visits women while they sleep. His latest victim is Isabelle. But what is the real meaning of her disturbing dream?

Ctrl,Alt,Del/Trace Sanderson/Grande-Bretagne/2010/1’30

A machinima as an exquisite corpse. Genuine esthetic mark of a dreamlike, dynamic, and rhythmic stroll.

Lovely Family TV/The Lovely Team/France/2010/3’03

In the middle of the 50s, a family discovers television. As time goes by, advertising is going to influence their stability, pushing them to the consumerist crisis point. Soundtrack by Boys Noize.

Over Data/Marco Cadioli/France/2010/3'13

What would Google Earth be without Earth? Wandering around a world in which digital data and icons rule.

Welcome to the desert of the real/Paolo Petercini/Italie/2009/6'49

Reversed propaganda video on the state of post-traumatic stress during game recruitment. Music by Pan Sonic.

Intervention/Phil Rice aka Overman/USA/2009/4'47

If I had to do it again, I’d do it in the same way.

mAdvertising/Pooky Amsterdam/USA/2010/2'12

A strange comedy with a retro feel, inspired by the TV series Mad Men.

Virtual Guantanamo/Bernhard Drax/USA/2009/4'

Bernhard Drax reports from Virtual Gitmo, a virtual simulation that recreates the Guantanamo Bay prison.

Ein kleines Puppenspiel/Friedrich Kirschner/Allemagne/2008/10'

An abstract visual poem on control and the media. Capture of the theatrical performance made from the game Unreal Tournament 04.

This Spartan Life : EP6/Chris Burke/USA/2008/14'

Interviews in reality, talk show in a video game, a look at the changing and unpredictable nature of the media.

Focus Mona Bentzen and Justine Emard, artists in residence at Videoformes

Thursday 17th March - 5PM - Petit Vélo

Justine Emard

This Focus program presents a series of videos taken in the United States, in Spain, in Portugal... that are a place/a time brought together in a sequence shot. The screen becomes porous, open to the hors-champs of the surrounding world: the rust spot on the empty screen, the airport lights, the halo of headlights being turned back on.

«The cinema is in nature» says Godard about the alternate images of the sea that he filmed in « Le Mépri » (Contempt) through the window frames of the Malaparte villa.

Aircraft/Justine Emard/France/2008/3’

Airport/Justine Emard/France/2008/4’19

Impulsion/Justine Emard/France/2010/2’

Philosophie Automatique/Justine Emard/France/2010/3’

Partition/Justine Emard/France/2010/4’

Hors Champ/Justine Emard/France/2010/1’30

Picture Yourself/Justine Emard/France/2008/30’’

Intermission/Justine Emard/France/2010/4’

Générique/Justine Emard/France/2010/2’

Speakers/Justine Emard/France/2011/3’

Mona Bentzen : conference

Talk about workingprosess with video and installation. The prosess working with In Memory of the Sacred Forrest. Show exstracts from video and installations documentet on video and in photo. In the end present. Video Art Exchange.

Mona Bentzen is Norwegian video and installation artist and current Art in Residence at Videoformes 2011. She will in this presentation show and talk about works from the last 13 years in the field of documentary, video art and installation.

The process is important for her and this will be the main topic in her presentation. How an idea comes and how they are developed. How it is to work with documentary vs. video art and installations and her use of different techniques and material.

In the end she will talk about her art in residence period and her final work during the residence, the installation In Memory of the Sacred Forrest exhibited in the Tourist Office.


1) PORTRAIT MADE AS DOCUMENTARY FILM AND AS INSTALLATION / Video & photo documentation TV-portrait of Norwegian artist, Black Sun / 1991-97 / 3’ My Mother / Video and photo installation / 2006 / 2’


2) VISUAL MUSIC, VIDEO POESI OF MOVEMENT IN NATURE / Video & photo documentation Optophonia II – Tremble / 2004 / 2’

On Pins and needles and Tremble III / 2005


3) UMBRELLA PROJECTS / Video & photo documentation Phonix / Installation / 2006

Lost / Installation / 2006


4) ROOM INSTALLATIONS WITH DIFFERENT TECHNIQUES AND MATERIAL / Video & photo documentation Lost Paradise and other Possibilities / Installation / 2008 The Dark Side of the Heart - Paradise Lost / Installation / 2009


5) COLLABORATION PROJECT / Video & photo documentation Rapsunel / Mona Bentzen, Tone Hødnebø & Grete Refsum / Installation / 2010


6) VIDEOFORMES ARTIS IN RESIDENCE / Video & photo documentation Talk about the recidensy periode and about the installation: In memory of the Sacred Forest


7) Art Video Exchange Program Art Video Exchange (AVE) is an international exchange program and initiative between curators developed to organize exhibition opportunities for video artists worldwide. By promoting the production and circulation of international video programming. AVE works to foster a greater appreciation of video art and an exchange of ideas between artists, curators and audiences worldwide..

Carte blanche Traces de Vie (Documentary films)

Friday 18th March - 10PM - Petit Vélo

Together - Following the development of a film
In 2003, Vidéoformes and Traces de Vies partnered together for the first time by screening Exil à Sedan (Exile to Sedan) by Michaël Gaumnitz. The filmmaker was exploring the journey of a father, a talented artist, who rejected his art after his experience as a young soldier in the Wehrmacht.
This carte blanche 2011 returns to visit the evolution of Michaël Gaumnitz’s work with Automne allemand (German Autumn). Based on the book Stig Dagerman, the film mixes archives and original works drawn and painted with a graphics palette by Michaël Gaumnitz. A very original work that revives the power of this great reporting.

Automne Allemand/Michael Gaumnitz/France/2009/77'

Autumn, 1946. Germany is devastated. A young Swedish journalist, Stig Dagerman, does a series of reports for the newspaper Expressen. For 3 months, he wanders through German cities which have been annihilated by bombings, carefully observes the daily routines of vanquished people, uncovers the “masquerade” of denazification trials.

Hunger and cold, doubts and bitterness, the pain, the helplessness of youth, black market and various scams, cowardice and hate, violence and insanity are all inscribed in the German daily reality. Stig Dagerman’s point of view is original and devoid of cliché.

Panorama russian video

Saturday 19th March - 2PM - Cinéma Les Ambiances

This program is compiled to give you a glimpse on what was going on in Russian independent/experimental filmmaking for the last 25 years. Obviously itʼs not full, but the most notable works from different fields were chosen. Our journey will start in USSR covering almost every cinematic genre: found footage, poetry film, music video, scratch animation, dance film, fiction, abstract film. And maybe after this 75 minutes you will get the idea how itʼs done à la russe.

The experimental scene in Russia is so tiny and hidden that it seems like it does not exist. Of course, it does not mean that only 10-20 chosen people are making experimental films in such a vast country, but the average quality of the works is so poor that the numbers brakes down to just a few names. Obviously there are reasons behind this situation: there is no real artistic network, no government and almost no institutional support, only a few places to see any works from abroad, video art is never a source of solid income and thereʼs no interest in Russian films among the public. So the artist finds himself in the situation where his work is unneeded by the audience and without any knowledge on how to promote it or screen abroadю That usually leads to thinking about his own art as a hobby, choose a different creative field or even stop producing art. And to be perfectly true there is not much development in this situation for the past ten years. Hopefully it will change some day.



Woodcutter/Yevgeni Yufit/URRS/1985/6'

An eccentric reel comedy where countless scuffles, pursuit scenes, murders, and suicides interweave with the Soviet peace symbol – Pioneers releasing white doves into the sky. A contraposition saturated with avant garde art, represented in aesthetics of Silent Cinematography. In the end, a sad old woman observes all of Yufit’s scene, shaking her head. Insanity …

Nestlings of Sea/Boris Kazakov/Russie/1996/6ʼ

Non-narrative scratch comics done from the Soviet documentary footage.

New York Underground/Masha Godovannaya/Russie/1999/7ʼ

A poet once said: "darkness is just a kind of light". They are always side by side, intertwining with each other; inseparable, indivisible, parts of our lives.


Salieri/Platon Infante-Arana/Russie/2002/14ʼ

An interpretation of Pushkin’s «Mozart and Salieri»

Between Words/Kirill Shuvalov/Russie/2003/3ʼ

A video inspired by Marie Silkeberg’s poem.

Night People/Igor Ganzin/Russie/2005/10ʼ

It’s a beauty of daily life without social pathos and slogans. These are fragments of reality, which we pass by every day. We don’t look at them since we are too busy with ourselves. REALITY is beautiful every second.

Dubus/collectif AV/Russie/2005/4ʼ

A slow dance of the classical cinema to the music of Zelany Rashoho.

METR:00/Dmitriy Lavrinenko/Russie/2006/10ʼ

This film is shot with a digital photo camera in Moscow underground. Modern devices erase the distance between the viewer and the object. There’s no characters, budget, film and the other things which are usual for the «big» cinema.

She-horse/Ilya Ludevig/Russie/2009/8ʼ

A story about loneliness told in body language. It is an attemtp to connect classical video dance with modern electronic music.

Abstract?/Alexei Dmitriev/Russie/2009/3ʼ

An unhurried film dealing with the notion of the abstract.

Focus Johanna Vaude (France)

Saturday 19th March - 4PM - Cinéma Les Ambiances

Johanna Vaude is a French artist and film-maker graduated in visual arts and in film studies [DEA / Master 2, Paris 1 Panthéon/Sorbonne University]. She studied visual arts at the University (1994-97) and started producing her own films. Quickly she uses different techniques from experimental cinema, video art and digital images, to carry out films with singular universes. Plastic hybridization (mixe of hand painting film, photos, videos, digital, graphic animation, 3D...) gives her complete liberty of expression to translate her sensory trips and experiences.


L'Oeil sauvage/Johanna Vaude/France/1998/14'

Wild Eye translates vision. It’s the journey of an eye that is open to exterior and interior worlds: it “interiorizes” itself, opens to other perceptions, to other horizons where metamorphoses become possible, visible, and tactile.

Notre Icare/Johanna Vaude/France/2001/8'37

A man is confronted with violent images of the world. His Icarus reacts and soars. Our Icarus is a film that asks each viewer a wide-ranging question for which each will find their own answer: Why have we come to exploit real suffering in the world as an object of consumption and entertainment? Do we want to take the risk of leaving the labyrinth that we have built for ourselves? We need to remember our Icarus, wake him up together... This Icarus that is sleeping in each of us... this creative impulse.

Samouraï/Johanna Vaude/France/2002/7'24

Three patterns animate and give rhythm to the film: the Samurai (the mind through the body, energy), the Lotus (quest), and the look of a child (ethics). The Samurai symbolizes the chivalrous spirit, the solitary and fighting spirit driven by an ethical code. Thoughts, the soul, or the mind looking for perfection are physically expressed through a movement, an action. The Samurai’s precision goes through his sword that serves a cause. We fight, we act with all
our body, all our resolve. Whether we use the Samurai’s sword or the painter’s each his own weapon. Always fight on.

Totalité Remix/Johanna Vaude/France/2005/7'

Totalité remix was shot image by image, based on iconographies: Vésale’s écorchés, drawings by Agipa de Nettesheim and Leonardo da Vinci, photos by Muybridge, Marey, Londe, architectural blueprints... These still images clash to give the movement, rhythm and echo necessary to the times when Man has tried to find, through research, science, philosophy and art, the concept and sentiment of Totality. The image by image editing explains the connections that occur between each image, their contents and their symbols. Like a composition, through the prism of Totality, the film shows all these questions and research about Man and the world around him.

De l'Amort/Johanna Vaude/France/2006/6'

“De l’Amort” celebrates, with vivid and uncompromising pith, fantasy and horror films, with all their repetitions: the wolf, the ghosts, the vampire, the naked woman, the man grappling with his fantasies and obsessions, who fights monsters to reunite with the woman he desires. Their passionate and fiery embraces take us on a wild ride where love attracts, unites, and repels horror.

Anticipation/Johanna Vaude/France/2008/12'

Like a nightmare, “Anticipation” is a film about alienation, paranoia and confusion where human beings try to fend off the scenario of a dehumanized society (genetic manipulation, repressive society).

Hypnotic/Johanna Vaude/France/2009/7'

Light, speeds, shapes, colors, energies, atom...

UFO Dreams/Johanna Vaude/France/2011/5'35

In progress...