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Maurice FALISE (France)

La Camera di-refracta

A video film of a bird in flight is projected on the inside of a box which measures 60 cm a side. The film appears in a virtual ball that is floating outside of the screen, in such a way that the ballet of birds in flight appears on the surface and on the inside of this ball, thus creating a sort of mirage, visible without total darkness being necessary.
‘La Camera di-refracta’ seeks poetic rather than technical performance; timelessness, rather than narration. It is a curiosity as well as an object of contemplation.

Maurice Falise was born on May 14, 1956 in Yssingeaux. A painter since 1973, he has presented his videos and participated in many personal and collective exhibitions in France and abroad: Festival d’Hérouville-St Clair (1988) ; Festival VIDEOFORMES (1991 - 1992) ; Search for Art, Milan, (1998) ; Festival du Court-Métrage de Clermont-Ferrand ; Festival du Film d’Aubagne ; 8th BROOKLYN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, Brooklyn Museum ; SAN GIO FESTIVAL, Verona, Morbegno Festival, Italy ; Festival Internacional de FILMET DE BADALONA, Barcelona, International Izmir Short Film, Turkey (2005 - 2006) ; Showroom Galerie Gastaud (2009) ; Chantal Mercier, Antique dealer - Festival Vidéoformes (2009)
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