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15 rue D'Amboise 63000 Clermont-Ferrand

Monday to Friday from 9AM to 5PM

Free access

Felix Grünschloß (Germany)

Produced by Staatliche Hochschule für Gestaltung (Karlsruhe, Germany), and presented with the support of EU Culture Program 2007-2013 for Transit project, worn by EMAF (D) & Vidéoformes (F).


A person is sitting in front of a semi-transparent/one-way mirror. He or she is looking themself in the eye, thus watching themself watching themself (cf. figure 1). Given that the person is aware of the fact that behind the mirror, the camera/the recipient is looking him or her in the eye, he or she cannot help but stage themself in some way or another. The session/self-portrait lasts a full hour. Anything is permitted (talking, making faces, etc.) as long as the one and only rule “remain seated and watch yourself” is followed.

The thus obtained footage remains uncut and is exhibited in full length (1h)


Felix Grünschloß was born in Stuttgart in 1977. He received a degree in civil engineering, German studies and journalism before taking up his course in media art at the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design in 2006, where he has studied under Mischa Kuball, Elger Esser, Armin Linke, Michael Clegg and Isaac Julien.

He lives in Karlsruhe and works as a freelance photographer to finance his art projects. His work has been shown at the Luminale, Frankfurt a. M. (D), Nam June Paik Award, Cologne (D), 4th Seoul International Media Art Biennale (KR), Galeria Contemporaneo Mestre, Venice (IT), Freies Museum, Berlin (D) and the Kunstraum Morgenstrasse, Karlsruhe (D), among others. 2011 Upcoming shows are Videoformes, Clermont- Ferrand (FR), EMAF, Osnabrück (D) and „five in a row“, Kunstraum Morgenstrasse Karlsruhe (D).