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Presentation of a selection of videos from the 2010 Videoformes' edition.

In collaboration with the Rex (cinema) & the Courpière'town hall.


Contra / Vicent Gisbert / Spain / 2008 / 3'45

'Contra' is a reflection on the fragility of contemporary man in his present environment, charting the loss of conscience that results in the moment of bonding our spirit to things material, the perceived reality of the senses.

Mental Traffic / Marcin Wojciechowski / Poland / 2008 / 6'20

Subjective vision of human feelings. Strange walk beetwen concrete blockhouses and…one’s own fears, emotions, when the sun is going down. Listening to own voices, dreaming about the escape from reality and being free from morbid fears and nightmares.


LoopLoop / Patrick Bergeron / Canada / 2008 / 5'

In a train going to Hanoi in Vietnam, the houses boarding the railroad are passing by. Using animation and time shifts this video runs forwards and backwards looking for forgotten details, mimicking the way memories are replayed in the mind.


Passenger / Robert Croma / Grande-Bretagne / 2009 / 4’30

Everybody is a passenger.


Stretching / François Vogel / France / 2009 / 4'30

"Stretching" is a peculiar display of urban gymnastics. An eccentric character concocts crazy, rhythmic exercises along the streets of Manhattan. The surrounding architecture mingles with his playful dance, joining in his merriment.

L'Orage / Nadia Vadori / France / 2009 / 6'20

I investigate my relationship to environement. Where is the border between me and the rest of the world? My body doesn't stop with the envelope of the skin. There is an area beyond that is still me. besides, the "world around" enters the body, through inspired air, aliments, senses. It becomes perception within the organism. the ouside exist only inside. I work with fluids and flows, inner and outer, energetic and numeric.


Yonder / Emilia Forstreuter / Germany / 2009 / 3'30

The idea for Yonder originates in the interest of the comlexity and simplicity of the world we live in. Simply put, our complex world is created out of seemingly basic modules ? cells ? which are then repeated and combined to built up complex organisms and structures.


Centipede Sun / Mihai Grecu / France / 2010 / 10'30

A visual and sonorous escape trough the estuary landscapes. Along the water, pictures recompose some new backgrounds, between graphical work and motion frames. This film is a part of a video installation created and exposed in Rochefort in may 2009. ll the images were filmed in the Charente estuary.