The competition offers a space for young creation. It presents, through a selection of original and imaginative videos, very often produced independently.



Saturday March 13 - 7PM - Le Petit Vélo


Joëlle Metzger, Agence Alternative, "art contemporain dans des lieux patrimoniaux", Marseilles
Kika Nikolela, artist, independant curator, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Dragana Zarevac, artist, independant curator, Belgrade, Serbia


Thursday March 11 - 2PM - Petit Vélo


Impeccables cliquetis d'inutilité / Frederick Galiay / France / 2008 / 6'50

This opus is one part of an audiovisual suite I composed. It is a metaphorical

vision of the perpetual circle of life, seduction, insemination, birth, intake and death. ".. Life acts just for itself..."


Andromeda / Carlosmagno Rodrigues / Brazil-Argentina / 2009 / 15'

Andromeda is an iconic creation that blends fascism and Christianity.


Saison mutante / Delphine Chauvet & Jimmy Audoin / France / 2009 / 4'40

A weird beast wanders alone in the universe. It will undergo odd

metamorphosis and will cause the creation of a strange planet.


Vox Humana / Raphaël Thibault / France / 2009 / 13'15

This project is an audio-visual performance born out of the collaboration between the composer Hyun-Hwa Cho and the videomaker Raphaël Thibault. The video, intimately linked to the inflexions of the musical score, brings together contemporary dance and 3D animation. It shows two bodies lost in an abstract environment.


Unforgettable Memory / Wei Liu / China / 2009 / 10'

This is a memory of my sophomore year of 1989, the year when I almost got killed...


menSonges / Gérard Cairaschi / France / 2008 / 9'30
Both cinema and dream are our most frequent link to illusion and lie. Whereas dream is reconstructing the world, cinema "waking dream" is interpreting the appearance of things. Art and cinema as a roundabout way through which dream finds the path to reality, art and dreams, same lies telling the truth...


Passages / Inès Wickmann / USA / 2009 / 8'30

The city is populated with peasants that do not stop and confine rigorous passages, and who are prisoners of a chess game, which transforms itself into a kaleidoscope or a corridor of mirrors. A solitary being, followed by himself heads to an abyss of dark reflections like shadows.


La Balade de No Buru / Christophe Galleron / France / 2008 / 4'30

A place where there would be nobody left… or just a last human being.
20 years after Chernobyl, No Buru takes us for a walk during which this man will understand he’s the only survivor from  a totally destroyed humanity.


The Urbanists / Maix Mayer / Germany / 2009 / 4'05

The urbanists are the observers of an urban street scenery, that is commuting in its athmospheric ambivalence between streetwar and streetparty. In this spirit the urban space is as well an architectural  metaphor of the unconscious and medial selfreference.


Strange Lights / Joe King & Rosie Pedlow / GB / 2009 / 8'

On a winter’s night in 1980, American servicemen stationed at an RAF base, witnessed some ‘unexplained lights’ trough the trees in Redendlesham Forest. The incident has since become Britain’s most famous UFO mystery with abounding rumours of conspiracies and cover-ups.


Fascinus & Mentula II / Vincent Capes / France / 2009 / 4'30 (not censured version

Nothing else to accept the end of the world, that get drunk on some wine of the fornications.)


Thursday March 11 - 8h15PM - Petit Vélo


So Shall it Be / Renata Padovan / Brazil / 2009 / 3'15

There is a feeble line between freedom and control. The video shows red images of a polar bear swimming back and forth within the boundaries of a small pool at the Central Park Zoo in New York City. As in an obsessive-compulsive disorder syndrome the bear keeps up with a rhythm that seems to go on forever, back and forth…


Holobomo / Owen Eric Wood / Canada / 2009 / 4'45

What happens when the images take over ?


Night impronptu / Robert Croma / GB / 2009 / 5'20

Mystery is a moment in a public place.


Harvest / Martin Alper / USA / 2009 / 2'

The work comments on the battle between the sexes that has existed since biblical times.


Mémoire des Choses qui tombent / Aurélie Pedron / Canada / 2009 / 10'

Shot over a period of one year, this video takes as its topic climate change. The videographic and choreographic elements adopt the frenzied and uncontrollable rhythm of this change while suggesting the precariousness of the future and an impression of accelerating time.


Stretching / François Vogel / France / 2009 / 4'30

"Stretching" is a peculiar display of urban gymnastics. An eccentric character concocts crazy, rhythmic exercises along the streets of Manhattan. The surrounding architecture mingles with his playful dance, joining in his merriment.


The Unknown secret of Sylvester Stallone / Pascal Goblot / France / 2009 / 14'30

John Wagner has been a guard at the Philadelphia Museum of Art for the past 30 years. He narrates his story, how he got there, what he has been doing throughout all these years and what he is waiting for.


Aanaatt / Max Hattler / GB / 2009 / 4'45

Analog futurism...


Mamo / Anders Weberg / Sweden / 2008 / 2'30

Video and Sound by Anders Weberg. Filmed with mobile phone. Senses and memories of motherhood evoked by visiting Birkenau (Auschwitz II) in Poland July 2008.


LoopLoop / Patrick Bergeron / Canada / 2008 / 5'

In a train going to Hanoi in Vietnam, the houses boarding the railroad are passing by. Using animation and time shifts this video runs forwards and backwards looking for forgotten details, mimicking the way memories are replayed in the mind.

Chambres noires : ceux qui regardent la mer / Claire Fristot / France / 2009 / 4'30
A visual and sonorous escape trough the estuary landscapes.
Along the water, pictures recompose some new backgrounds, between graphical work and motion frames. This film is a part of a video installation created and exposed in Rochefort in may 2009. All the images were filmed in the Charente estuary.


Centipede Sun / Mihai Grecu / France / 2010 / 10'30

A visual and sonorous escape trough the estuary landscapes. Along the water, pictures recompose some new backgrounds, between graphical work and motion frames. This film is a part of a video installation created and exposed in Rochefort in may 2009. ll the images were filmed in the Charente estuary.


Variations sensibles / Loïc Bertrand-Chichester / France / 2009 / 8'50

We experience sensitivity as a link between the outside world and the inner self. In this project, I was trying to represent such an experience for the body, on the level of the skin, where most contacts take place. Being a sensitive surface, the skin can also be seen as a metaphor of the photographic image.


Hypn / Philippe Rouy / France / 2009 / 7'30

In the depths of speed, the eyes get lost, washed up on the verge of insomnia.


Friday March 12 - 2PM - Petit Vélo


El Dia Que Me Quieras / Ana Moravi & Dellani Lima / Brazil / 2009 / 5'

It caresses my dream the smooth murmur of your sighing. Dedicated to Carlos Gardel.


Silence / Ava Lanche / Germany / 2008 / 3'15

An experiment with the human shadow and the invisible effects of propaganda.


Take Your Time / Céline Nardou / France / 2009 / 7'15
In one face to face between photographs of landscape (Polaroids), graphic signs and photographs of body, divided up, enlivened and written memories reveal little by little the fragility of look and the story of a meeting.


Continuum / Manon Le Roy / France / 2009 / 11'

A woman is walking down a long corridor bordered and overlooked by a vast stretch of water. As she wanders, she is confronted by enigmatic entities, figures like sculptures, frozen as they wait and apparently indifferent to her as she moves about, as if absent...


Mental Traffic / Marcin Wojciechowski / Poland / 2008 / 6'20

Subjective vision of human feelings. Strange walk beetwen concrete blockhouses and…one’s own fears, emotions, when the sun is going down. Listening to own voices, dreaming about the escape from reality and being free from morbid fears and nightmares.


Interstices / Michel Pavlou / Belgium / 2009 / 4'

A series of scenes shot in the Paris metro, edited to the rhythm of the trains’ automatic doors. The kaleidoscopic effect of viewing through the windows of trains as they pass each other determines the geometry of the image.


Take me to the water / Jim Vieille / France / 2009 / 22'20

Between black pictures which dig the tale, the voice of suffering instills its poison and distills it in crude words, in sounds which hurt. The abyss of psychical misery; a sphere where the wound of love creates atrocity as only medium of survival, as the only possibility of returning to the world.


Yonder / Emilia Forstreuter / Germany / 2009 / 3'30

The idea for Yonder originates in the interest of the comlexity and simplicity of the world we live in. Simply put, our complex world is created out of seemingly basic modules ? cells ? which are then repeated and combined to built up complex organisms and structures.

L'Orage / Nadia Vadori / France / 2009 / 6'20

I investigate my relationship to environement. Where is the border between me and the rest of the world? My body doesn't stop with the envelope of the skin. There is an area beyond that is still me. besides, the "world around" enters the body, through inspired air, aliments, senses. It becomes perception within the organism. the ouside exist only inside. I work with fluids and flows, inner and outer, energetic and numeric.


Place de l'Homme de Fer / Cyril Galmiche / France / 2009 / 7'35

In order to question our place in the city, we have to look at it differently. Our perception is disrupted by the way in which image and sound decompose and recompose time. The viewer becomes the witness to scenes whiches makes him take his time to look at the city  in a detached way.


Friday March 12 - 4PM - Petit Vélo


Contra / Vicent Gisbert / Spain / 2008 / 3'45

'Contra' is a reflection on the fragility of contemporary man in his present environment, charting the loss of conscience that results in the moment of bonding our spirit to things material, the perceived reality of the senses.


Haiku / Buffalo Corps. / France / 2009 / 7'

This project ‘Haïku’ gathers seven very short films.


Taliban / Chrystel Egal / France / 2009 / 1'30

Against ant attempt of freedom of creation and then of existence.

Phone Tapping / HeeWon Navi Lee / Corée / 2009 / 10'20

The film is built from a tipping point that leads us imperceptibly from day to night, fleeting a moment where what was is gone, where things can take another meaning. many voiceovers that crosses the portable telephone on the telephone, speaking of ghosts, guides us through the city, while the camera seems in search of a plot of land, a concordance story - image.


ID (without face) / Nadir Bouassria / France / 2009 / 3'

ID for Identity Document. The  working machine  of the last factory of keffiyeh in West Bank associated with a wandering man with a head as mirror : metaphor of identity construction in a country without state.

Résonances / Ismail Bahri / France / 2008 / 7'30

Resonances starts with the prospecting of the bathroom from my childhood. Black inked words written in Arabic on the bathtub surface scatter and propagate progressively. The bathtub mixes the fluids of these evanescent thoughts. By reflecting its surroundings, the ink blurred water surface, overturns and clouds the words.


Zymotic-amaurosis / Ozan Adam / Turkey / 2009 / 24'

An oblique homage to Chris Marker’s La Jetée, Zymotic Amaurosis (alternatively translated as Contagious Arbitrary Blindness and Persistence of Low Ambient Vision) takes us on a surreal trip into the unconscious world of a man whose memory is monitored against his will.


Cantor Dust Man / Sébastien Loghman / France / 2008 / 6'

A man encounters a long forgotten smell and is carried away by the memories this brings flooding back. The smell arouses in him an overwhelming sense of the plurality of his being, leading him back into the mysterious depths of his past, pushing back the limits of his inner world.


Cubes bavards / Véronique Hubert / France / 2009 / 2'50

Utopia, funny-drunk Fairy from Spotniavia is making her own Shoes : CUBE-Shoes, to walk in rythm. but she is surprised : one shoe is talking, the other make some noises and musics... she can create a very personal way of walking in this world.

The Snail on the Slope / Vladimir Todorovic / Serbia / 2009 / 7'40

The Snail on the Slope is a generative movie based on a book of the same title by Strugatsky brothers.  The novel is set on an unknown planet, where humans have a base from which they are investigating and trying to conquer the Forest. The Forest, which is a huge single organism is constantly changing and fighting back. It is also dangerous and there are a lot of unexplained phenomena that they are discovering, frequently.