Place de Jaude 10 > 28 March

Place de Jaude

63000 Clermont-Ferrand



LEDs, plexiglas, vinyl, computer ; 300 x 280 x 800
Production : Contour, Malines – ContourLight 09

The portable structure of the LightHouse consists of metal, the inside of which is lined with a wall of Plexiglas. The Led lighting is worked into the hollow walls, brushes the translucid Plexiglas and colours it.
Red, green and blue Leds are mutually and in terms of percentage mixed to enable a perception and experience of colours. So the colour, or rather the coloured light, is continuously changing.


The experience of light and colour in this space is total and overwhelming. Everything, including the viewer, is flooded and immersed in monochrome coloured light that slowly turns into another monochrome colour. The viewer can experience several colour transitions dependent on the time he/she stays in the space.

The Led lighting inside is at random directed by DMX equipment. Leds are extremely energy-friendly. The LightHouse will function both day and night

The outside of the Lighthouse is extremely white. It is statically lit with white TL light. The TL lighting is hidden behind a translucid synthetic sail so that the fittings are not visible. On account of the extremely white light at the outside the pavilion loses its materiality and gets a sculptural dimension.



Born in 1953 at Meensel-Kiezegem in Belgium, Luc Coeckelberghs lives & works at Meensel-Kiezegem.


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