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In Broken English is a Franco-American group founded in 2007 by Gregg Anthe (compositions, vocals, texts) and includes Callie Ulleners (vocals, texts), YDL (visuals, VJ), and Justine K (bass). Buoyed by the bittersweet compositions from Gregg Anthe and the dreamlike world of YDL, the project is based on a landscape, a place, a mixture of urgent and primitive themes tinged with cynicism understood in its primary meaning: critical and romantic. Re-enchant the world with abrasive strokes of rock, pop ritornellos and visual exploration.


All that aimed at the same thing : scratch the surface of the stage, image, and sound. The image accompanies the compositions with an experimental and intimate quiver: each time, spasmodic incrustations of different interferences (sudden intrusion of color into the rough black and white material, acts of violence or tenderness cutting into the feigned passivity of the main protagonists) come to disrupt the stifling picture in which the characters move, most often a man alone. IBE subtly lifts the veils of appearances, with songwriting that makes a direct hit, and the crack like a bump in the road in the superb voices of Gregg and Callie.



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Thanks to an original search for audio-visual synchronization and a communicative stage energy, SATI attracts us into a unique multiple facetted universe.
On stage, this audiovisual duo invite you on a journey.  Instrumentalists before using machines, JeSs and Erwan through their experimentation create a singular alchemy of analogical, electronic and acoustic sounds.
Their performance offers an original vision of our planet through remarkable work on photography put into movement.  The symbiosis that happens with their electronic ambient composition plunges the spectator into the heart of fascinating landscapes.

play on striking ruptures which lead us from these contemplative landscapes towards more agitated grounds.  Over a background of dubstep or minimal the group invents a graphic universe rich in symbolism and are always surprising.
The audiovisual fusion takes form, carries us, but nevertheless gives our imagination a free rein.  Each of us can build our own story...

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What would happen if Lords of Acid, Grace Jones, KMFDM, and New Order collectively donated their DNA to create a new pop-punk-electro-trash German dance diva? The delightfully dirty results from such an experiment would undeniably be Näd Mika and way of mixing sounds of the past and the future.

Nad Mika's pounding techno beats mixed with thrashing guitars and tacky lyrics are a uniquely stimulating musical experience. Nad Mika's sound is familiar, yet fresh to the contemporary club world. Her blatantly gay-friendly lyrics and excessive condoning of all things sexually devious are not new to club music, but her blending of house beats and 80s punk screaming should be embraced in any progressive dance club.

WARNING! As Nad Mika lyrically vomits sexual innuendos in an absurdly stereotypical German accent, listeners may inexplicably find themselves dancing naked in front of mirrors while smearing whip-cream on their roommates. Nad Mika is entertaining, refreshing, and scandalous. She and her posse welcome listeners with open hand-cuffs to their fabulously trashy world.

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Born and raised in a herd of bisons, the young Galaktyk was quickly moved by the sound of cowboy’s song heard far in the distance. He began writing his own sad folk songs, but faced with the reality which is life and the need of a job, he decided to earn his living by recording other bands.


It was through this that he discovered the wonders of cool-electronic-gadgets-used-to-record-sound, which quickly became another outlet to sing his sadness, his joy, his love (and hate), and he quickly mastered the art of booty-shaking beats.


Abandonning the country sounds that nutured him in his youth, Galaktyk set out to make music rooted in electro-hip hop, but absorbing other influences, like that of rock, blues, and jazz. Listening to his craft we can liken him to Modeselektor, Digitalism, MSTRKRFT, but also much more varied sounds like Ninja tune, Warp, or De La Soul.


Don’t listen looking for concerned lyrical content, be it political, social, or agricultural. Galatyk doesn’t care, and that’s why he’s so much better than the activists in Mercedes benz that have become so many rappers.




Thomadavid, the visual artist the the left who never smiles, salutes you. As a frustrated video store owner, he shares his unique vision of cinema on stage. After buying his first television, he attended the school of fine arts, who gave him his diploma in life.


Through years of cinematographic experiences, learned with time spent with his television, his couch, and a bag of potato chips, he projects the perfect visual counterbalance with Galaktyk’s music.


His work is so impressive that he continued on to work not only with Galaktyk, but indie rockers Kunamaka, djs L’idée du Mouvements and Huck, as well as performing with “L’associaton musiques démesurées”.




A dog musician !! it's the extraordinary story of a sultan.. extraordinary but much too long and utterly uninteresting.

So Sultan is a dog, he does a bit of techno, a little bit of eletro (in a not so festive kind of way / picnic ‡ dusseldorf) and it's a pretty good example of what you call showtime.

Clémence Demesme aka Citizen Clem is a videomaker, photographer, and Franco-Belgian VJ who got started very early in  the shooting, editing, and sound-mixing of film. She has been in competition several times at the Festival Vidéoformes and has participated in the videodances at the Hivernales d’Avignon (festival of contemporary dance), and received 3rd prize in video art at AVIFF de Cannes (Art
Video International Film Festival).

Citizen Clem is the combination of a fervent reveler of beats and sounds and a videomaker who likes to play with bodies and movement. She has developed her VJ style in the nightlife of Brussels with samples of images and videos that she has produced herself. Her world is the fruit of a game with pop and queer imagery that reveals her fascination for androgynous bodies and the turmoil they have on our relation with the genre and brings us a VJ set that is slightly acidic, sensual, and sometimes erotic.