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"Ne" ou l’activisme poétique

Denis Falgoux has developed for many years a body of work that is generous, prolific, multiform, and in which attentive spectators are able to lose themselves. Plastic protean works: painting, sculpting, drawing, photo, video, a whole corpus of language in transformation, sometimes dreamlike, sometimes symbolic, sometimes funny. And in cinema, as an actor or in the designing of scenes where he’s going to participate in collective projects for the creation of common works.


One day, a little glitch changed everything: mixed it up, and recomposed it... A stroke - that caused a language disorder.

Denis Falgoux took advantage of this situation. He quickly understood that this blow didn’t lead to destruction, but to reconstruction. Using his computer’s hard disk, he randomly showed images from his body of work and used them to create poetic speeches, reconnect his soft disk, recompose his cerebral plastic.

Words were reinvented. Speech became creative. Meaning appeared. It became an area of exploration and research, but also that of a crystallization of meaning. Paradoxically, his sometimes disparate artistic work took on a common meaning, becoming a work in itself, a collective project. Thus, militants, of which I am one, began to play a part by bringing their pleasures and skills. From the speech therapist to the graphic designer who is fond of language, from the translator, each wanted to bring their view, participation, and contribution to Denis’ work, in order to share it with as many as possible, through exhibitions, publications, films,...

But why do these militants come together behind images and texts whose meaning has been altered by the accident, by the plastic and poetic? Quite certainly because of the emotion that emanates when nothing is imposed. Quite certainly by the pleasure of getting lost in the unformatted images and texts, unexpected yet intimate. Quite certainly by the wish to share their pleasures and emotions.
Ne has become the slogan of a poetical party.



Pierre Grand


An unpolis-morphic artist, Denis Falgoux has worked for 30 years as: an actor, baker, scenographer, sculptor, painter, designer, photographer, video-maker,…

Since 2009 the poetical party Ne has formed around him.