The FOCUS video programmes pay tribute to reknown arts, 'young' artists, the production of a guest country or of a label. They are all curated by guest curators.


Selection FIAV (International)

Thursday March 11 - 4PM - Petit Vélo

Created in 2001, the FIAV [Artistic Video Images Festival] purpose is to take part in the network
of video art by curating a selection of mediterranean young artists and promoting them to a large audience.


This focus presents a selection of videos, including the FIAV 2009 prize list.


Selection of videos awarded before 2009

Technocharro / Kaoru Katayama / Spain / 2004 / 5’35
Stridence / Ammar Bouras / Algeria / 2004 / 7’24
I’m thinking it’s a Sign / Alexandra Navratil / Spain / 2005 / 3’09
Issue de secours / Alessandra Cassinelli / Italia / 2006 / 2’30
The Toro’s Revenge / María Cañas / Spain / 2006 / 2’30
1,2,3 / Rabaa Skik / 2006 / 2’45
Alheava_film / Manuel Santos Maia / 2006-2007 / 1’47
La Caducidad de la Imagen / Rompiendo Nubes Bongore / 2004 / 7’24

Selection of the prize list of the 2009 festival

Le grand voyage de Louise / Rachida Azdaou / Algeria / 2007 / 6’24
Something old / Tom Skipp / Spain / 2008 / 6’59
25 765 / Riccardo Arena / Italia / 2008 / 7’
Habba / Younes Rahmoun / Marocco / 2008 / 7’
Angulo neutro / Joao Ricardo Guerreiro garcia / Portugal / 2009 / 5’17
Sans-sur / Aymen Daouass / Tunisia / 2009 / 6’20
Naufrage / Clorinde Durand / France / 2008 / 7’

Organisation FIAV : Galerie ESCA [Espace de Soutien à la Création Artistique]
Direction : Roger Bouvet

Focus EMAF (Germany)

Curator : Hermann Noering

Thursday March 11 - 10PM - Petit Vélo

White card to EMAF, European Media Art Festival.


The European Media Art Festival is an international festival dedicated to new media, based in Osnabrück, in Germany, that presents films, videos, installationa, digital arts, concerts & performances...

EMAF is a partner of Videoformes concerning the European project Moving stories, supported by the European Union.



Westcoast (AT) / Ulu Braun / Germany / 2009 / 7'

Settled between film, video, collage and animation, an image detail pans a digitally mounted tableau that offers humans and animals space for their existence. From a bubbling primordial soup, reminiscent of Tarkovsky’s Solaris, the panorama shot glides along the coast. The central point is a seaport, built in the style of the late financial eclecticism and utilised by bizarre-seeming pachyderms, outlandish fluids and boat choreographies. The mystical journey ends in a rubbish Jacuzzi, located in a cave, near melancholic white women, looking around them.


Burlesque / Tim Shore / GB / 2008 / 10'

In Burlesque, five soldiers prepare and enact a performance that evokes the aggressively physical games of the British public school. The performance of ritual, control and containment exalts the depersonalised, subjugated, censored body.


Painting Paradise / Barbara Hlali / Germany / 2008 / 6'

Media reports show how the wall surrounding the Shiite quarter in Baghdad is painted with beautiful landscapes : Aesthetic creation is used to cover military measures and war effects. In the film I am applying a similar technique regarding the overall situation: Pictures from conflict areas are layered with colour, changed, adorned.


(The Never Ending) Operetta / Istvan Kantor, Cast Kantor & Family / 35'

Living in a small industrial area, a local neighbourhood activist is trying to fight the ever growing army of developers. The militant gang marches through the streets with flags and signs promoting the idea that such sensory effect like bad smell and health hazard like dust can keep the developers away and save the neighbourhood from gentrification.


Naufrage / Clorinde Durand / France / 2008 / 7'

'Naufrage' lists fears: the narration stops at the frozen instant. But »Naufrage« relates something. What is it talking about? We don’t know... perhaps an accident, a depression, an explosion? This scene might be the summit of a catastrophe scenario: the moment of physical emotion. However, nothing in the sequence of events tries to explain this state of things.


Ivo Burokvic – The Life Of The Fake Artist As A Young Business Model / Paul Wiersbinski / Germany / 2008 / 12'

The project documents the ordering of an oil painting after a photoshop-picture in China and the selling of this piece at a renowned auction. The tension of symbolic and material value and their creation within fine arts is put to a test.


Rehab / Camille Verbunt / Nederlands / 2008 / 4'

People singing Amy Winehouse’s Rehab.

Carte Blanche DRAGANA ZAREVAC (Serbia)

Curator : Dragana Zarevac

In collaboration with Heure Exquise.

Friday March 12 - 8.15PM - Petit Vélo

OCAJ (LE DEUIL) / Dragana Zarevac / 1996 / Serbia / 5'20

Documentary material (silent VHS) filmed by unknown authors during the war in ex-Yugoslavia. The instrumental musical theme is based on Nikola HERCIGONJA's "Solemn Song" (a revolutionary song celebrating communist Yusgoslavia). The words are those of the popular medieval song "The Death of the Yougovics' Mother", which is sung according to the tradition of the Balkan mourners. It tells of the mourning and death of a noblewoman whose nine sons and husband perished in the battle of the Kosovo field, between Serbs and Turks in 1389.


MOST (LE PONT) / Dragana Zarevac / 2000 / Serbia-Germany / 11'

The medieval bridge of Mostar, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, was a symbol of beauty and harmony and was destroyed during the war, in 1995. Despite this physical destruction, the inhabitants of Mostar still "walk" over that bridge and live as if it were still there.


SUM - (LE BRUIT) / Zoran Todorovic / 1998-99 / Serbia / 23'

SUM (the noise) was recorded thanks a device that is specifically designed to thwart the general idea of camera that is related to the field of public discourse, a discourse that is coded by the State and the various political and commercial monopolies. This video messages recording device has played the role of an open camera, recording the stories, improvisations and messages of the various people who wished to use it. The same camera was set up in a public square and in the common rooms of a prison and a psychiatric hospital, constituting the three scenes of the film. By picking up strong voices of different social groups, of dropouts, deviants, etc., the film calls the usual system of social representation into question, particularly the concept of the representative, of the official interpreter, the leader, the journalist, the expert, etc. This work in itself does not claim to represent anyone, but it generates a "noise" in the system of the experts' coded discourse, giving all voices, even the most discreet of them, the opportunity to be heard."


6=36 / Miodrag Krkobabic / 2001 / Serbia / 20'

All my recent work in various media has been about our inability to define a personality. It is a kind of invisible link between all my works. This video also tackles that problem through an image of perception. It is the story of my friends, my brother and me. We all grew up in the same building and became friends, not by choice but because we were born there. Ten years ago, everybody went his way, so that now, we hardly know each other. But in this work, each of us tries to define his own personality and to give his perception and interpretation of the personality of all the others. The story of six men therefore becomes the story of 36 personalities. Are they all real or are they virtual? Or… which of those are real and which are not ? Do we actually know each other or do we know an image that we created for ourselves and for the people we know ? This work does not try to solve the problem, only to show that it exists. (Miodag KRKOBABIC)


Friday March 12 - 10PM - Petit Vélo

Curators : Kika Nicolela & Alain Longuet

Two programs presented by Kika Nicolela, Alain Longuet et Vidéoformes.

The project is orchestrated by the brazilian artist Kika Nicolela gathers 36 artists & 16 different countries around the surrealist invention for an Exquisite


A selection of 40 minutes wille be screened.

Since 2007, Babiloff & Videoformes organize an Exquisite Corpse project. The concept is simple : an adaptation of the 'Surrealists group' process to video


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Sathurday March 13 - 2PM - Cinéma Les Ambiances

Béla / Bruce Checefski / 2009 / 6'29

An experimental film scenario written by Hungarian Dada artist and avant-garde filmmaker György Gerö, and first published in 1924 in the DaDaist review IS. The original scene-by-scene film script and complete scenario of the film consist of 3 pages currently housed in the Hungarian National Library. Gerö never completed the film.

Kineportrait Andrzej Pawlowski / Bruce Checefsky & Marcin Gizycki / 2008 / 12'10

Andrzej Pawlowski (1925-1986) was a painter, sculptor, photographer, experimental filmmaker, theoretician, and educator.  He also designed industrial forms and exhibition arrangements.  He was a professor and co-creator of the Industrial Forms Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow.  He was co-founder of the KRAKOW GROUP and the Association of Designers of Industrial Forms. 


Tuareg / Bruce Checefsky / 2008 / 15'

A stunning black and white abstract film, Tuareg is a melodious assemblage of Alencon, Venetian, and Point D'esprit lace ; artificial silk flowers, plants and trees seen as shadows cast by pocket, tube and LED flashlights.


Moment musical / Bruce Checefsky / 2006 / 5'43

Stefan and Franciszka Themerson’s first sound film, "Moment Musical' (1933), was a three-minute commercial in which photograms of light-pierced jewelry, porcelain and glass were animated to music by Ravel.


The First Abstract Animator: Leopold Survage’s ‘Colored Rhythm’ / Bruce Checefsky / 2005 / 3'
In the early 1910’s, painter, designer, and illustrator Leopold Survage sought to transcend the “immobility” of abstract painting by animating colorful forms through film.


IN NI (Others) / Bruce Checefsky / 2005 / 20'43

In 1958, experimental filmmaker Andrzej Pawlowski wrote a script based on a 1941 diary written by a patient at a psychiatric hospital in Kobierzyn near Krakow.


A Woman and circles / Bruce Checefsky / 2004 / 9'38

In 1930 while living in Paris, Polish avant‐garde poet Jan Brzekowski wrote a short non‐narrative film script titled "A Woman and Circles" in the French magazine "Cercle et Carree" (The script was later translated into Polish and published in "Linia.").

Pharmacy / Bruce Checefsky / 2001 / 4'36

A stunning black and white abstract film, Pharmacy is a chaotic, anarchic assemblage of chemistry lab measuring cups and spoons, various size test tubes, tweezers, eyeglasses, and a cornucopia of transparent pharmaceutical equipment seen as shadows only.


Sathurday March 13 - 4PM - Cinéma Les Ambiances

Francois Vogel's crazy inventive videos and short films are based on his experiments

with cameras and digital arts.

He manipulates images and concepts by twirling them like clay ("Cuisine", "Tournis", "Trois petits chats"), or breaking them in fragments like crystals ("Rue Francis", "Faux plafond", "Les crabes").
There is always something special between the subject he films and what we see on the screen, as if his camera was an alive and intelligent eye adapting itself to what it is looking at.


Le bruit de la vrillette / François Vogel / 1992 / 9'30

There are two of them in their world that turns, Oscar walks at the top, Basil walks at the bottom. A woman in a white dress is going to tempt them and throw their world out of balance.


Cueillette / François Vogel / 1995 / 1'30

Cueillette shows some guys flirting under a tree, and how they don’t exactly have the upper hand in the situation.


Riante contrée / François Vogel / 1996 / 3'45

In the Riante Contrée the tomatoes and mushrooms worry you,
In the Riante Contrée beings touch each other and shout for joy.
In the Riante Contrée I approached a graceful creature.


Rue Francis / François Vogel / 1997 / 4'20

View from the Balcony of the 5th floor of 11, rue Francis de Pressensé, this short documentary plunges us into the rhythmical life of a Parisian neighborhood.


La poule Gérard / François Vogel / 1997 / 3'30

"For your Gérard chicken to be a success, first prepare your stuffing..."
With a recipe, a man recounts his strange love life.


Faux plafond / François Vogel / 1999 / 5'30

During the night of a full moon, a couple can’t get to sleep. A series of domestic incidents will propel the man and woman into a curious trip to the moon. A real or virtual trip... Only the spectator will be able to tell.


Les Crabes / Franvois Vogel & Stéphane Lavoix / 2002 / 5'30

Two tribes kill each other on beaches in Brittany. The individuals who make up the tribes walk sideways in two dimensions and live thanks to their shell, a kind of video screen that surrounds them. “Les Crabes” is a zany film on the absurdity of war.


Live@the end / François Vogel / 2002 / 4'30

Video clip de Readymade.
In a strange stairwell whose architecture seems enveloped in the rattles of the music, four characters and a dog are prisoners of their own movements. The action of one drags along that of his neighbor in the manner of a human domino that will bite its own tail... infinitely.


Trois petits chats / François Vogel / 2003 / 6'

"Three small cats" is a kind of exercise in style in which words and images play with each other, are distorted, are mixed, and take us to the limits of language and the perception of reality.


Les 7 hommes de Mireille Poukisse / François Vogel / 2004 / 10'

Mireille Poukisse had seven men in her life. She loved five of them for each of the five senses that characterized them. What about the other two? What was remarkable about them for Mireille Poukisse to take an interest ?


Tournis / François Vogel / 2006 / 7'15

"Tournis" (Dizzy) is a performance for 4 actors, 8 cameras and 4 mobiles which blend and merge with the background to create a distorted and strange puzzle.


Cuisine / François Vogel / 2007 / 4'

What is the relation ship between a banana and your field of vision?
How can a box of camembert cheese modify your perception of reality?
Those questions are seriously asked in "Cuisine", an early bird visual experiment by François Vogel.

After the rain / François Vogel / 2008 / 4'

People where have you been
Have you been hiding
In your big houses
People after the rain
Will your life
Will it ever be the same...


Rébus / François Vogel / 2008 / 5'

From the kitchen to the garden, from the garden to the kitchen, we follow the three protagonists of "Rébus" into the meanders of a distorted space looking for words hidden


Stretching / François Vogel / 2009 / 4'15

“Stretching” is a peculiar display of urban gymnastics.  An eccentric character concocts crazy, rhythmic exercises along the streets of Manhattan.  The surrounding architecture mingles with his playful dance, joining in his merriment.