Art du Temps Gallery

Exhibition moved to the Chapelle du Bon Pasteur - 10>28/03

Chapelle du Bon Pasteur - 10 rue du Bon Pasteur - 63000 CLERMONT-FERRAND

From Tuesday to Sunday - 10AM > 6PM

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Exhibition presented in collaboration with the Théâtre National de Toulouse.

Nantes, projets d'artistes (2000)


The 26-minute short film video "Nantes, artist projects" (2000), is a work of fiction that, in the form of an "almost believable" report, presents a set of 7 artistic intervention projects in the public arena. The authors are "European artists who are new technology enthusiasts". The film makes fun of the journalistic, political, and artistic discourse. The most interesting thing for me, besides its humoristic aspect linked in particular to the fact that the same actor plays all the roles, is the ambiguity of what is said. The esthetic choice is ironic, but the works proposed by the artists are fairly "adequate" in the end. The spectator will figure it out for himself...
The film, made by commission of the city of Nantes, was first planned to circulate on a cassette or DVD in order to spread false information. After watching the document, some would believe in the truth of the event and would set out in search of the works... This type of distribution was not put in place, but the city hall received some complaints from frustrated tourists.

"Nantes, artist projects" is the first film I have made with digital post-production. This enabled to simulate the presence of spectacular works in urban areas.

Sorino le magicien (1999)

Optical Theatre

Sorino the Magician” (1999), shows a magician who performs slightly “lame” tricks with the help of an assistant. He especially uses bread, and, anecdotally, the assistant is played by my partner whose last name is Pain (bread). I created this play essentially for fun, but a slightly ironic desire to present the artist as a simple “public entertainer” is hinted at. The closeness with the world of George Méliès is particularly palpable here.

L'opérateur de chirurgie faciale (série, 2004)

Le visualisateur d'images mentales

Optical Theater

The Personal Visualizer of Mental Images”, optical theatre (2004) is part of a group entitled “Several remarkable inventions”. It presents a futuristic invention that enables to visualize dreams. The character’s nightmare, which appears on the large screen, in the room in which the experiment takes place, is in the end a cinematic dream.

Prototype de cheminée virtuelle

A lot of work at the moment. Too much. I start the day at nine o’clock, and end it, at best, around two in the morning.
I have several exhibition projects lined up for which I must create “new works”. Poor little artist who is submerged with orders... I am kind of lucky to have financing to create. It’s a privilege. Especially these days. The problem is that everything arrives at the same time, as usual. The situation then becomes ambiguous: the pleasure of inventing collides with fatigue and stress.


Born in Nantes in 1960, Pierrick Sorin is a videomaking artist who lives and works in Nantes. He makes short films and visual displays in which he makes fun of human existence and artistic creation in a burlesque way. An ardent follower of self-shooting, he is often the only actor in the stories he makes up. But the artist is also a descendant of Méliès: he creates in particular little “optical theatres”, mixtures of ingenious handiwork and new technologies that enable him to appear like magic, in space, in the form of a small hologram and among real objects.