Ran SLAVIN (Israël)

11th of Mars - 8h30PM - Opening (Tôlerie)

Performance of Ran Slavin, Israelian videast.




Stéphane TROIS CARRÉS - N+1

12th & 13th of March - 10>12AM & 2>5PM - Petit Vélo

Site de Stéphane Trois carrés
You can find a portrait of Stéphane Trois Carrés in Turbulences Vidéo #61 • download here.


12th March - 6h30PM - Petit Vélo

Born in 1966 in Paris, Philippe Fontes lives and works in Saint Etienne. Starting in 1985, he studied photography during his many trips to the United States. At the end of the 90s, he collaborated with improvising musicians; video proved to be an efficient medium during interventions in concerts. In 2004, he and other artists founded the group PLUSMOINS in which he is currently continuing his work.

Just as a musician, I want to be able to cut into my images, using a computer, but more often with a scenic device picked up with one or several  cameras.

If I have to qualify my installations, I would say - let go -.

There is always something simple in the heart of my works, a sugar, soap bubbles, ants... I like to make an analogy with the game of the Go ; a simple space, simple rules but extraordinary complex possibilities.

Philippe Fontès

Iduun - EXIL

13th March - 6h30PM - Petit Vélo