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Secret Machine

Installation for two screens.

Secret Machine is the second from a three-part cycle exploring the imperceptible conditions that frame life. A protagonist encounters an antagonist that is studying her, measuring her body and comparing her to units of space and time. Clocks rush and her movements are calculated on a grid: the eye is observed augmented through lenses; under water her breath is submitted to a resistance rate; needles are use to quantify her reactions and pain : and storing machines capture voice and motion.

Reynold Reynolds is an American Artist born in Alaska and living in Berlin. In 1996 he began working primarily with 16mm and Super 8mm film as an art medium. He has created installations, documentaries, found footage works, made narrative and experimental films, and developed a common film grammar based on transformation, consumption and decay. Reynolds' depictions frequent disturbed psychological and physical themes, increasingly provoking the viewer's participation and dismay.

Ran SLAVIN (Israël)

Insomniac City (version 3)

Installation for 3 screens.
40 minutes.

A man is shot in an anonymous car park in Tel Aviv, but doesnt remember how he got there nor why it happened to him. Urban spaces turned memory, blend like streams of a dream. The city keeps transforming as uncertain memories.

Insomniac City combines digital interventions in the documentary, drifting between the known reality and a hallucinatory one. The film is based on an interlaced mix of urban contemporary snapshots and fiction, representing the known Tel Aviv, and an unstable and radical shift of the city's space and time. Through the eyes of the figure at play, the movie generates a tension between reality and illusion and processes an alienation of the city. A city shot from a birds-eye view to an evil sub current of street level daily chaos. It explores through video and sound, a hidden psych in the urban texture and offers a wide gaze on a city in transit and shift while weakening the boundaries between reality and illusion, present, dream and future, radical architecture both physical and meta physical.
Through an insomniac like stream, an immersive gaze drifts from external perception to internal suspension, rendering what we see and what we think we see into a twilight zone.

Pawel WOJTASIK (Poland)

Dark sun Squeeze

Installation for  screens.

Wojtasik continues untiringly his work of observation and questioning the environmental and aesthetic value of sites related to rejection: demolitions, discharges, junkyards... In the very recent "Dark Sun Squeeze", the artist explores an industrial complex which treats biological waste of New York's population. Decantation, filtration, purification...(...) Like his elder North-Americans, Lewis Baltz or Roy Arden, Wojtasik uses the art document to explore this typically American paradox of a visual culture which, after having celebrated the product in all its forms, is confronted with the management of its own remainders. (...) In the image of its stagnant water which cuts into multiple layers, the diagram of Wojtasik reflects the malaise of a society that has always been haunted by the purity and the hygiene of bodies.


Vincent Meessen, A Short History of Decay

Pawel Wojtasik, a video artist and filmmaker, born in Lodz, Poland, lived in Tunisia before immigrating to the United States in 1972. He currently resides in New York City. He received his M.F.A. from Yale University in 1996. Wojtasik started making 8 mm films in Poland at age 14. After several years as a painter, he returned to the moving image in 2000. His work investigates the intersection of the natural and human-made environments.
Pawel Wojtasik's work has been shown at P.S. 1 Contemporary Art Center in New York City; Momenta gallery in Brooklyn, Martos  gallery (solo exhibition, 2008), Alona Kagan and Sarah Meltzer galleries in New York, NY; the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid, Spain; Michael Janssen Gallery in Berlin, Germany, and Platform China gallery in Beijing, among others. Film festivals include Oberhausen Short Film Festival, Germany (2008), Images Festival, Toronto (2007), Scanners Video Festival, Lincoln Center, New York City (2007), Athens International Film and Video Festival (2007)…

Pawel Wojtasik has held residencies at Yaddo, MacDowell, the Edward Albee Foundation, Voom HD Lab, and the Outpost (Brooklyn, NY), and was awarded a NYSCA grant in 2006 and two grants from Voom HD Lab Artist Outreach program in New York City. His work is featured in exhibition catalogues published by P.S. 1/MoMA, the Reina Sofia Museum, Real Art Ways, and others.