ESPACE VICTOIRE - 12th>29th March

Place de la Victoire 63000 Clermont-Ferrand

From Tuesday to Saturday - 10AM to 12h30AM & 1h30PM to 6PM

Robert CROMA (UK)

Video selection

Peace Dance for a New World / 1'48

A Strange Assimilation / 1'04

Leaving the Leaf / 0'39

The Conversation / 1'49

A Soho Story / 2'02

The Meeting / 1'36

A Short Ballet of Suds / 2'05

Gameboys / 1'20

The Panther's Footmarks in the Garden / 1'43

Elvis was a Dream / 0'54

Spring on a Pink Sheet / 0'45

The Beautiful Hill / 1'48

Thibaut is Singing on Oberstein Road / 2'36

Interstitial Moment / 3'55

Rules of Engagement / 2'15

Much / 1'19

The Great Ape / 1'57

The Passing - Part 1 / 0'47

The Passing - Part 2 / 0'56

Whisper to me Gently / 2'22

Journey / 3'13

'I'm a writer, photographer, filmmaker and video artist.

For a number of years I was a professional photojournalist. I've also written and directed several plays for theatre. I've written poetry, screenplays and fiction.

In the 90s I began making Super-8 and 16mm experimental short films at the London Filmmakers Co-operative.

My current work with digital video and sound utilizes the internet as a means of distribution, stimulating further my passion for online video and its egalitarian and connective potential for artists and storytellers around the globe.'

Screening by night

Bertrand GADENNE (France)

Le serpent, 2009

By designing luminous devices that are unusual and specific to each of the natural objects or living beings for which he thus creates the appearance, Bertrand Gadenne produces situations with a certain magical quality and, consequently, favorable to meditation on both the technical and poetical links that his work weaves between "the nature of things" and the fragile miracle of their visibility.

Philippe FONTES (France)

Le Drame du sucre

Video screening that presents rectangular heroes, struggling for life.

Born in 1966 in Paris, Philippe Fontes lives and works in Saint Etienne. Starting in 1985, he studied photography during his many trips to the United States. At the end of the 90s, he collaborated with improvising musicians; video proved to be an efficient medium during interventions in concerts. In 2004, he and other artists founded the group PLUSMOINS in which he is currently continuing his work.