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Place de la liberté

63000 Clermont-Ferrand

Tel : +33 (0)4 73 17 02 17

Meeting point public from Thursday 20 to Saturday 22 March from 10am to 10pm

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Everyone knows how big and influential on his fellow composers John Cage is. However, his contribution on performing and visual arts is less acknowledged. In 2013, we opened new ways by following his tracks. Sixty years later, his 1952 creation, 4′33″ (273") has been conceived as the starting point of an aleatory and collaborative adventure in order to make a big intergenerational dive into our digital world.

This successfully adventure encourages our will to maintain this initiative by using collaborative tools on a daily basis.  The rules will be the same but the presentation will be more interactive for the spectator, as it will assume the shape of an interactive tool, put at the disposal of the public of VIDEOFORMES 2014 festival.

Participants :


Video : Thomas ISRAEL, Giney AYME, Annie DISSAUX, Agathe HERON, Dale HOYT, Sofi HEMON-PAVELKA, Lucas BAMBOZZI, José MAN LIUS, Sigrid COGGINS, Pierre LOBSTEIN, Teresa WENBERG, Victor DE FIX, Alexandre CALLAY, Parya VATANKHAH.


Sound : Ramiro MURILLO, Julie ROUSSE, Gauthier KEYAERTS, Theresa WONG, Catherine RADOSA, Slikk TIM, Falter BRAMNK, Pierce WARNECKE, Phil FONTES, Anik COGGINS, Hugo VERMANDEL, Julien PIEDPREMIER.

E-Migrations - Karen Guillorel & Yann Minh (France)

E-Migrations is the 3D digital travel diary in real time that relates a journey on foot from Barcelona to Amsterdam in 2008 by Karen Guillorel and Vincent Radix and two donkeys.

In 2008, the travellers Karen Guillorel and Vincent Radix walked a route going from Barcelona to Amsterdam. They were accompanied by two donkeys, Chaman and Grand, who were carrying a library of books exchanged along the way, in particular a book about travelling: Traverses, livre voyageur (Side Roads, travelling book).

This journey joined together nature and technology: the road travelled day after day for four months was punctuated with encounters in virtual worlds. In these virtual worlds, anyone could ask the travellers questions through avatars or propose a pictorial, sound, or interactive work in relation with travelling - and even join the travellers on the road to walk with them.

E-migrations is a virtual stroll between word trees, Second Life, and dreamlike landscapes.


Direction: Karen Guillorel

Creation of 3D space: Yann Minh

Music: Laurent Gaubert

Texts, drawings, and videos: Karen Guillorel

Video editing: Karen Guillorel, Vincent Radix, and Matthieu Desport


Karen Guillorel (35 years old) is a transmedia scriptwriter and director. Her long journeys are at the heart of her artistic work. E-Migrations is her first 3D real-time digital installation.

Winner of several scenario and literature prizes, she is also the creator of the associations Autre Chose and Capsa in which she directed the travel and multimedia work Traverses, livre voyageur - in 2007; in 2008, she carried out the European performance of E-Troubadours that linked Barcelona with Amsterdam on foot while making the junction between tangible space and 3D space - The digital installation E-Migration is an extension of that.


Born in 1957, Yann Minh is a nøønaute, a traveller on a long journey through the spheres of information, cyberspace, and noosphere. Multimedia artist, director, and writer, he proclaims the cyberpunk origins of his artistic approach.



A concept created by Natan Karczmar, organised in Clermont-Ferrand by the Mission des Relations Internationales (MRI), the Service Université Culture (SUC) & VIDEOFORMES. Videocollectifs are 3 minutes films offering a personal look at the city.

Everybody can participate : locals or strangers, visitors or citizens. It is a topic of one’s own choice, which represents a personal view, a desire to share pictures, a video memory.


Videos from the "One Minute" young public contest

VIDEOFORMES is organizing a national competition for video creation, openned to schoolchildren and students. There are three categories: school, secondary school and high school. 

The length of the video is limited to one minute. All subjects, all production techniques of moving images are accepted if they have an artistic approach : esthetic, visual art, poetic,...


After the screenings in the auditorium.

Atelier d’art thérapie

20 & 21 March from 9.30am to 5.30pm

33 rue Gabriel Péri, Clermont-Ferrand

The Art Therapy Workshop, a creation workplace stemming from the primordial chaos of discretion from the research of the immediate necessity of humbleness, from individual inwardness and from personal pain exalted by the individual inspiration claiming for no external recognition… a workplace for writing, reading, poetry, plastic arts, visual and acoustic arts, video installation creation… Foucault’s heterotopic space, fictional space come true… singular art draws ideas, notions, concepts on the sky sheet …


In the framework of VIDEOFORMES 2014 and of the Mental Health Awareness Week that will take place from March 17 to March 22, the Art Therapy Workshop presents :


> Vagabondage d’ours, La page blanche, Cellar : 3 movies by Léo Crochet (Art Therapy Workshop)


> Cantate du café, Catastrophe, Panaroscope : 3 movies created by the VIDEOCOLLECTIF workshop


> Isou, le verbe, Natan Karczmar, Adieu Isou, Roland Sabatier