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Meeting point public from Thursday 20 to Saturday 22 March from 10am to 10pm

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The competition, thanks to its international dimension, offers an opportunity for the contemporary video art creation to show up.

585 video, coming from 49 countries, have been collected : South Africa, Algeria, Germany, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Benin, Brezil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, South Korea, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Ecuador, Spain, Finland, France, Great Britain, Greece, Iran, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Luxembourg, Morocco, New Zeland, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, US.

Originality in writings and artistic research must prevail over the quality of the technical tools used in the realisation of each work.


A selection of 58 films, presented in 9 programs, reflects the diversity of writings, a multifaceted artistic world and the latests video production creations. 22 countries are represented : Algeria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Colombia, England, Ethiopie, France, Germany, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Liban, Poland, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Ukraine, USA.


VIDEOFORMES 2014 AWARD : a jury composed by interational professionals will give various awards. Winners will be announced on Saturday, March 22nd.

Prix VIDEOFORMES 2014 jury members : Robert Arnold (artist and professor at the School of Film & Photography , Montana State University, US), Gauthier Keyaerts (artist and journalist, Belgium), Jérôme Oliveira (editor-in-chief of « La 23è dimension », Numéro 23 channel, France).

Prix ARTE CREATIVE / VIDEOFORMES 2014 : Coup de cœur Arte Creative will be awarded by Daniel Khamdamov, Arts and Entertainment unit Programme Officer for ARTE.

Special prize NUMÉRO 23 / VIDEOFORMES 2014 : It will be awarded by the professional jury.

Blaise Pascal University students award/ VIDEOFORMES 2014 : A jury made up of 5 students from the Culture Departement and from SUC (Service Université Culture) cinema workshop will attibute an award along with the professional jury. This prize was created at the initiative of VIDEOFORMES in partnership with SUC and Blaise Pascal University (in particular with the Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Human Sciences). Gabriel Leroy, Clément Lavigne, Cyrielle Martin, Noëlie Guillemotte et Luc Menneteau.


Prix VIDEOFORMES 2014 / Conseil Général du Puy-de-Dôme

The Floating World / Clare Lagan / Ireland / 2013 / 16’04


Prix VIDEOFORMES 2014 / Prix spécial NUMERO 23

Danse macabre / Boris Labbé / France / 2013 / 16’09


Mention spéciale

In Ecstasy / Gareth Hudson & Nick Hunter / England / 2013 / 6’09


Prix VIDEOFORMES 2014 / Coup de cœur ARTE CREATIVE

Fuite / Jivko Darakchiev / Bulgaria / 2013 / 7’38


Prix VIDEOFORMES 2014 / Prix Université Blaise Pascal des étudiants

After l image / Grayson Cooke / Australia / 2013 / 10’41


Prix VIDEOFORMES 2014 / Prix du Jeune Spectateur (Crédit Agricole Centre France)

L'inélucatabilité du destin / Bernard Capitaine / France / 2013 / 6'05

Program #1

Thursday March 20 - 2pm - Maison du Peuple

Fukushima Days / Christine Webster & Kantoh / France / 2012 / 26'19

"Fukushima Days" is a poetic, graphic and sonic interpretation made from the Internet archives and personal shootings, gathered since Fukushima Daichi's nuclear disaster in 2011.

Marchant grenu / François Vogel / France / 2013 / 2'21

A whimsical illustration of the poem "Marchant grenu" by Henri Michaux. While reciting the poem, Francois Vogel "walks grainy" on the stairs of Montmartre, in Paris.

V1422025, de la série d'installations « 18-12 » / Clémence B. T. D. Barret / France / 2012 / 4'58

To change one's social and cultural milieu by moving to a foreign country necessarily means exposing one's national identity, whether one chooses to or not. The exotic is thus not the other but oneself. To be a foreigner in a new country is to discover one's own strangeness in the eyes of others. It means being constantly confronted with prejudices and stereotypes inherent to our own national identity. Little by little, it is like being polluted by an unfamiliar and caricatured self that could be sold in an odd souvenir shop.


Panspèrmies Galàctica / Jep Brengaret / Spain / 2013 / 2'49

"Panspèrmies Galàctica" is a movie realised thanks to an audiovisual support resulting from the "video collage" technique.

Pas beau / Marie Paccou / France / 2013 / 2'46

Is "Pas beau" a declaration of love to cinema? Or to Nosferatu? Or to whoever is "not nice"?


Program #2

Thursday March 20 - 3pm - Maison du Peuple

after | image / Grayson Cooke / Australia / 2013 / 10'41

It is about personal and material memory, and archival preservation and dissolution. It features time-lapse macro-photography of photographic negatives being chemically destroyed.



Gli immacolati / Ronny Trocker / Italy / 2013 / 13'48

In December 2011, in a city in the North of Italy. As every evening, a young man goes back home. He is parking his car, when he discovers his sixteen-year-old sister in tears in front of the door of their house. She tells him that two young Roma's raped her brutally. The young man leaves immediately in search of the aggressors, but does not find them. The local residents organize a torched walking in solidarity with the girl. The tension begins to rise.


Handling the Hurt or Domesticated Desire / Betelhem Makonnen / Ethiopia / 2012 / 3'04

Handling the Hurt or Domesticated Desire. Video poetry.

De-construction / Eli Souaiby / Libanon / 2013 / 3'56

A photograph of Beirut from 1945 is fading into overlapping images of construction, destruction, renovation, reconstruction then deconstruction of a city all along with ongoing noises of a never ending 'under construction' stage. Is the ’chameleon city' arising throughout its history?

Son âme en parure d’écailles / Laurent Bonnotte / France / 2013 / 4'38

The Bering Sea: a fisherman in trance, before vomiting an alive and wriggling fish. Here is the animistic animation up to the irreparable hauling back of the fishing net…



Microbiome / Virginia Eleuteri Serpieri & Gianluca Abbate / Italia / 2013 / 5'

“While objects are neither flora nor fauna, they give the impression of being a proliferating vegetation; a jungle where the new savage of modern times has trouble finding the reflexes of civilization.” (Jean Baudrillard)."Microbioma" recreates an environment where the objects, belonging to an imploded reality, fluctuate as in a vortex. No perspective nor reflection, no transcendence, no ghost nor symbol, but an ocean of images, signs in a never-ending combination.


Hydroscope / Kaihei Hase / Japan / 2013 / 0'42

I tried to create a " Video Tanka", which is a short poem of Japanese style, but with a video format. To do this, I used a mobile phone, because it's a tool of daily life for photo and video. This movie aims to be a visual impression of my everyday life.

Program #3

Thursday March 20 - 4pm - Maison du Peuple

Greenland unrealised / Dania Reymond / France-Algeria / 2012 / 10'20

The people are gone, the language is unknown, the film was not made.

Impossible choreography / Lino Strangis / Italia / 2013 / 2'42

Already in the 19th century, H. Von Kleist understood the importance of performing puppets. My research intends to find out the "extreme" consequences of this "discovery" through the interpretation of several techniques of today's digital audio-visual composition tools. In this animation, the body becomes a graphic sign and graphic symbols become dancing bodies dangling in space by defying the laws of gravity.

Duotone / Alexander Isaenko & Yanina Boldyreva / Ukrainia-Russia / 2012 / 7'

The person and his existential condition are the main subject of this video project. We investigate the man dual nature : interrelation and violation of internal and external space of the personality. The work purpose is to portrait some person realizing all body limitations, the mental duality, the persistence of processes and the changes connected with these aspects.

UHF / David / Ellis / USA / 2013 / 4'46

A punk/glitch-video originally shot on Super 8 Plus-X film with a vintage ELMO camera. The film was digitally transferred and frames were selected and reconfigured. With its textured edgy tempo, UHF takes us to a convergence point between analog and digital. Post-industrial wasteland? Neglected beauty? Trashed culture? Where are we headed with everything wired ? Music by the Berlin artist Hanne Adam.

Springs / Marie-Paule Bilger / France / 2013 / 2'32

It is about spring, revolts, loneliness, poetry politics and paintings. I work as a weaver, the support is media images and can take different forms. The video is part of a series of visual art works "Question Time". I am particularly interested in the "social body" and in the mass of which Elias Canetti describes so well the power of rebellion.

Fuite / Jivko Darakchiev / Bulgaria / 2013 / 7'38

A leaking sink progressively inundates a furnished apartment. The rising water awakens the objects in the space, which enter into a slow ballet. The reappropriation of everyday objects frees them from the constraint of their functionality.

L'inéluctabilité du destin / Bernard Capitaine / France / 2013 / 6'05

The young Lot turned eight, everybody was happy. Bur the war came and all did change. A harsh hand ruled Lot’s and her mother Beth’s world. They were forced to live apart.



Program #4

Thursday March 20 - 5pm - Maison du Peuple

Danse macabre / Boris Labbe / France / 2013 / 16'09

Enclosed in a spherical world, simultaneously in three different points, we travel through a model which is in miniature and gigantic at the same time. The represented scenes are ghostly and motionless vestiges of the medieval iconography. They are deformed, transformed and destroyed to finally reborn.

Surface mouvement – surface lumière / Hugo Arcier / France / 2013 / 2'22

This film is a tribute to artist and director Len Lye. In most of his films, he uses a very particular technique: film scratching. Not only his medium is analog (the film) but also his work is completely manual. This can seem contrary to the very technical world of computer generated images. And yet to me, it seemed judicious to combine these two universes and to point out the fact that computer generated images do not represent a departure, but a fall well within the continuity of artistic movements that preceded them.



Lac / Pierre & Jean Villemin / France / 2013 / 5'35

Ornitromancy. Reading omens and interpreting signs are parts of these abilities essential to nymphs and tritons to survive. All that perturbates the surface of water pose a threat, and if two swans spread their wings…

Sein und Zeit (Being and Time) / Antonia Dias Leite / Brazil / 2013 / 7'10

Multiple body parts interlace, caress, consume one another. The sexual act, based on the idea of Eros and Thanatos, is expressed as a form of cannibalism.

Transit express / Jean-Paul Devin-Roux / France / 2013 / 3'03

Behind the cavalry pictures, if you could hear the whispers of the dream, you would hear no other sound.

Propagande / Yannick Dangin-Leconte / France / 2013 / 4'47

Propagande and belly movie, since 2006.


Bunda Pandeiro / Carlo Sampietro / USA / 2012 / 2'15

It is the first part of a trilogy that explores the gender and race rules in the contemporary world.The insrument″Tambourine″ has no gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation. It is quite simply defined by the sound it makes.

Program #5

Thursday March 20 - 6pm - Maison du Peuple

Romance sans paroles / Christophe Guérin / France / 2013 / 4'17

A lacerated reel of a Swashbuckler film reassembled frame by frame.

Campus / Christoph Oertli / Switzerland / 2013 / 15'

A square on the campus of Chinese University of Hong Kong, where students cross. Different documentary and staged images show the multitude of personal realities. The people’s voices that illustrate the richness of each moment and link people. The camera easily penetrates the space as an occasional spectator never could.

In Ecstasy / Gareth Hudson & Nick Hunter / England / 2013 / 6'09

In Ecstasy is a dual screen video work on the theme of spiritual and secular unity through rhythm and music. The work places the viewer between candid footage of concertgoers lost in revelry to an abstracted soundscape of distorted percussion and chorus. The aim is to show a unifying humanistic experience that is shared both religiously and secularly. I want encourage an empathetic response between the revelry in the work and the experiences of the viewer.

Untitled / Farideh Shahsavarani / Iran / 2013 / 4'20

From darkness of fetus… Childhood in hardship, maturity in envy.

Mouvement…In volume of time, in light and darkness of locus.

Bondage ……. Always wishing to be free, always wanting to be joined.

From darkness of fetus to darkness of soil.


Même dans mes rêves les plus flous tu es toujours là à me hanter, Jean-luc / Les sœurs h / France-Belgium / 2013 / 11'37

A text that contradicts another, offers dubious, double-edged images and ends up giving a whimsical, offbeat vision of the couple within which Jean-Luc, his wife and his mother try as best they can to communicate.

Program #6

Friday March 21 - 2pm - Maison du Peuple

Gephyrophobia / Caroline Monnet / Canada-France / 2012 / 2'21

The Outaouais river and the daily struggles between the two adjacent communities. The movie is an allegory of the fear of bridges.

Now or Never Ignace Van Ingelgom for Ever! / Ignace Van Ingelgom / Belgium / 2013 / 5'57

Van Ingelgom waxes lyrical about phenomena like the Warholian 15 minutes of fame and the vanity of the art world. The artist rants and raves as a 'real' zapper/rapper, crosser-over and (re)mixer of visual art, advertisement, journalism, entertainment, infotainment, poetry and hip-hop. At the same time, an accomplice and critic.

The Floating World / Clare Langan / Ireland / 2013 / 16'04

It is a film whose narrative is constructed around the idea of how mankind’s high aspirations have lead to the decline of civilization. The movie is shot in three different places : geographically, symbolically and historically. The first section explores the conquering of extreme landscapes driven by a spiritual quest. The second explores the sidetracking of humanity towards the mundane world, leading to mankind’s eventual free-fall towards instability. The third, explores ideas of man’s Fall and mortality.

Black data / Alessandro Amaducci / Italia / 2012 / 4'05

The oneiric word is the most fascinating mistake of the digital age. Meeting archetypical figures, the machine becomes a sort of "techno-mother" who brings to life dreams and nightmares. Back data on your computer.



An angel in our palm / Anton Hecht / England / 2013 / 1'15

An animation of the statue Angel of the North flying over the town was drawn out, and then made into transfers that were put onto people’s palms. A photo was taken and then all these photos were edited together to make the animation occur across the palms.

Manifest / Kolja Kunt / Germany / 2013 / 9'26

Seven women in black meet upon a stairway. Their meeting seems to be on purpose. In seven fixed shots they exchange paper stacks without speaking. They are ready to act. They move from one level to another one. They don't turn back.



Bio vs ogm / José Man Lius / France / 2013 / 4'05

In this project the apple is used as a tool to question the evolution of food. The practice of scarification of the fruit skin changes its aging process and allows me to analyze the progress of the decay cycle of a plant. But scarification means also taking a fighting stance : it references the practices of tribal tattoos of Pacific peoples and social mutilations in Africa.

Program #7

Friday March 21 - 3pm - Maison du Peuple

La memoria dell’acqua III / Ahmad Nejad / Iran / 2012 / 4'02

It is a film whose narrative is constructed around the idea of how mankind’s high aspirations have lead to the decline of civilization. The movie is shot in three different places : geographically, symbolically and historically. The first section explores the conquering of extreme landscapes driven by a spiritual quest. The second explores the sidetracking of humanity towards the mundane world, leading to mankind’s eventual free-fall towards instability. The third, explores ideas of man’s Fall and mortality.

Chapeau-poulpe / Mathieu Calvez / France / 2013 / 18'41

The functional propaganda is dynamic while memories rest their gaze on the social cruises of the past. But when the present comes back into action, it blends in the dawnfall of every single character.

Spectrography of a battle / Fabio Scacchioli & Vincenzo Core / Italia / 2012 / 3'47

Illusion for cinema is like the dream for reality.

Enman / Fumio Tashiro / USA / 2012 / 4'20

A woman met a man on a plane flying to NYC. She dated him many times. Her perspective on life became very positive. Than, the man confessed that he had a fiancee in Japan. She became depressed. However, they continued to have sex. Eventually, he went back to Japan. She became a slave to her emotions and cocooned herself like a beetle.

Chuva / Jacques Perconte / France / 2012 / 8'56

Just landed in Madeira, barely down from the plane and arrived at the hotel, it has started to rain gently. It was a rain that I've not the habit. A very gentle rain. Slowly, the sky became grey and then, I took out my camera to film.

Chrysalis room / Eleonora Manca / Italia / 2013 / 3'

"Chrysalis room" symbolises the place of metamorphoses. The secret room where initiations, rites of passage take place. It describes an outstandingly ephemeral condition between two stages of becoming. It entails renunciations and new acceptances. It is the unpredictable future shaping itself.

Program #8

Friday March 21 - 4pm - Maison du Peuple

Shrinking cities / Pierre-Jean Giloux / France / 2013 / 5'55

This travelling starts from Tokyo to the suburb areas.The hybridization will be central to this video as it will mix ceaselessly reality and the virtual, recreating, by means of digital techniques, new urban forms. 

Le Cinéaste et l'Inverse / Jonas Luyckx / Belgium / 2013 / 17'56

"Le Cinéaste et l’Inverse" is a film that originates from the desire of two artists separated by 5000 km to give form to the complex feeling of absence and longing. Belgian director Jonas Luyckx and Québécoise poet Annie Lafleur try to consider the absence a phenomenon that is as common as unanswerable.

La pornographie : la haine / Michel Ducerveau / Poland / 2012 / 4'

A video on the concept of hatred- self-hatred, hatred of each other and by other, the paranoia hatred. In lack of love, a woman and a men affected by the Peter Pan syndrome conjure the end of their romantic and sexual relationship.

Production Plant / Joas Nebe / Germany / 2013 / 2'52

Although the imagery is tied to a concrete city, it is not subjected to common perception. Rather than sharing the spectator's perspective by listing popular sights, Nebe alienates the familiar by picking four scenes consisting of static (architecture) and moving (traffic) elements, in order to fragment, rearrange and precipitate them almost beyond recognition. Overwhelmed by the size of architecture and the dynamics of traffic, we would hardly be able to focus on individual human beings. Consequently individuals become indistinct shapes.


Storia / Gérard Cairaschi / France / 2013 / 6'49

Carried by a song, images and fragments of narration interwine. Simulacrum, magical or religious ritual, ritual of death or rite of passage, nothing is explicit in the action that deploys amongst the characters, between the extreme proximity and, at the sime time, the absolute distance expressed by the gestures and bodies.



Correspondin / Mauricio Rivera / Colombia / 2013 / 3'21

From real to virtual, from ideal to the artefact. How to treat errors and transform them in a source of creation.


BEN / Kuesti Fraun / Germany / 2012 / 1'

About running, about being behind, about big moments, about daily life…

Program #9

Friday March 21 - 5pm - Maison du Peuple

Backstage porn / Dellani Lima & Ana Moravi / Brazil / 2013 / 5'35

For love or money? A short report on the backstage work of a pornographic production.

Cellula / Mathieu Sanchez / France / 2013 / 13'48

Inside a chrysalis of wool, an incomplete giant organ stirs, a body hatches. A dance friction with the cocoon walls. This body is a source of energy and intensity. It is a landscape body, an erotic body.

It is a dizzying maze ... a fragile freedom, almost scary, a kind of unusual, pleasant and disturbing nudity. The eroticism is seen as a slow hatching. The body blossoms and never stops blooming.


The Silent Movie / Slawomir Milewski / Poland / 2013 / 1'19

78 seconds of a very noiseless journey.


Belles Endormies / Léa Rogliano / France / 2013 / 16'30

"Belles endormies" ("Sleeping beauties") is a reverie around the female body and its representation. A visual and aural creation without words nor actors, "Belles endormies" shoots images : bodies and faces with their eyes closed, taken from women's magazines.

Vaginal stressless I Tribute to daddy / Isabelle Lutz / Switzerland / 2013 / 2'54

An empiric video and an aesthetic, romantic burlesque exercise staging a female character to say the least alienated, in the grip of persecutive ideations. It is also a photographic and conceptual sequence blending socio-sexual components.


Pixel Joy / Florentine Grelier / France / 2012 / 2'09

When pixels enjoy themselves...

Grind / Jenni Hiltunen / Finland / 2012 / 4'03

Dancehall Queen Style is a Jamaican dance fashion which became popular in the 1990s through music videos and The Grind show on MTV. The video is a playful take on the dancehall culture with its provocative costumes, suggestive poses, roles and blatant sexuality.