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Things are pure and neatly disposed. The two girls throw links, vines, spells, unroll strings... The distant ringing and childish Casiotone synthesizers, sound like children's toys forgotten in a garage. Andromakers was born in this flea market where artwork is old but with the strongest power.


Nadège and Lucille met at the university and play together for a few years in a hardcore band.

After a few years in this band, both girls from the city of Aix-en-Provence decide to take a sharp turn and trade their guitars against old 80s Keyboards and other Glockenspiel, vintages beatboxes..

And this is only two tracks posted on the web on Christmas 2009, immediately relayed by the french music press, who reveals them to the french audience.

Then Andromakers immediately continue with a tour throughout France but also Germany, Portugal, Switzerland,...

Their first EP "The Golden Hour" published in early 2011 confirms that taste of simplicity.

In spring 2013, the two girls return with "Lanterns" a new EP in two parts: "Lanterns of April" & "Lanterns of May" composed of four original tracks and remixes.

At a gig in Aix en Provence in 2013 they met visual artist "Pixel-Light" and begin to build with him an Audiovisual form of their live which will be touring in the second part of 2014.

The first album of Andromakers will be launched in 2014, the band already announce that the tracks will be more electronic but still resolutely Pop songs and texts will continue to combine English and French...

Panoptic : Pierce Warnecke / Christoph Limbach / Yaïr Glotman


“In order for light to shine so brightly, darkness must be present.” (Francis Bacon)

That is where the work of Stalk resides, with compositions that are sometimes gentle or shadowy, the musician is at the border of the dark side of the city and the human element, all the while retaining salutary flashes… An electro-epileptic trance and glacial trip, the looped guitars in the style of Tim Hecker mixes with electronic sounds that tend toward the tremendous Burial or Lorn, going from dreams of electronica to the twists and turns of deep dubstep.

After “A Tale” released in 2011, the artist grew… Two years later, devoted to group, musical, and video projects, “Brightlights” is a catharsis combining mapping, lights, and electronic music: the industrial man lets himself be guided by the neons of the city.

On stage, surrounded by different kinds of lights (stroboscopes, neon, video), the musician tries to let the spectator into his black and white world in a contemplative and sensorial show.


TEMPS REELS / bunq&e-b


"Temps Réels" is a sound and visual performance in which the audience witnesses every step of the electronic creation, manipulation is part of the performance.

The system is an unpredictable electronic beast, in constant interaction with its operators. From abstraction to trance, minimal percussion hypnotizes and evolves organically to industrial musical structures by generating radical geometric forms projected onto a transparent bowl. Filmed then reprojected, they play with perspective and diffusion through materials, questioning the representation of reality through the perception of the image, sound and feeling of the time.

“Temps Réels” uses and abuses modern tools and techniques for performing live creation of new forms of digital paintings. It is about questioning the relationship between representations of reality and perceptions that one has. The organic approach of audio and video manipulations helps getting the digital sphere back into reality thanks to an innovative, immersive and spectacular set design.