Exhibition from 20.03 to 04.04

Galerie Dolet (CROUS)

25 rue Etienne Dolet

63000 Clermont-Ferrand

Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm


VIDEOFORMES 2014 and the CROUS present various video programs created during higher education courses : art-school, universities, post degree, etc. Such productions are constantly progressing in quality and in quantity. They are exposed at the Galerie Dolet.

DMA Cinéma d’animation

The two years Diploma in Art and Crafts Cinema Animation option can be attended if in possession of a Design and Applied Arts Diploma or after one year of refresher course.

At the end of their training, students will have created various videos among which an animation short film.



Mahatma Gandhi Institute

The Mahatma Gandhi Institute, Arts High school in Mauritius, realized several videos during a video art workshop under the supervision of Gabriel Soucheyre and MarieSylviane Buzin in May 2013.



ESADHaR (Design and Applied Arts High School - le Havre Rouen)

Students collaborated at the « Cage Suite » project organized by their teacher Stéphane Trois Carrés. This research project, resulting from a random video editing, is a tribute to John Cage 4’33’’.