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4/7 rue du Terrail

63000 Clermont-Ferrand

Tuesday to Saturday 2pm-7pm

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Jean-Charles Eustache (France)

Personnal exhibition with 10 paintings

Jean-Charles Eustache’s strange and cinematographic universe marked by melancholy is to be found in this new series of ten small paintings. Facing his paintings, we find ourselves as exposed to an extract of a story, a movie scene, a crime scene; as looking through a foliage, over a hedge, through a keyhole or a photo lens. These images spread through and imprint themselves on our retina. His precious paintings, in which he introduces a new mate aspect, are marked by his multicultural influences, beliefs and show his great knowledge of painting and attraction for different movements of early 20th century – expressionism, nabis – realists, American regionalists. The size of his paintings is important, Eustache has succeeded into finding the right format, as if he was carrying images with him, pieces of memory.

“What can I say about these new paintings other than they go on with their slow process of dissolution of the reality (at least of its appearances). It is indeed the theme of forgetfulness that wanders around these paintings. Here, it is the partial disappearance in the landscape of a body or an object, there it shows in a kind of combustion that disrupts and eats the motif up, like time cancelling our dearest memories.” Jean-Charles Eustache, 2014

Samuel Rousseau (France)

Soubresauts du monde

Galerie Claire Gastaud presents the fourth Samuel Rousseau’s exhibition.

Samuel Rousseau is an eclectic artist. Photographer, video director, he cultivates the interdisciplinarity. Full of invention, his pieces are scultpures, video, and installations. Samuel Rousseau produces pieces full of poetry that hijack objects of every day and inserts a specific video image. The originality of his work is based on his way of melting very sophisticated technologies with objects that come from a popular and basic production – bottles, tarpaulin, jerrycans, tyres...-. Samuel Rousseau is a nondescript artist, always eager to test, attacking derisively our perceptive habits. Thus, the vulgar gets in collusion with the artistic. Samuel Rousseau likes to charge the absurdity of our existences with a rare dose of poetry. Always between tragedy and comedy.

« It is rare to see a strong central theme emerging at the beginning of such varied and diverse work. Samuel Rousseau is an artist in the fullest sense of the word, who describes himself as having no fixed direction. That may well be true, but what does it really mean? He possesses an aura of mystery and a directness which seems to engender an uncomplicated sense of relevance and a clear vision of the world around us. where the cumbersome techniques or obscure concepts of so many artists complicate reality, Samuel Rousseau purges, stripping away the layers to reveal to us the most minute chinks in banal everyday subjects, which he then then elevates beyond the realm of banality » Gabriel Tornabene