Sébastien Camboulive

Sébastien Camboulive lives and works in Clermont-Ferrand.

Basically a photographer, he first used video to shoot and collect huge amounts of stills

which he reorganizes in his series : Spirals.





VIDÉOBAR #2 – opening of the residence

Sébastien Camboulive presents some pieces of the Spirales serie.

This visual proposition was presented with a sound by Fabien De Macedo.

Projet fédérateur académique photographique Ecritures de lumière.


This project consists in 8 residence for photographers.

Eight artists have been invited in different places to create & meet audiences.


Vidéoformes 2009


L'éternité dans l'infini, à échelle réduite, en accéléré et en couleurs (Eternity in the infinite, reduced scale, accelerated and in colour)

I have this project to work on a visual concept of eternity.
My first step will be to give a shape to the following allegory : eternity could be represented by the time used by a sparrow to make a sphere disappear, a sphere as big as the earth and as resistant as the purest steel, just by flying around it and brushing against it with its wings. I will build a structure that will look like this, a sphere, birds and a 'mise-en-abyme' powered by mirrors.

Fade to graze

I have this work in progress about the course of humanity and I would like to work on the motions of rugby players during a game. With digital tools, I want to stylize the displacements and trips of both teams and therefore deliver a graph moving to a hypnotic rhythm.