JUSTINE EMARD - 2010/2011

Justine Emard was born in Beaumont in 1987. She developed an interest for video and images at the age of 10 when she discovered her parents’VHS camera. A student at the Ecole Supérieure d’Art de Clermont Métropole (ESACM), she studied in Oklahoma City (USA) in 2008, which ended up being a turning point in the development of her practical experience and reflection. Her videos were presented on two occasions during the Vidéoformes festival in a selection of ESACM student submissions. In 2010, she was awarded the DNSEP (Diplôme National Supérieur d’Expression Plastique).

Visitez le site de Justine Emard : http://justineemard.tk

Effet-écran - Created during the residence - 2011

Screen effect is a cinematographic term that evokes the occlusion of a shape by another, and which is modified by movement, either because the hidden shape reveals itself more, or because it is progressively covered.
The creation of this multimedia installation came from an observation: the gap screen/sound observed at the end of a film projected in an outside theater. Indeed, the sound of the film, broadcast on radio waves, continues to be captured in a perimeter around this space. This observation, linked to the drive-in theater system itself, is the basis of a reflection around the area of projection and what remains of the work once we leave the area, materially or immaterially. What does the viewer retain after leaving the exhibition area?
The installation is a description of her research during her Vidéoformes residency.



This video-bar will presents a multi channel video installation, a 'collage' of videos screened on the walls, on objects. These videos are short loops created by the two artists during travels, wanderings, roamings... These loops wille mixed so as to create a dialogue between each artists creative world and the exhibition space. The installation will stand for the first encounter between Mona Bentzen and Justine Emard, two artists who are beginning a residency at Videoformes. Both artists will be there to meet on an informal way with the public.