Céline Ahond

In residence from10/01/2007 to 06/30/2008.


The aim of that residence is the production of an installation presented during Videoformes 2008.

Born in 1979, Céline Ahond lives and works in Clermont-Ferrand, Paris, and in the Strasbourg region.


She obtained the Diplôme National Supérieur d’Expression Plastique at ESAD (Art School) in Strasbourg. In 2006, she was awarded the Ritleng Prize from the city of Strasbourg for her approach in its entirety. She performs and participates in exhibitions and events in Paris (Nuits Blanches, Centre Pompidou at the initiative of Pawel Althamer…).

"Halfway between a historical study and rambling, Céline Ahond’s conferences are built around a collection of organized information like a subjective documentary collection from which she generously draws visual, formal, and narrative elements to create her own story. The conference (J’ai peut-être retrouvé Marilyn Monroe, 2007), on duty in a public place (Permanence Cafétéria at the Flunch des Halles, with Cécile Bicler and Julie Vayssière, 2007) ; the exploding book (Vernissage, 2006) donations to public librairies (Souvenir de la donation à la bibliothèque de l’Esad Strasbourg, 2003) are as many forms of transmission chosen by the artist who is concerned about living and sharing moments together."
Géraldine Longueville, organizer, La galerie extérieure



Triny Prada

Painter, performer and vidéaste, Triny Prada leaves and works in Paris.


"Our life unwinds like the thread of a spider spinning its web. To nourish this thread, you need to feed it.
Food is thus the constant element that accompanies us until death. It’s also the theme that has been part of my experiences and my artistic pursuits.(…) For a long time, I have been interested in the issue of food in the world, in the chemical products that are used, in hormones, in GMOs, and in the ways man imposes changes in the natural evolution of things. I share my reflections and I interact with the audience during culinary performances in which I highlight the good things nature gives us.  I also point out, sometimes provocatively, the excesses of our choices of civilization, hoping to get people to react"


A residence in two times :
- Triny Prada realizes a 15 days residence which result will be a multimedia installation entitled iFood
, a co-production Vidéoformes and Lieu d’Art Contemporain (L.A.C.), in St Pierre de La Réunion (Ile de La Réunion).

- Then Triny Parda will work for 10 days in Videoformes to finalize this work and present it durin the 2008 Videoformes festival.


Portrait vidéo